6 Rebirth of Demon General

    F*ck yeah! "good job Fenrir!"

    "Che! Leader i first initiate this battle, this is all my plan! why only fenrir did a good job?! hmp!" cried by Exile

    "do the talk later! this is a serious problem!" i cried in return, Focus! i need to give some command! "Fenrir destroy his left collar bone! to minimize his swing, ill go for his neck", "Exile, Defend!"  i command

    "Area Manipulation Cancel" Fenrir

    "now execute!" as i said

    'SSSSSK', as Fenrir tore the general collar bone 'TING', the impact of general slash with Exile axe, 'CRASH' Liger and Exile bone after the impact, 'SLASH' 'SLASH' as i dicapitate the generals head in two consecutive slash 'BANG', when 2 skeleton collide on the nearest tree! sh*t so intense! haaaa~ that ends unpredictably, for real

    for full 2 minutes after the battle we tried to catch our breath even thought we only have boneys from head to toe, we even see its lifeless Skull so thats end for him for sure. And as i finished Bone Pasting to Liger and Exile. "Notification: your [Party Member] Liger the skeleton changed class to Demon General (Low)", hm? i looked at Liger as he already consume its soul.


    Demon Sword Sakura (Long Sword) (Corrupted)

    Description: only 10% of its original state, Sakura is a Blacksmith and become an Ego of her own because she wants to experience the bond of the owner and its sword. but for now it feels complicated emotion and become corrupted because its owner eat its comrade's 666 soul.

    Trait 1: Increase Slashing speed by 10%.

    Trait 2: Decrease movement speed by 10% and increase Damage by 20% (Active).

    Corrupted: Increase Affinity and become its real owner to unlock other Traits

    Current Affinity: Hostile

    (Afinity Level: Hostile, Wary, Neutral, Friend, Exhalt)

    -other Traits are locked-

    "So you have to be his beloved owner first before you unlock her other traits eh? Still, thats too OP for only as sword hm! goodluck and congrats then!" as Exile said angrily, is she that bitter?

    "Congrats!" me and Fenrir said in almost the same time  at the same time i'd tried again to appraise the now dead General

    Name: (Souless) General Shogunate

    Race: Human

    Class: Fallen Hero General

    Skill: Military Command, Demon Massacre, Lip Service (Mid), Duel (Mid), Soul Eater (Deleted), Instant Kill (Deleted)

    Description: Because of his eagernes to revenge his bestfriend Azazel he fall to one of the Demon Lord, Baal'tazar Trap, using his 666 Companion against himself he massacred them all.

    "Baal'Tazar eh, if he toyed this Strong but dumb general to death, he is indeed not so-so and what the hell is lip service? duel? seems like this dumb boss really is uh- oh well and Azazel? oh seems like he's not on this plot so thats not my buseness aye?" noted by Exile

    i jolted, this girl mouth really is full of sh*t

    "boss i want to attached my head to his body is that ok?" shoted by Liger interrupting my thouths, seems like this guy is doing what his animal instinct wants eh, "Skill Copycat Activate" i silently murmured before saying "sure!".


    "World Notification: a new Demon General was Emerged"

    a system notification eh? as we already pack our belongings or should i say some pile of Bones, scattered Weapons and armors of fallen army and the already attached body of Liger and General remnants. Exile already explained the basic knowledge of a gamer such as, system notification, skills, stats, NPC's Bosses, Player etc etc. when Notification emerged we din't give any attention to it, or so i thought looks like Exile need to have to said something as i approach her and tap her boney white shoulder "hey"

    "ah- leader sorry"

    "whats the matter? looks like theres more to it than what is it, is it?" the F*ck did i just say? but looks like Exile really did get it

    "boss that system notification, looks like thats "World Notification"".

    "hm? you mean all of the other player receive that notification?"

    "just that, i wish that only player saw that thing"

    "you mean?"

    "Yes! if there's a Demon General, for example there's Baal'Tazar as "one" of Demon Lord, as you can see we are NPC of this world and even in players point of view we are thier prey, we're just like a metal between 2 hydrolic press (NPCs and Players)" when she said those words Fenrir and Liger approach

    "hmmm, looks like we need to be more active but being low profile for now hm~ hm~ Exile you take command for now! Fenrir and Liger follow her!" we need some counter measure at the same we need to know more about this world, our world "alright dismiss!"


    its been a week after the battle, we've found a cave habitated by a small company of goblins, of course we annhilate them and make it our base, though because of our physique, in a that span of time we gathered some information, found a map, and even finish our discussions, description, and usefulness of every skills we have, but when we discuss about Gift Skill Exile thrown herself backward and start her tantrum of course i also said i didn't have one oh~ i forgot to tell that i have 2 but Unknown, hehe sorry girl i think its for your own good

    Fenrir Soul Transfusion is very tricky, we didn't even have a guinee pig to test it, seems like theres a relationship with his Skill Soul Attachment, Area Manipulation, can only activate till 60 seconds but can exhaust his mind to death, he can only use it twice a day thrice is he'll become dead for almost a day of course we panicked but it is good to know that his status has "Sleep" in it so we only sigh of relief wait him to wake up and start our discussion again, Skill Giver and Extra Skill is complimenting each other but like his Gift we only know a gist of it, seems like this dude has a very big role in our team

    as Liger "Absorb" Gift Skill seems like he really can only absorb any Vengeance or Evil souls, he can absorb skeletons but cannot even a small animals and seems like theres no side effect as he absorb the general soul full of 666 vengeful souls so we conclude that he can absorb ANY, as for General's body he already used to it, this 2 meter giant has a nimble movements, really fast plus his Dash skill, he even retain half of its Skills plus his own skills, so nice

    and as for the map says theres 7 Continent, 1 big Demon continent, 3 Human continent, Beast Continent, Land of Giants, and Inhabitant of Dragons. well, as a "Land" of Giants of course for them the continent is only a small land and the same thing for dragon, but this "Big" continent of Demon we conclude that theres a variable called "Demon Lords" theres a rumor that there are 6 Demon Lords and a Demon Emperror, where are they is just we only wish that this continent is very big for us to bump them.
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