5 General Hunt!


    Larry Antonio

    Name: Fenrir

    Race: Skeleton


    Skill: Area Manipulation, Soul Attachment, Skill Giver.

    Gift Skill: Soul Transfusion, -unknown-


    clack~ clack clack clack clack~ (Tempest)

    'eh? its leader?' a second later GGRRRROOOOOWWWWAAAAA!!!

    my numbskull are almost breaking by that roar!

    clack clack clack clack~ (stay back) says leader or should i say he signal as i hurriedly run towards the skeleton girl? idk her habit is girlish so girl? in a second later i heard CRACK! a shatteted bone! 'f*ck please, i dont wanna die again! i dont know after i revived or before the execution, really, ive become paranoid i dont want to die please! leave this poor soul alone!'. say my mind hm? theres another claking,

    clack clack..clack clack..clack (invite us hurry! use your Party Creation HURRY!), and this girly skeleton pointed at me (and you! Just accept his invitation and use Area Manipulation! Hurry!!!) 'me?'

    [[[  Notification: Liger invite you to the Party. Do you want to accept? Yes / No. ]]]

    of course yes! if thats Leader and Liger over there of course this b*tch is Exile, the youngest and proudest mercenary id ever become teammate! as i hurriedly Shout, AREA MANIPULATION!!


    every second count so before Exile give some command to Liger and Fenrir, Liger is already one piece beside me, by using bone gathering and bone pasting, although he looks like going to break in one fart of this goliath guy whose full of rage. then suddenly time stopped? hm? so thats how it is.


    P.O.V third person view

    "huehuehuehue, BWAHAHAHA" - Exile

    "Girl you're capable" - Tempest

    "B-b-boss? thats really you!? im sorry!" - Liger

    "w-w-what happen? leader? urgh!" Fenrir

    as Exile elbowed his empty belly, "Listen Dog! Im sure theres a limited time to your Area Manipulation so heres the deal, Leader ill take the command for now is it ok?"

    "sure, but lets see if youre really capable, as you can see you're youngest so, hm~ hm~ alright boys listen to her!!"

    "Yes Sir" - Fenrir

    "Yes Boss" - Liger


    "Its Hunting Time!" Exile shout Excitedly, ""Leader can you appraise him?" , "You dog cancel Area Manipulation in 10 seconds!", "You p*ssy Cat use Bone Crash on his right hand to stop his action on getting that sword!!"" "BONE LOOT!" as she cried out loud at the same time "ok!" , "Roger!" , "B*tch ill kill you later!" the we shout in unison.


    The names General Shogunate! Race: Vengeful Human! Class: Fallen Demon General, Skill: Soul Eater (666), eh?,

    Instant-Kill!?, Liger Dodge!".

    CRASH! CRACK! using Bone Crash Liger sacrifice his own right hand but only Crack appeared on General's hand as it already took the chinese sword and use diagonal slash to Liger whose only 2 to 3 meters away from him upward from left to right, but before he react, again his fragile body shattered twice in a row today, luckily theres still light on his hollowed boney eyes so as usual im going to repair him, the F*ck this Sh*t im not a Mechanic!.

    "Bone Throw!" Exile shout after she loot all the piled bone, general pushed backward for 4 to 5 meter from his original position, as She run through She pick 2 single handed axe blade and says "command switch! Leader ill entertain this Blob, please heal Liger Cat, heres his spare Bone! and Command that St*pid Dog! che!" as she drop one whole body of skeleton and start to slash the Shogun using her uh~ nimble skelly body?.

    i used Bone Gathering and Bone Pasting to Liger using the spare bone gifted from Exile at the same time "Fenrir! charge with us, we'll decapitate that general head, we need his bone body! at the same time, timing your Area Manipulation!"


    "Liger, use your Bone Crash to his 2 Toes consecutively! and we'll do the job!"

    "Yes Boss!"

    "Now charge!"

    as three of us charged through boss like a fork,  along the way we loot ourselves some trash weapon rusty and bloody,

    i take 2 short sword.

    Fenrir take two handed curved blade.

    Liger take 1 throwing knife.

    Liger jump infront of shogun and use bone crash to his Left toe at the same time throw his knife to General's Right Toe! hell yeah? thats Liger for you! Fast and accurate the reknowned Best 'kunai' Thrower.

    just like that, a chance! i reverse grip the 2 short sword and attack his wrist bone 'CRACK' dislocate the general's right hand, he release his sword, F*CK but his Left hand is ready to take it mid air and is going to slash Exile, whose centimeters away!

    "AREA MANIPULATION!" says Fenrir!
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