8 Intermission 1: Advent Story of a Leader

    "Listen fella, this is for our own good as a team and i decide that we have to split the group in to 3, I and Exile had to do a Solo Expedition, Liger and Fenrir as i said earlier you have to focus on your skill understand?"

    "sir, yes sir!"

    "Good, now Disperse!"


    its been almost 3 months, its too d*mn hard to get an information here! first, its too fogy, a Mist with blue, purple, black and red color coincide each other, this is called Miasma as far as i know, hm~ as you can see, we a skeleton have 5 senses as normal human except for sense of touch, when Liger cracked twice, Exile once, i try to experiment it myself, of course experience is the best teacher so i try out of curiousity there i conclude that every broken bone is almost the same as youve been hit by a bullet in a bullet proof vest, thats still so d*mn hurt! now every destroyed bone is the same as bullet pierce through your thighs' skin meat, holy Hell!? thats torture for sure! Liger how come you endured that! Twice?!

    Now back to the topic, for this 3 months i already raided 4 goblin gaves 2 kobold caves, 1 spider cave which is easy because i accedentally had a Torch, therr what i loot was Spider Silk or Thread, on Spider boss is its needle tooth, 2 needle Tooth! really! its really is a needle-like!


    Name: Arachne Spider Anggola

    Race: Spider, Beast

    Class: Arachne Spider

    Skill: Acid (Medium) [Species Exclusive Skill], Threading, Needle Bite, Trimming Claw

    Description: Queen of Spider Cave Dwellers, they are afraid of other Undead and Beast Species so they learn to Dig, once they were one of the Beasts' upper echelon but because of thier arrogance theyre clan banished or destroyed by other beast species, Anggola, as one of the Decendant of Arachne Clan, once on her prime as a strongest Arachne but her pride shattered as she Defeated Twice in a row, one is a Beast and other is a Demon.


    so the Description say. as i think this Spider has only 10% of her will to fight, I kill her easily and Copy her skill Threading, her Acid is eye catching if i can get it but sorry for me thats species exclusive so i go for Threading because i have a plan for that, her other skill is not suitable for my battle style though.

    And there! i become a craftsman unintentonally! for the record i am a Sewer! Haha, im sure they will laughing now if they know my skill!! now back to the topic, this is my fifth time raiding a goblin or first time raiding Hobgoblin habitat, to my knowledge goblin is not that large built so im sure thats hobs, even guards are hobs of course im inside now so as far as i can see theyre only about 20 to 30 Hobs, now i killed almost 15 what caught my attention was.

    FFS! this is Rated 18 im sure of it! but thats not what really is in my mind at all not at all! Anger! if i have my whole face i say this time, theres an Anger that Lump on my foreheread, so many anger Lump! (Authors Note: you see in anime if they are angry hehe, i dont know what they called that thing), if i had an eye, im sure it'll become red because of this anger boiling in me that im feeling, if i have a skin im sure my palm is dripping with blood, thats what my inner feelings now, what i see is he's banging three girls at the same time, on his crotch where is in the middle (he is currently banging) is a black lady with back hair and pointy ear, her Big Oppai's(Tits) is almost Godlike! that even goddess of beauty will cursed her out of envy, on his left is a Human i can't see her face very well because of her long Scarlet hair (hobgoblin using his left middle finger), he's in the right is an adventurer lady, also a human short blue hair (hobgoblin using his right middle finger) hm~ i can't describe her because of her aroused face, of three she is the only have an upper garment, and what i saw in my Appraisal was


    Name: Hobgoblin Kayel (Status: Lustful)

    Race: Hobgoblin (Demon)

    Class: Hobgoblin Champion

    Skill: Persistent (High), [NeverEnding Lust], High Ranked Picker, Strength of Man above Women (High), Lower Body Disarment (high), Goblin Hero (Corrupted), Restrained (Mid)

    Description: A Hobgoblin Champion 10 times stronger than that of a goblin champion, after being banned on his last Clan because of his Cursed[Lust]skill, wandered for almost 50 years become a Goblin Hero but become corrupt because of cursed skill and now killed almost tens of thousand of children and old, Beast or Human, Banged almost thousand of beautiful woman as he is very picky when it comes to a woman! a Lustful Demon who is persistent on Impregnating his first Favorite Target before the other! Beware as he is 10 times stronger when he's opponent is a woman!


    [Notification: because of your Boiling Anger Cursed Series Skill:[Wrath]has activated!]

    i see this guy is very strong for girl to fight very strong! so thats why, he has Restrains, that after being defeated will become binded by him, he really is strong! But thats not in my mind at all! what actually happen is, before i finish to read his skill much less his biography, FFS! my back boney feet start to kick the ground which a small crater is only remains. Oh theres a notification but i didnt see it well because of desire to kill, to kill this st*pid Lustful Hob in front of me!

    thats not even 1 second at all! from me kicking the ground till i open my storage, why i have a storage now you ask? i copy it from kobold shaman of course, that shaman seems like theyre equipment storage, thats his only role, as a real shaman? well hes dead before he even know why he is a shaman but only an equipment storage, back to reality, now i charge and equip 2 daggers on both hands to the big goblin whose busy banging his girls, the other goblins are late to respond, why? because they didnt see where i came from!

    Ssssssssrrrrrck!, as i drilled a hole from his Throat to his Nape till its head separated from its body, after that like a spinner i slash his head mid-air 6 times consecutively while spinning! one of my signature move when im still alive! they called it Wind Spin, like a Storm, like a Wind, like a Tempest!

    sssk! sssk! sssk! sssk! sssk! sssk!

    the other five goblins whose his personal guard (well, theyre that irresponsible see?) charged at me from the same direction, that time when i position myself, the Goblin boss' "Sliced" Head dropped on the ground 2 meters on my back, like a Hamburger Patty or Sliced Ham they placed there Naturally and beautifully! (So delish!) nope not in my dreams, Again I spin and Throw 5 Blades, 2 dagger that im using, and 3 one-handed sword, if its dart or archery then, they give me 10,10 and 10. now 5 blades placed on thier throat, instantly killing them.
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