16 Revenge of Dragon

    "alright second question"

    "wait, isnt that the third?" she seemed confuse

    "uh uh those are related question, dont mix it up" I swing my Index finger. "I also ask about your Quest completion about Wrath right? thats also a question you see?"

    "uh okay?" she even more confuse. 'fufufu' then I heard a very faint chuckle, thats Bell'Phegor, I knew it! he's Listening! dude your not that lazy right? that faint sound didnt enter Lucy' ears I think. then again

    "I want to know the name of other Lords"

    "No can do!"


    "wait until you see them thats it!"

    "I just wanted to hear thier name Isnt that a big deal? I know the other whose name was Baal'Tazar, but the other two wasnt, whats wrong with that?" she, staring at me like she wanted to eat me whole, this woman.

    "I said it again, I didnt answer a question that counted as Taboo 'for me', dont let me angry" she said

    What? just because of that? whats wrong with this woman? then "Alright, Im sorry, alright second question"

    "what! second again?!"

    "you didnt answer my last question so thats a Null okay?". "alright!" she Immediately said.

    "I-" 'BANG!' before i even finish my first word a Booming sound emerged then before I knew it a whole d*mn castle destroyed, a 'BEEEEEEEEEP' sound is what i only hear, my Lower body vanished, my right hand was destroyed, and what? the area within my right skull was destroyed? but its still good because my eye(hole) is still intact then, whats in my view infront is that one person Silhouette, Spiky red hair, Slit red eye, theres a small black scales like crocodile on his cheek, burning red scarf, and jet black coat that hide his lower body then 'THUG' but before I saw his body completely, in peripheral vision on my right I saw Lucifer and Bell, they had a barrier and slightly wounded, no, theres also a barrier protecting me, its just that Im a Low class skeleton so thats a given, but more surprising is that i didnt shattered on the spot. then this TUG speak "Hooooooo you guys are still alive I see" he said and smile.

    "Dragon King! you godd*mnit! we welcome you open arms if you enter normally at Bell's castle!" thats Valefor. he Protected 13 people using water barrier, seems like this guys specialty was barrier because not one of them had any speck of dust.

    "Dragon King! why did you show your fang to us Demon Lords now!" thats Azazel, this Oni seemed no damage at all but, Liger, Titus and the Death Knight seemed still alive, I sigh of relief, though Liger looks like beaten so badly, then Titus, his right arm was contorted, did he become a meatshield of those 3? this Azazel! f*ck this Oni!

    "tch! shut up will you!? its none of your business! I, as a Dragon King am believe of the saying that 'eye for an eye, and tooth for a tooth!' so Shut the F*ck up! I am here to Kill those who killed whats mine!" then he stare at Bell.

    "f*ck you! Im his Brother-in-Arms! so killing him is the same as killing my Brother!" (Oni)

    "Yow you Lazy Demon over there, Youre proud of Killing Maruwo Right? you even host a Banquet? hmp! you know? he is my Apprentice for almost 20 years now, and I am ready to Step down as Dragon King and pass my position, Yet you destroyed his future just like that?" he said angrily "Killing you isnt fun at all, so-" he grin then looked at Oni guy "I will Kill that one Slowly, Breaking his bone 'Lazily' like you" then he lick his lips, "then I will destroy his soul for good by eating it, kukuku fwahahaha!".

    godd*mnit this Psychopath!, am I already going to lose one my comrade during I become one of them? even though I hate this Oni! SH*T! I clench my teeth, and release my skills consecutively, [Demon Massacre] that I secretly copy before Liger attached his body to General then I add [Status Appraisal] I add it to give him chill so that he wont Underestimating me, then[Wrath], [Intimidation(Mid)] and [Haki(Low)] skill at the same time, I dont know whats the difference between the two, all I know is that those who I give my Intent using any of them, they either fainted, cowered in fear or Die!, Lucy said theres a Double or Multiple Skill activation at the same time, she then called it. /Unison Skill/. then I angrily shout to this psychopath dragon.


    [Warning: Multiple Skill Activation was Triggered and 'almost' obtain [Multi-Unison Skill], but because its 'partially' failed, and it 'contain' one of the Seven Cursed Series it gives you a penalty!]

    Godd*mnit ACTIVATE IT!!!! as I Ignore the warning, please give it back, my Desire!

    [Notification: You've been Triggered and Obtained [Kindness to Comrade], because of its specialty, all of your last penalties be 'Void']


    P.O.V of Titus

    Master is no match to this Big guy, though their height is almost the same this Big Guy is too much for him to handle, this two at first is talking, then now they talking with fist.

    Master is in trouble I have to make a move!

    "Dont! he's mine!" he said

    "hoho, I see 'Pride' huh?"

    their conversation, I dont understand

    "Im f*cking kill you, you St*pid bast*rd that didnt appreciate the what so called Friendship and Brotherhood!" Master said

    "You dont know anything, so Shut your godd*mn mouth will you!!" Big guy said while his fist clash to master. 'zzZZ-' what? Danger!

    I activate [Strenght of Hundred Men] and [Knight Blessing(Corrupted)] and buff us that increases our Defense and Strength tenfold and used [War Cry] to increase our strength fivefold and shout to Master. then I heard a Ringing sound but i have to said it first! and I have to fend this! "Master, Danger!"

    [Notification: you successfully Created a Multiple skill at the same time and obtained a passive skill [Multi-Unison Skill] your skill [Genius(Low)(Growth)] has been upgraded]


    P.O.V of Dragon King (Current)

    I, one of the Dragon King, I who are one of the 'Four Kings' below Emperor, and I who are one of the Mightiest. Maruwo, My Apprentice, has been killed by a puny Lazy Demon Bast*rd!

    "Heat? or? should I call you by your real name?" I snapped back from my boiling anger.

    "You F*cktard Freeze you know me and my boiling point, I cant take this Humiliation!" I said

    "Yes I know you, But Humiliation? you have that? Hahaha! dont make me laugh you jest, You want to pass your position to a mere 'Beast'? isnt that Humiliation itself? and then what? you'll make him a 'Dragon Slayer' then he'll become a Beast Dragon? then what? you think Majesty didnt oppose that? remember that 'we' are a noble Dragon, so thats a no-no for me, much less to our Majesty!" he really is mocking me, this Sh*tard.

    "Im going to make a trip, hmp! Ill make it fast so dont make any move, or Ill kill you!!" I threateningly said while Departing. then I heard a faint voice "You know me the same thing that I know you, my Dear Twin Brother". he said, I dont give a D*mn because right now, what I want was Destruction!
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