13 Calm Before the Storm

    "Boss!" Liger

    "Leader!" Fenrir

    "Hm~? where is she?" I asks

    "she isnt here yet Boss, shes not responding to my summoning, but her name isnt Shaded yet, too bad she's still alive" Liger harrumphed.

    "You want me dead that badly? sorry for you, Im alive and Kicking and Ready to kick your boney as*!" Shes here i see.

    "alright! Assemble" then i clap twice then they immediately respond. hm~ thats my team, im so flattered, "now we'll discuss our discoveries from dust to spoon understood? no skips!"


    "eh? good job then, Fenrir Go learn that [Subordination] scroll, I already found a Solution to our problem! and that bound that Titus". "by the way speaking of Golden Skill i have 3, Exile you think you can?"

    "ehh!? wai- ok! No problem Leader! here" she seemed going to ask something like 'why' but only dropped a 3 inch width Book. she also said "I can read or should i say i can comprehend some symbols in this thing is like a Hieroglyph, and also there is also my discoveries inside the book, 1) Theres a Map, like Underground Map, even some labyrinth Map. 2) it can help us skeletons to promote or upgrade our class! 3) it can help us Speak verbally! 4) theres also what they called Seven Deadly Sin Series Skill, and Seven Heavenly Virtue Skill which is connected to number 2.  5) what I discovered is that! Beast Territory is at War to Demon Territory! that last month I encounter some beast and put them inside my storage, hehe" she stopped.

    I nod and said "please Continue"

    her story made her stop because of her excitement "also its just so happen that I know where that Sloth Fortress is. but Im sorry leader, the truth is Im also studying this thing while travelling for 6 whole months. dont worry I finished my qouta like mapping, then again what I only learned about is 3/4th of this book. the truth is I cant unravel what is Gift Skill at all, it seemed pretty mysterious, its not even a golden skill, no color or rarity, just like it existed, at the same time it is not." the same time she felt gloomy.

    "its ok that can wait for later hm~, alright then can you tell what is it? this Seven cursed series?"

    "Yes Leader!," she saluted then "as I conclude being the person who has this Cursed or 7 Virtue can become a Demon General even a Demon Emperror class, or a Sword Saint Class or even a Hero class!."

    "what? but I have 3!" I expressively surprised

    "thats what I wanted to asks, Leader is your skill Copycat do happen doesnt have a Limit rather than 'Being Dead/Corpse right?" (Exile)

    "there is, it can only copy one Skill at one Corpse at a time"

    "Then! what will happen if you completed all 7 Sins?!" she excitedly said.

    "I dont know, maybe ive become an Emperror?" I jokingly said

    "oh my God! Boss!" (Liger)

    "Leader your the best!" (Fenrir)

    "Carry me Senpai!~" (Exile)

    "Alright jokes aside" I stopped their fantasies on the spot "we need to prepare First, like I said I already have a plan, Fenrir did you learned it?, also Liger Disabled your Subordination, heres the plan....."


    "Whaaaat!? isnt that a suicide!? what if Fenrir doesnt make it in time!? you two will dead for sure! isnt it better if Leader recieved your Class change first?! I dont like your plan leader please reconsider!" Exile poutily Object, seems like the plan doesnt suited to her.

    "hm~ Im sorry thats my final Decision, this is for our own Good! also Fenrir had a Familiar, we can bring 2 of them. I know, in this plan you are Exempted but isnt it better than we all die together?, also the so called Class change we dont even know what is the beggining of change class, what if Ive been Isolated during Banquet?, where even Summoning using [Subordination] isnt working? thats too risky so No! and dont worry I will Rechange some of the plan, I called it plan X: Reverse Summoning. So-- become Liger Subordinate again!"

    "---EEEHHHHHHH?!" then at the same time she atleast understand "Fine Catboy! Be my master!! then!"

    "Dont worry Im a great master~" Liger grin

    "this is for our team" Exile said in trembling voice repeatedly.

    "this is for our team's future yes, because this time! we Defy and we Deny!" I copy her then I put my boney right hand in front of us four.

    "we Defy and We Deny!"

    "we Defy and We Deny!"

    welp thats our chant and so d*mn chizzy, the three didnt stop the chant while I, dont even know that my thoughts are already in far, far away.


    (P.O.V of certain Mercenary in a Helicopter)

    "as you already know this is your team members this time..." a man whose not so important character said, then. an Hour later

    "This is your 'Final' Special Mission, just proceed according to our Briefing then all of it will end well" a man whose the not so important character which is beside the pilot looked at the 4 members sitting on the backseat

    "what do you mean 'Final'? youre joking right? and Im a veteran so will you please stop the 'according to something?'" a man whose thin, but well built said while ready to jump with his team.

    "Did I just said something?" he grinned "You Sh*t! I, Voscov am going to play a new VRMMORPG after this and all of you Mercenaries will become my guild member!" then a girl whose not interested then looked to the two.

    "What? vi-ar eh? oh well-" as the man and 3 of his team jump off!

    "haaaaa- Im sorry" then a man sigh, close his eyes and reminise of his younger days as a former mercenary then he draw something on his bag as he open his eyes and pulled a gun with a silencer ready- then 'peng peng'!" the Helicopter swayed at almost being crushed but a second later it become stable again and continued to move forward while it dropped something.


    then a Banquet Begins!
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