14 The Lazy Bell

    "Seems like weve made it in time"

    "I think we feel a bit awkward but whats this? theres so many Invited guests and theres also a high Ranked Demon here?"

    "so your instinct really is reliable eh~?"

    the two seemed talking but before they knew they are already infront of 2 Guard suited in batler uniform and each of them have one protruding horn on their forehead.

    "You are Demon General sir right?" the two bowed slightly at the same time. who they bowed is a Skull face guy, 2 meter tall and has a 1.5 meter sword hanging on his back, of course its Liger and his friends(?) I mean its us you see? the other two is Fenrir's Death Knight and Titus the Titanwolf. then Liger Immediately asks.

    "This is my other 3 subordinate, they also can come inside right?", the two looked at each other then smile and bow again, "we only obey a High rank Demon sir!" then they gave way while bowing. I looked as I passed them and used Appraisal, huh? they trembling then stare at me(?) this two is also a Ranked Demon! now I explain what ranked demon is, according to Exile high rank demons classified according to thier 'class', me Fenrir and Exile as a 'classless' skeleton is a lowest of lowest so thats a given, as for Liger theres no doubt that a 'Demon General' is second to 'Demon Lord', but still if you have a 'King', 'Lord', 'General' or other thing if you dont have a 'Demon' your only a high class. and thats the end of it. like that, were still inside a banquet for almost 5 whole hours!. but for those hours I also appraised almost all of them one by one but after that their eyes fixated on me again!, so I walked near Liger and said to him that he will also looked to whom i looked at as we communicate by the used of [Party Creation], they also looked at him after my Appraisal, but they seemed to let it slide. what, what is this? isnt this racism, classism?? literally? but whats this? theyre all strong? Gobling Lords, Kobold Lords, Ogre Champions and Shamans, Orc Kings, Vampire Nobles like Earl and Marquis, theres also a Lich class? but i saw them having a different symbols on thier cloths, hm? though they have a Different Races once a same symbol saw the other same symbols they seemed talked and laugh like a buddy, i see, even here theres also a faction here or Exile' term is a Guild?. but whats odd is that they didnt even start a fight, maybe a Demon Lord rank really is strong and mighty but whats pissed me till is that I cant eat! there are so many good self serving dishes.! then another hour passed by, before we knew it we are now less than 20 here. then I heard an echoing Voiced entered my ear(I dont have an ear though)

    "Fufuufufufu seems like the not so important guests are all already leave huehuehue" then I heard someone muttered 'as i thought! is this a battle of wits?' the voiced continued some introduction on how they invited us and why theyre late, then a 4 silhouette appeared at the center of the hall way. the one who is talking is a small like child face guy, the other is a lady, a vampire and an Ogre? wait, an Oni? they looked at me after Appraising them, then an Oni said "this little skelly had a guts to appraise us!!?" I flinch, f*ck so thats why majority of a demon I appraised always look at me! this! I made a big f*cking mistake this time! then the lady tap his shoulder, "hm- its alright he's 'one' of the main character we needed" she said then smiled at me. she then claap her hands, then a table and a seat emerged near them then they sit it down. then the Vampire slouched and rest his head on the table. "Bell, were not even starting youre already like that? you really are slothful!" said by the little guy then "alright let us introduce ourselves especially to our new Demon Lord Candidate" he smiled at me again, no, he directedly smile to Liger. then the hall become noisy once again. "huehuehue, I as you can see, a Plum, thats my race's name, and Valefor is thy name! this lazy bastard was as you can see is a Vampire! he's Bell'Phegor! huehue, he Defeated the Beast Rook thus we have a banquet here! then this big guy is a Giant and Oni race, what is an oni? an Evolved form of Ogre, theyre the pinnacle of Ogres! why he has a blood of Giants but too small to become one? that is confidential! his name was Azazel! and this lady here is Lucifer!" wait! when I heard the name Azazel my heart sank(thats only an expression!) wait! I look at Liger but before I stopped him "Oi oi oi!, y-youre! Azazel!" the giant guy look at him, smile then said "Sho's Body is already yours and he's already dead and now's nothing to do with me, I think you just dont have to stick your nose to something that you dont want to be involve with" but as Liger already counter "Im already Involved! this is his Body! you! he is youre best friend right!? why? why did you, you are once a friend to him and now a comrade of a demon who bring despair to your friend?! He become Vengeful like that!!!!" then Crack Crack Crack. the whole castle is trembling? No thats an [Intimidation] Skill! it caused a crack on a hall! "Stop your BS Aze!" (Lucifer)

    "Lucy, I have to break his bone right now! this guy want a beating!" (Azazel)

    "alright I have to make myself busy for other guests then" Valefor said, he smiled while he stand, then before I knew it he's already at my side and whisper, "Appraiser eh? I like you at the same time I didnt!" he smiled again while he's heading to other Demons. I didnt have time to look at him, its just that I didnt but i cant, my body felt chilled, its trembling in fear? is this the limit of being a skeleton race? or Im just too weak compare to them? "Boss Im sorry I have to asks him myself!" I heard Liger voice and snap myself back to reality. then we 3 follow him while he is following Azazel "wait skeleton appraiser!" I heard a lady cheerful voiced called Lucifer, she stop me from following Liger and said, "I have to talk to you too!" she said.

    "Liger Invite her to the-",

    "Its okay I have [Thought Communication] Skill" (Lucifer)

    "hm. okay then, Liger dont be rash okay?" I gave him an advice

    "Yes boss Im sorry for a while ago" (Liger)

    "please be alive atleast" (Me)

    "hm!" he bow and rush to follow Azazel with Death Knight and Titus

    "you, have, a good, comrade i see" my thought disturb by Lucifer.

    "Alright you can call me Lucy!" thats what she said before I can reply , then she Invite me to Sit near Bell'Phegor.


    After she Establish [Thought Communication Skill] we start the talking, at first she explain why we were Invited, because were monitored of all Demon Lords, others are not here because of some reason. but theres two Faction, Defender Faction and Destruction Faction, they dont have a time to name thier faction though, then this lazy Bell'Phegor is the only in a Neutral Faction because he have a  'Such a Drag' motto, and he is too 'Slothful' to argue so he didnt pick any of the two, his actions on killing one of the Beasts' Strongest is that they already advance to his Territory, this Interpret to other Lords that he choose a 'Defender Faction' now so they didnt come, wait, didnt you see they have some reason? so this is it? oh well I have to concentrate here!, but according to 'Lucy', he is still neither part of 'Defender Faction' or 'Destruction Faction'. but thats only the first part of her story.
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