7 Invitation from Demon Lord

    Its been a few months after General Shogunate Raid, sh*t were here that long? the f*ck! in that span of time i am very sure we're on low profile at all! or so I thought because Life sure is funny.

    [Notification: Demon General Liger is invited to come at Demon Lord Bell'Phegors' Celebration for Killing Rook Beast Maruo of Beast Kingdom, please come at Sloth Fortress in the Mist of Midnight! Forgot or Unwilling to go will Become Hostile and Kill on Sight order by other Demon Lords!]

    Sh*t! as i saw the pop up system and cursed, seems like this were going to end eh? no way right? oh and by the way a week after the raid there is one time a man that called himself a Demon Lord Apprentice, where his master want to meet Liger, i dont know why but he didnt even tell his master's name though, his feature was Pale white skin, More like a scholar uniform clothings but light blue colors, black hair, pointed ears and two protruding fangs and a symbol of a single Bat bloody Red wing on its back, seems like thats his master's symbol as a Demon Lord he seems like a vampire by the appearance alone said by Exile but the dude is getting on my nerve, really! he is "only" polite at Liger at all! of course Exile and Liger's hot bloodedness are the first to explode, i get the gist of it though why he is so cocky, well as the apprentice almost died by the beating by the two he even said that Liger(and his subbordinate) Defying him is the same as Defying a Demon Lord he serve as he rushed to go home! what the hell did he do for us to obey that f*cking Demon anyway! i forgot his face because he seems a cannon fodder. but we for now at the very least we need to prepare some counter measure, this is not even an invitation but a decree!

    Before that "Decree"!, for this past few month we advent at what they called Demon Continent, we Disperse temporarily by dividing by 3 teams, i and Exile is the Expedition team, thats not a team if you ask me but Fenrir and Liger are partners, its good because the two hated Exile for some reason, they also at a good relationship as they called themselves a "Scout of Left and Right" on our mercenary mission, but for now theyre not. at the top of that those two skills are almost in sync of course i briefly explain that its for them on how to use and combine theyre skill to maximize its usage. Exile as know-how-to-play the game and Me which only the Two of us who have the skill [Appraisal] and as I already told my Gift Skill [Skill Copycat], it can copy a skill of "Dead" creature in a Degraded Version, we two are going on a different path, for "scouting" an unknown Demon Territory, like mapping, information gathering etc., she also explain that atleast a month is not enough but we only needed because of anytime Demon Lord or higher rank(if there is a higher rank than them, that is i dont know) will Search and find us, its just that for them we are a Vagrant in theyre land as she said that in her trembling tone, hehe i knew it she's jealous of my Gift Skill! oh well back to the topic, though we have atleast 5 hideouts by now because by many what ifs in this world atleast we are prepare!

    now I will explain Liger skill [Subordination], he only said he got this skill after he raid those kobold cave on who-knows-where, where he spare majority of them and that time for them he is a God I ask him when but he only smile, oh well its still good even if he didnt to tell it. [Subordination] is a skill that he can summon those who acknowledged him as a master/Friend, The two(Exile and Fenrir) of course voted against it as only they wanted me to copy his Skill but I explain(again) its for only "corpse", theres also another reason, I already copy his Soulless body you see? but thats not my problem because it is true that it only effective to only dead. so we or they dont have a choice as i explain those, but with Liger "Trolling" attitude they really want to object of course as a Leader I strictly said to him that use it only if its for emergency as he is "Yes man" only to me and for him I am "Holy and Almighty" Leader and Boss, I know that from the start before we become teammates, because as a Veteran and a Leader you have to grasp thier skills and attitude and deal with it, not only Liger but also those two. of course I dont even know how much my charisma is when I'm still a Mercenary because there is no Status in real world. after the pop-up of Invitation System, Liger Immediately summoned us inside on one of our hideouts. there, we evaluate and Review and Discuss about Our discovery Individually!


    Based on Discoveries on our Expedition(Exile and I) even though we have a map from raided goblins before, thats only a General Infrmation, what we need is Specifics especially Terrains and Places, because that is your comeback if youre at a disadvantages, even if this world is guided by the System and Skills, information gathering is a must! now that we know where we are is almost at the edge South of Demon Continent, well even were at the edge it takes us almost 6 whole months to Circled and gain some Fruitful Information, this 6 months is almost only a month for regular person when thier in the nick of time Especially when Demons are going to Hunt you anytime that is, but For a "Mercenary" thats not a major problem or so i thought! it really is hard demwitt!! in this continent theres only Undead, Undead and Undead! the F*ck! if not undead its only lower rank monsters like Goblins, Kobolds, theres also Ogre and Orc but the hell! Theyre hotblooded as Liger and Exile! so of course I eat them without regards, what i mean as i eat them is that I copy their "Useful" Skill using  [Skill Copycat], there I got 2 golden Skill called[Lust]and[Glutton], and also [Wrath], as Exile said I have to focus on getting skill because of my skill uniqueness and as far as i know this two is part of humans "Seven Deadly Sins" hm~, i think well discuss about it later.
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