9 Intermission 1.1: Knowledge

    After the Flash battle that only lasts less than 10 seconds, I step infront of 3 ladies

    Thud thud thud, then i threw 3 caped to each one of them i made using spider thread, well thats a coincident alright? its just that in my free time im sawing some cloth using needle tooth and thread so thats a "pure coincident, im sure of it" when im in deep thought they already take the caped, all of them are trembling especially the one with short blue hair, (she's the most aroused earlier) then they saw my boney body and the only 2 lights inside my skull, before they react the short blue hair said "iiiiiik!" she dropped some of her saliva then she said "k-k-ki-kill m-m-me p-p-please? hik!" hm~shes being deprived while being virgin i see, of course her final wish is my command i cut her throat split second after i nod, she Die just like that, because i dont want her to feel pain again then She become bluish light particles, so thats how people die unlike the other mobs i killed like those hobs here and there is irritating. after that i kneeled my one feet and give each of them Broccoli like flower called "Flower of Terra" that can cure "Internal and External Injury", again this coincident! i only just loot them here and there on my way here, thats it because of its description and my instinct told me that i or we need it. there i give them 49pcs (pieces) each thats 1 stack for i still have 9 stacks here where 99pcs per stack according to my inventory. theyre dumbfounded and Forgot to thank me, that they chew one by one directly, relax ok? thats only my thought, theres no way they understand me. i glance at them and start to loot.

    at almost 2 hours after that, id check the Notification, the already Stored the dead bodies and other skill i got, those golden skill[Lust]and[Wrath], i dont know how but the degraded version of[NeverEnding Lust]become only [Lust]but it still gold Skill, this [Wrath]is what i got when only Angry is boiling on my nerve that time, the notification only... hm?~ before i finish my thought the Girl whose black skin and Big Oppai's is saying something as she tugged my cape

    the two kneeled? i dont know but the Big Oppai' Nee-chan said "Thanks for benefactor that he saved me my life and at the same time saved me from my Race's Humiliation! this Debt is forever in my heart, as a Great Scout of Dark Elf! even in Death is I, Ashnavel give my soul to protect my benefactor even I become a Vengeance!" at the same time

    "Thanks for Benefactor that he saved my, Raiha's life from Scarlet Tribe and from my Race's Humiliation, and give a new life, as one of the a Strongest Scarlet Warrior, till death I Raiha will obey Benefactor's Order even if i give my, Raiha's Life to Benefactor if it makes him Happy!" this two! F*ck if i can speak! only i did was

    tak! tak!

    I hand chopped thier head, i saved them out of pity not because i want something in return, i wanted to tell them that they can live thier life to the fullest but man!~ what's in thier mind right now that thier face is burning red! tch! seems like they overdose those "Flower of Terra"

    after we come out of the cave the two seemed restless as Ashnavel said, "Benefactor"


    "that Girl i think is from "Another World" before Ashnavel spoke, Raiha was the first one to answer

    "haaaaaaa???-" as my jaw drop Literally!

    they said that Ash as i called her name in short term that, that bluish girl came only after Raiha, so her will is not that Destroyed they think, then her Bluish-white disappearance is not a people in this world can copy because that is uniqueness of otherworlder, meaning she die but alive because she is a Player but! she still being deprived, im sure after that she will it report to Admin or didnt play this game anymore. well thats nee knowledge, i think.

    after that after a couple of another 4 months this two is still my companion, they are my shield and sword, or not! theyre look strong indeed but when it comes to real battle theyrr crook! useless! just a baggage! the hell! because im a skeleton i dont need to sleep so im their night guard, i dont eat but i hunt them for food especially fish! for a Man from Battlefield, to me theyre children, I even Teach them to hack and slash and Bend an Arrow after nock so that it can shot an enemy behind the trees! Really? Proud Strongest Scarlet Warrior and Great Scout of Dark elves?  REALLY?! Raiha and Ashnavel score? Zero!

    then as if the system Hear my Complain.

    [Notification: your Master, Demon General Liger is invited to come at Demon Lord Bell'Phegors' Celebration for Killing Rook Beast Maruo of Beast Kingdom, please come at Sloth Fortress in the Mist of Midnight! Forgot or Unwilling to go will Become Hostile and Kill on Sight order by other Demon Lords!]

    [Team Notification: your Master, Liger is Summoning you: "Ah! Guys!? didnt you see the Notification? urrrrgh! Boss!!", do you want to be Summon now? <Yes/No>]

    "My Master eh?" i murmured and smile in my mind before i waved to say goodbye to the two who is almost done eating and throw a piece of paper as i Vanish with Redish-White Particles, this four months with them is still worth it atleast? because i got  [Glutton]Skill from Orc Lord.

    then with the note: "Live your life to the Fullest, not to the Foolish, the teachings that I and the Lesson that you Learned! For F*ck Sake!!!"

    as the two stared, and blink twice at each other and Laugh while Crying. of course i dont know that will happen.
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