4 Part 2: Battle Till Death We are Skeleton Right?

    Status Open!


    Name: Tempest

    Race: Skeleton


    Skill: Bone Pasting, Status Appraisal, Bone Gathering

    Skill Gift: Skill Copycat, -Unknown-, -Unknown-


    Bone Pasting: can attached and dettached any bones you touch. No Cooldown.

    Status Appraisal: By system default you can't appraise a person higher status than you except undead race, can appraise any type of undead related race.

    Bone Gathering: Gather the bone of specific skeleton only for the duration of ten minutes.

    No Cooldown.

    is thats what my skill is, but before that, i point my arm and open my skelly hand as i shout in my thought, Bone Gathering! as i thought when i use apprase on him he really is Liger, but before i signal something-

    clack clack..clack clack..clack (invite us hurry! use your Party Creation HURRY!) this girl-


    Status! i intentionally clack and signal the word STATUS, huehue i dont know if this is a blessing or a curse, but i lived inside the game HAHA!


    Martha Adrins

    Name: Exile

    Race: Skeleton


    Skill: Skill Appraisal, Bone Loot (High), Dimensional Storage, Dual Wield Axe, Axe Mastery (High), Bone Shoot (Low), Haki (Low)


    Skill Appraisal: can appraise medium to high Skill (can't appraise Gift skill)

    Bone Loot (High): Gather All bones around the area within 100 meter and can go through dimensional storage

    Dimensional Storage: Close to infinite storage, can store non-living object, currency become numbers.

    Dual Wield Axe and Axe Mastery (High) can compliment each other, 30% chance that can gain axe related skill.

    Bone Shoot (Low) - Upgradable - can shoot 10% of bone inside your Dimension Storage, damage depends on bone quality, and stat.

    Haki (low) - low level monster than your class will faint to death.

    this Haki is Trash AF!! yes haki is deadly but wtf man? im a skeleton! a skeleton! other than slime and dirt, whats the lower level monster other than f*cking skeleton hey! oh im a- uh role model girl so i have to stop cursing! oh SH*T that st*pid skelly that want get that chinese looking sword was shattered by that big guy whose 100 meters a seconds ago- eh?!! 100 meters a seconds ago? were screwed are we? eh? 'Party Creation'? when i saw the status of skeleton that shatteted. eh?as my mind goes rumble the guy whose in front of me now running is on my bac-? hm? Area Manipulation (Mid)? th-thats it!

    clack clack..clack clack..clack (invite us hurry! use your Party Creation HURRY!) (and you! Just accept his invitation and use Area Manipulation! Hurry!!!)
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