12 Intermission Bonus : Hooooman!

    (P.O.V of a Certain Party)

    "This is BS! you all been annihilate? You!? of all people!?" Guild Leader of Vanguard and Human Faction, Tristan. "its understandable if 1 or 2 of you had died but a team wiped? wait- did you say youve met the recently emerged Demon General?"

    "Yes Leader!"

    "where is your Commander? where is Lucian?"

    "he's in the arena and breaking his limit, seems like he already contacted the top 30 strongest on leaderboard to become his one to many sparring partner"

    "Is he that frustrated? Zig?"

    "I dont know, Im.....sorry"



    "Bear and Kuma?"

    "Theyre too Strong.... im.... not even on that General league"  (Bear)

    "I lose maybe because im too excited, but in my opinion theyre really strong.. thats only less than 10 bouts but before I knew it... he already hack me to death" (Kuma)

    after the Interrogation.....

    'haaaaaaaa' the 4 sigh in frustration

    "this is the first time i feel like im worthless"

    "me Either, i didnt even have a time appraise the skeleton" (Zig and Gust)

    "did you 2 really die without knowing? or you just drop your guard that time?" (Kuma)

    "Killing Intent, even a tiny bit of killing intent i didnt feel anything in that split second, i feel like our only enemy is in front" (Bear)

    "maybe...next time...we...can...win?" (Zig)

    "look at you Zig, youre...trem...bling!" (kuma said while also trembling" then he follow up "We cant win, im sure of it even if its frontal battle".

    "guys...im...going...to...study...now" (Gust said and touch his neck then he logged out)

    "Im going to spectate Him then" (Bear)

    "Im coming too" (Kuma) as the two Run towards arena quarter master

    Zig then looked up at the sky while saying "we die not because of carelessness but because theyre too strong, we also drop Majority of our precious Weapons and Scroll, Lucian already said how strong even that little skeleton who killed me and Gust, that even doing his best he ever could it doesnt have an effect, i wish that those monsters are the strongest that we encounter on Demon Continent" as he rest his eye and logged out


    Inside the PvP Arena

    'haaaaaa haaaaaa haaaaa I really am weak!? why? I...cant...win' Lucian Thought

    "what happen, youve become weak did your expedition frustate you that much?"

    "Im so bored, I hate it!"

    "Dude maybe we can spar Next time?"

    "welp, its good to become your sparring partners but I think its time for you to Strip your Spot right?"

    "yeah i think its not that you are frustrated, you just become weak?"

    "SHUT UP! you all think Im only camping!? we only Camping?!, 5 whole months! we killed, Destroy, and even Eat countless monsters!! Even Named Orc Champion isnt my match! b...but ive been toyed by a skeleton! a single skeleton!" Lucian Enraged like his eyes are going to pop out anytime, but then he slowly and steadily breath in a minute, then he seems like Enlighted then he said 'Thats it!' he raise his right hand and taunt the the 5 people in front of him then smile "come human! I will show you what true meaning of monster is!"
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