11 Intermission 2.1: Almost at the End of Life and Death

    P.O.V of Liger

    "Make them busy!" thats what Fenrir said when he used his first [Area Manipulation], I [Dash] forward and took 7 steps in a flash (meaning I can Travel in his [Area Manipulation] using [Dash]) in front of this Warrior in Sword, as I swong my Sakura Sword(Note: i change my synonyms from Warrior whose using Shield and mace > "Warrior In Shield" and The Warrior whose using Two-Handed Sword > "Warrior in Sword" okie?) after He cancelled his Skill but before that! this Warrior in sword! whose Eye is!? it twitch? then just like that CLANG! he Parry my First Slash at the End of second [Area Manipulation] and Leap backward as i hear 'Gaaahh' i hear his cry seems, like He feel numb from his Grip simultaneously the Warrior in Sword and Knight charged, one in front of me and other is charged through Fenrir! then I hear "Make that big guy Busy!" what? I dont even have time to think because in a split second the Warrior in Shield is going to collide to me! 'Sorry Fenrir please be safe!', 'No sh*t, i'll back you up with my Undead Knight! make it fast then!' thats his last word as the Knight Already Throw him mid-air using its Glaive?! 'pfouuuu' this Warrior in Shield also threw me at most 2 meters! atleast Im stay still because of my Big Physique but oh my god this strength! then my Back-Up(the Death Knight ofcourse!) used its [Decay] to Warrior in Sword 'Gaaaah'! thats his second time to cry, the Sword in Shield Guy try to back him up but I pick and Threw the Manmade-Sheath of my Sakura at his back (l made it myself using bones then Boss' Bone Pasting), because of the impact of his charge I cant dash forward for now so all i could only do is throw it using my left hand! after I got my footing I dash forward! I dont Know where my Sheath hit him because for now Fenrir is in trouble! but i have to clean this two first! eh~? when i looked at the Sword in Shield guy is, Stunned! theres a Halo-like-thing over his Head and is spinning! I positioned my self Ready for horizontal slash! this is my chance! but becauss he is using shield i cant cut him but! his exposed back is in front of me! an opportunity! theres no way this guy will give me a second chance! Sssssssssk! I slash him Diagonally! his left upper body till his right shoulder, is separated from his lower body, just like the other two Fenrir killed, He become bluish white particles, before i knew it the Death Knight can't come up to fast reaction of this Remaining warrior, from our first Fight to them till now theres only atleast less than a minute had past, but the Death Knight is almost going to Break, and they only Encounter to almost only 10 seconds, sh*t this guy is the real deal! while that is my only Thought I already charged at him 'Clang Clang Clang! He kick the Death Knight then parry my attacks, 'Sakura is Restricting my Movement Speed while It increased my Damage! but right now what i need is Speed itself!' thats my thought said as i threw my sakura upward and unsheath my 2 one-handed sword on my back, for me this sword is like a dagger because of my physique, then I jumped forward and threw 1 blade to him and 1 to His companion Knight, 'sssk sssk' then a wind emerged to his weapon and slash diagonally the first blade whose coming to him then he positioned his right feet to his side then slash the other sword i threw to his friend "Cross-Slash" as he shouted then he looked onto me whose still on mid-air that time Sakura is already in my hand at the same time 'kik kik' a 'Bat?' covered his eyes and hug his head 'THANKS Bro!' I cried out loud then 'Baaaaaaaaaaang!' crushing noise Emerged as I Slam my sword vertically straight through his head, that time he even tried to Parry my Sakura Sword using his sword to cover his head, and tben using his gauntlet to support his sword but unfortunately for him, Im heavy! once a popular scientists says that in Newton's Third Law of Motion: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction! and thats that. as he Erased in my Sight, I havent seen him become a Light particles because of Dust that covered our area but, I looked to where Fenrir is then again used [Dash].


    P.O.V of Knight

    'This is madness! how come we  already annihilate when we only at the edge of Demon Territory?! is this the territory of this General?, that Zig (Gunner) and Gust (Dark Shaman) already die for only 1 to 2 bout? then not even 1 minute past by, my other companion whose Sword and Shield Duo, our Guild 'Fortress' Die!? the hell! I know this really is madness! this is hell! its common that this game dont have a Level, and even if you have an Impregnable Armors or strongest Weapon if you dont have a 'Control' you are trash a Noob, but this! isnt this too much?! We already Spar killed a lot of Death Knights, Warewolves, Yeti, Big Monster Low and Hight Tier even named Bosses and Field Bosses but! Is this what a General rank Demon be? how about Lord Class, King or Emperror?!'

    'no, not that but even this, this guy, even this Skeleton!? i know he's not that nimble, I know he will break anytime when I cut even a small pieces of his skull using my Glaive, he's only using dual dagger, a Thief? but why? am I not that strong as I know? I knocked him first then what? after that i cant even land a hit!? are we only just a frog in a well that dont know what the true one on one Battle is!? wait, even two on one at those Big guy the Duo isnt he's match, is this what they called peak control?!'


    P.O.V of Fenrir

    'whew' atleast as I sigh of relief, this battle between this Knight is Drained my stamina and concentration at the very bottom.

    is this what that brat (Exile)called Control?, "Remember doesnt mean theyre not trained like us means they are weak, there are people and other Gamer who has Peak Control" she says, even if he's not that trained his movements and his flow control is like an Inner martial artists deciple level, he even using his skill actively and accurately just like a leaf in a storm, and because of his 'Reach' by using Glaive he is my bad match up, so all I can do is wait-and-see tactics then strikes for opportunity, but unfortunately nothing, but theres atleast a room for support to Liger I let this Knight guy show his back to his partner so that i can clearly support Liger and at the same time Liger support me if theres an opportunity, unfortunately my Bat die because of Liger own Impact because the Warrior dont even have time to react to Liger Last Hit much less to kill my Bat, like that this Knight is now a Headless chicken


    "Alright I surrender" Said by Knight as he drop his Glaive and Raise his two hand upward.

    "my I ask you guys a few question? what are yo-?" Liger already slashed him. then Fenrir used [Soul Dettachment] but Unfortunately Fenrir only gathered 3 Souls and 1 fragment soul

    Fragment Soul: The Destroyed Soul of your currently Deceased Soul subordinate whose body already destroyed(1)

    "Lige-" before Fenrir finish his word Liger already dash outside of his range and atmost 30 seconds later he dragged a werewolf cold corpse.

    "thats my Brother!" Fenrir said as he go toward Liger at the same time "[Soul Transfusion],[Soul Attachment]!" he cried.

    "I think" (Liger)

    "what?" (Fenrir)

    "we didnt experiment a human right? so this is the first time"

    "Yes Sherlock, you really closed the case!"

    "then lets make a bet!"

    "what kind? we dont have money!"

    "here" Liger then loot all of 5 people drop, a Sword, a Shield, Robe of Shaman and 2 Skill Scroll

    "eh? Skill Scroll!!!?" Fenrir Trembled

    "Hehe well yes Sherlock! You guess!"

    "hmmp! [Taunt] and what the f*ck! another [Subordination] skill? the brat says rarity depends on its color or its glow, [Taunt] is blue and [Subordination] is Orange? then your [Subordination] is that rare?! thats twice or thrice higher than [Taunt]! oh well seems like thats reserve for Leader"

    "you Basta*d! you why did you Appraise it?".

    "wait, its a success?"

    "what success? ahhh?!"

    the two looked at werewolf body


    Name: Titus

    Race: Dominated Werewolf (Undead)

    Class: Last Titan (Low ↓)

    Skill: Knight Blessing(Corrupted), Warrior Cry, Warrior Charge, Strength of Hundred Men, Spear Mastery (High), Sword Mastery (High), Shield Mastery (High), Genius (Low)(Growth),[Srength of Hercules (-Locked-)]

    Description: a werewolf within a Body of Last Titan Decendant Stronger Giants and Equal to Dragons but only 10% of its prowes when its alive now become only 5% and become corrupted, but because of its stirred new soul within, it become unknown creature with unbounded intelligent!

    Warning: Use [Restrain], [Servant Contract] or [Subordination] within a month or it'll become your wicked Enemy!


    "what the!" the two Almost jaw dropped.

    "the hell, its scam! Stronger than Giant? Equal to Dragon?"


    "his class is Low with ↓ that symbol, seems like he's almighty but not that strong yet"

    "Hercules? this is the first time I saw Golden Skill but it shaded grey"

    "it says that its locked"

    as the the two discusses and pointed out the obvious like sherlock.

    "wait Liger!"


    "You sh*t! this is werewolf! a DOG!"

    "Hahaha, you remember that only just NOW? HAHAHA!" (Liger)

    "B*tch ill kill you!"

    and like that another months had past.
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