10 Intermission 2: Before and During the Separate Venture of Duo

    Listen fella, this is for our own good as a team and i decide that we have to split the group in to 3, I and Exile had to do a Solo Expedition, Liger and Fenrir as i said earlier you have to focus on your skill understand?"


    (P.O.V of Cat)

    that is the last time i saw boss my idol, ehem~ thats boss' last word im glad he didnt fry any question to my skill [Subordination] because a week after our Raid the General or after i got this body, boss order is that Exile will become our temporary leader hmpf~ in her dreams! even if thats the boss order that chicky little prick is the last person in this world i will obey, so like that im a scout but because i have to get used to this body i try to warm my muscles hehe even though this curreng body has a muscle its still stiffy to move because of this 2 meter Figure, like that as soon as possible i have to become used to this body then, to become usefull on our incoming battles, then i found a cave though this cave i found 3 days ago but now and this time I will raid it right here right now, its good as long as ill return safe and sound.

    "hey!" as i heard a voice (though its only thought communication)

    kuuk i cried, "wh-?" i look at my back in panic, there i saw Fenrir

    "the hell are you doing? youre too far to scou-", "shhhhhh" as i raise my hand and signal to silence, there we heared some cracking and growling, as i thought thats their scout.

    "Fen" i called his name(nickname) "you are now my companion-in-crime, kukukuku"

    "what the- you sh*thead, you want to drag me from your- d*mn either way our leader will get angry, we just have to clean this mess right?"

    "Oh yeah! thats why our Brotherhood are stronger than anyone HAHA! you do really get my point!"

    "hmp! what i mean Leader is not "that" chicky brat ok?" (Fenrir)

    "yes I know! my Only True Boss is Called Tempest, nothing more, nothing less!" (Liger)

    "let's see, Based on your mannerism right now you already gather some info. right?" (Fenrir)

    "Of course! you think im a Thug who only know is to charge and kill my way?" (Liger)

    "youre not a Thug!?" (Fenrir)

    "Wh-what? you really think im a thug before i become a mercenary!?"

    "thats every mercenary rumor!"

    "urgh! alright stopped this BS, this is the Information I gather till now, inside theres almost 3 to 4 hundred kobolds, almost hundred warriors and also one they called kobold chieftain,  you see just now his warriors and even scout are thin and low energy, that i conclude they are either on low resource or their cheiftain is greedy. we have two methods, one is if we kill our way till we kill thier chieftain is a sure victory, second is that if we kill the majority of their warrior"

    "thats still thug-like method! ehem how many days are you scouting this cave?" Fenrir curiously asks, as i ignore his first sentence

    "almost 3 days till now, why?"

    "dude, how the hell did you come up with the hypothesis that they only have hundred warriors, and 3 to 4 hundred overall if you only estimate?!"

    i glare at him, filled with killing intent inside my hollowed eye then i commented "haaa- "hypothesis? of course i went inside and investigate, like i said do you really think im a F*cking thug?!"

    "Sh*t! for real? Lets go then! Hahaha im sorry my brother! later after our raid I will explain to Leader on how awesome you are! haha"

    "F*ck you B*tch we are brother so this is only between brothers alright?! ill forgive you now so dont even till him!" (Liger)

    he tapped my shoulder and said "Good brother, lets go then!"


    (P.O.V of Dog)

    whew it's good he really dont want to look bad at our Leader, im saved at least.

    like that we Raid the cave, unfortunately they are not that strong even a hundred strong kobold warriors hold a candle for him, still we defeated or killed almost half of them and thier chief. that i conclude His class isnt for show afterall, then like that he got [Subordination] skill because the remaining kobolds pleaded for thier lives, they are all looked like a dog, literally huh~? F*ck, Dog, Dog, Dog, that Exile codename to me really pissed me off! just because i love dogs doesnt mean im a dog d*mn! oh well im sure Leader will strip her from the position sooner or later, and by the way I forgot to get the deceased kobold soul because I really dont like another Dog become my first Experiment. I really Love them to the bone so, no no no!

    Then just like that before we even know, leader already declare that we have to split into three teams, "I dont like to team up with this Chicky/Girl!" thats me and Liger simultaneously said. "You Sh*tty Duo, of course I, Exile dont want to team up with either you two so I and Leader-" Exile Explain why its only two of them who Depart, we two Looked to Leader and he only nod. 6 months had passed by, in terms on Gaming Knowledge, Im not on par to Exile, im not a Hardcore Gaming afterall, just that Im a quick witted, yes! when I was in elementary and Highschool someone Called me Partial Genius!, when Leader summarized of what we two Partners needed to do I and even Liger didnt object. there till now we experiment Low level to middle level tier Monsters and used [Soul Transfusion] and [Soul Attachment], there we conclude only below 20-30% successful rate of Monsters, here are the list:


    [Soul Attachment] : Gather the Soul of Dead within 100 meters and place it to another Undead Type Body

    [Soul Transfusion] : Fuse the soul of Gathered "Soul of Dead" to another Undead Type Body

    Low Level to Low Level > 20-30% success rate

    (Example: Kobolds, Goblins, Skeletons)

    Low level to Mid level > 15-30% success rate

    Mid level to Mid level > 15-20% success rate

    (Example: Normal:"Dullahan, Orc, Ogre")

    Mid level to High level > 10-15% success rate

    High level to High level > below 10% success rate

    (Example: Named monster or Intelligent Creature such as Death Knights, Ogre and Orc Champions)


    There in almost a 5 months we Raided almost all of the caves we saw at most, its good maybe because of this Miasma thing the Monster Lair we Raid a week ago was already spawned another type of Monster the other week, that we fail at the same time we success I create a 1 Named Death Knight atleast and 3 Vampire Bat that cant transform(LOL this thing is only for scouting).

    and the Knight Class Ogre Champion, its good experiment because a week ago we found a 5-man Group of Adventurer, they seemed like a Player but 2 of them is Cream of Crop, if Liger is not an Upgraded to General class we'll die for sure they are (2 Warrior (1 with Heavy Shield and Mace, the other has 1 two-handed Sword), a Knight, Dark Shaman, and Gunner), using my "Vampire Bat" we found them first, that we decided to first talk to them (using Liger because he can Speak) and I circled at thier back with my Successfully Experimented Death Knight, this is if they retaliate.

    "You....Who....Are!" said Liger, pfffff i almost laugh out loud he really can't speak properly because of General Physique

    "Golden Name! Oh my God, thats Named NPC! a Demon General!" Said by Dark shaman, why we know thier Job you ask? Of course my Vampire Bat had an Appraisal! good job to me right? theres more to it of course thats why i have 3 bats!

    "General Class eh? a Month ago, there Emerge a Demon General, you guys thinks its him?" Said by Warrior with sword.

    "Ye.....s" huh? 5-man looked to where the voice from of course thats Liger! this D*mb Sh*tty show off!

    "Formation!, Range at the bac-" cheh! am i a push over who let them finish their preparation? of course the time Liger said "Yes" I stealthly dash forward, Use [Area Manipulation] and Cut thier back lines which is the Gunner and Shaman, I first Slice the Nape of Gunner with my reversed left grip hand of my Dagger , and Let the Death Knight Do the remaining Job, He has deactivated his [Decay] that Slowed his Opponent, I then go to Shaman whose only 5 meters away from Gunner's right, cancel then activate again my [Area Manipulation] and like a Fang my 2 Blade Reside to Shaman's side Neck pierce through his Left and Right Thyroid Gland! Dead! just like that i looked to where my Death Knight is, and he already clean(The Gunner) his mess. when Im using my "first" [Area Manipulation] I already Said to Liger to busy the other 3 but the Knight is charging straight at me in his calm face while saying "Make that Big guy Busy!", seems like this Knight is thier Commander, I dont Know but this Knight is Intimidating, wait sh*t sherlock thats my line! this guy Job is Knight according to my Familiar's Appraisal I doubled check it but! He's using Glaive?! no sh*t you dont even have a shield!?
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