15 One Calamity, One Territory and a Tower of God

    "thats Troublesome!" I said.

    as she Narrated all of thier Problems about each of thier territory, that even a Dragon is a threat, then she, as a 'Demon King' class but she doesnt want fame so 'Demon Lord' title in paper is enough for her, what? so you are the Strongest? or not, also she said that race and class isnt a factor of one battle to win but about ones Skills, and what not, she also explain that even an [Appraisal] skill has a Level, there were called [Ultimate Appraisal] whereas I conclude that it even see an -unknown- skill on my Gift Skill tab, Theres also [Wicked Appraisal] that can see your weakness, thats scary indeed(yup thats wicked not Weaked okay?), theres also [Scope Appraisal], and [Bodily Appraisal] also on how to conceal your Status and Skills from other strong Appraisers using another skills. she even said the problem about the possibility of future Invasion of Humans from Swamp of Despair because of otherworlders Intervention.

    "yup troublesome indeed, also we dont know when but, we think Humans and Beasts either have a Truce or an Alliance.

    "you didnt sure?"

    "you cant bring a spy of an undead easily to other continent as you may know, and they created an [Appraiser Machine] created by a Mechanic Class as a passport to leave and return to thier own land so only a handful of Demons who have [Ultimate Concealment] can become a spy, that skill is very rare even on one of the Biggest Continent, and In terms of technology ours was Low level to compare. thats why as a Demon Lords we have our own 'Territorial only' to manage"

    "I see"

    "in short we need another man power that atleast can repel a Human Invader from Swamp of Despair, that, we conclude that we can give you a Territory to where your group at."

    "what? we? you mean almost all of Demon Lords have a Consent of this?"

    "not almost but all of us as I also said 'we' eyeing your group until now and your number one candidate, also dont make it wrong, it doesnt mean we had a different belief of faction we were now hostile at one another, we still have a brotherhood/sisterhood left to us, but then again, Im sorry I dont have to give you a burden but-"

    "alright, as a 'Leader' of our group I accept it" when I said that she lost her next word, then a minute later.

    "Im sorry, every of our territory already have a problems that needed to be solve thats why we cant monitor a place near Swamp of Despair, but, are you sure? having a Territory means having a burden!"

    "no problem, the truth is, we also are having a problem of being a Vagrant, we dont want to become a trespasser, the same time we dont want to become Demon Lord's Enemy, so this is very big advantage to us but-," I pause then continued "please, answer some of my questions, also, I also need a detailed map of all continent especially Demon and Human Continent."

    "okay, I will give all of what you want, but for a question that I think its a taboo, Im sorry I wont have to answer those."

    "why were you always saying the word 'sorry' to him 3 times now?" I heard a voiced through me like it pierce my very soul, what did I do then?.

    "Bell, youre listening after all" Lucy

    "Madam why were you always saying sorry to this low life?" he point his index finger next to my boney nose while slouching his face on the table.

    "Bell, I dont want to give you a burden, and because of your slothfulness I wont allow to give you another territory to govern okay?"

    as I pay attention to thier quarelling, I asks myself, am I really in a Demon World? isnt this like a normal conversation of a normal human.? they are a pinnacle of Demons on top of that.? so our preparations and cowered in fear like mouse in this territory is all for naught? no. this.. is.. Im.. my.. consciousness. is fa..ding...?


    "bell, what did you do?" I heard a faint voice

    "I made him fall asleep" I cant hear them clearly

    "why? cant you see were already in a conversation?"

    "I have to asks you something, why? this skeleton isnt worthy to even-" i heard a faint SLAP

    "He has 3 Deadly Sin! his other skills is also stronger than that of a General, his other friend, you didnt even asks me whats his skills are! all you can see is his puny appearance and all! I told you didnt I? its not the appearance that matters in this world! now wake him up at once!" tssss tssss. my soul seemed to come back slow.ly, eh? what happen? "Tempest right? so thats why even Valefor hate you that much!, you Even obtain Madam trusts that much!" Bell said, then again he place his arm and head on a table, he seemed feeling down, I only heard was faint voices and Beeeeeep from thier last conversation.

    "Bell, were in a nick of time so this time again, please trust me" shes looking to this lazy guy then look at me and said "now I hereby say in the name of all Demon Lords, your lands are now called 'Despair' and you Tempest and your group will become a Landlord and a Governor of that place!..." she only place her hand to my heart area then like that the ceremony ended then she said. "now you can asks me anything that I can answer like I promise" her stare now is really serious.


    P.O.V of the Strongest Demon(?)

    I, Lucifer am the only one of the 'Demon King' class, but decended to only a 'Demon Lord' because I dont want a big burden and only wanted an equal treatment of my former comrades, the Demon Lords, I dont want myself to be on top because that is a very lonely place. then at some point, this, what is this Intimidating at the same time a Burning sense that I feel when he Appraises me a while ago? this 'little skeleton' is below me, a very big gap in class and even in race but I am a Demon King right? when I said that we Eyeing them is only half-true, I have my Skill [Clairvoyance] plus [Time sense] so others called me 'Prophet'. but the Incoming event I saw is, theres always a calamity within a calamity within a calamity this group of skeleton involved with! thats why giving them a Territory is a half-solution to this so called 'Destruction' I foresaw!

    "then my first question" I snapped then I fell a sweat running through my temple, then I slightlight Wipe my hair and a sweat at the same time, I then looked at him.

    "can you tell me what is this so called Seven Deadly Sin skill purpose? and a 'quest' for me to take to advance my class? I already know the other counterpart so this Cursed series, so this is what I wanted an answer this time" he said, I smile then said "I see so thats your first question, and you already know that its a Cursed then, thats very Easy, ones Desire is ones strongest point" I slightly boast to him and puffed my chest "meaning you may change class because you can, because that is your desire! and to where you can advance? that is where the Tower of God is!"

    "Tower of God? where that only for God? what do you mean?" he said.

    I smile again then said by so very serious tone "what is your Greatest 'Desire'? Prosperity? Honor? Strength? Vengeance? or Being above all others? thats a Tower of God mission and vision" I said

    "your greatest desire eh? wait, why is it called Tower of God when even us Demons can enter?"

    "All species can Enter there including every fiber of every livings, even a fly can enter as long as you have a 'Golden Skill' or should I say the 7 Cursed Sins"

    "wait, so as long as I have one, I am qualified?"

    "yes, but I have a Warning to you, Dont leak any Information about Inside, the Gods Wrath will surely destroy your every being, Understand?"

    "so you cant give me a hint?"

    "I can, Dont start a fight inside, thats all"

    "alright then where is this Tower of God?"

    "its in the Detailed Map that you asks me, ill give it to you later"

    "wait, another question, is it possible to go there and take another quest after or during the other quest?"

    "that, I dont know, I didnt try to Enter there a second time after I finish my [Wrath]quest"

    "Wrath? so you also take Wrath?"

    "Dont asks again, I already told you, thats a Taboo"

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