17 The Trembling Dragon

    a Day Prior before the Banquet

    Within the outskirt of North East of Demon Continent, a Territory called 'Incubus Fortress' is the nearest to the Dragon Continent, it is the 'Eye' of all Demon Lords if in case Dragons Decided to 'Invade' and make war, but Past Demons and Dragons made a Contract to not make war to one another, to not destroy the balance, that is all according to  -Akashic Book of Knowledge-, But that Story is for another time.

    Heat(one of Dragon King), change to human form and Land at the Entrance of a Castle called 'Fallen Castle' capital of 'Incubus Fortress', all maids and Butlers and even Castle Guards who saw him panicked and assembled Immediately, they all Recieved him using half-bow and "Welcome to our mere Castle, Our Lord!" they said in Unison, "Cut the chase!" he said in not so good tone, "Inform him that I am here at once!, Ill wait him Inside the Dining Hall then" he said while Walking Inside, ofcourse the Door Opened by maids hastily because of fear.

    On a Second Floor, Inside the 'BIG' Luminous Room, only a Single Man Lying in Bed, there He is laughing and flirting with more than what you can count within your 2 hands, a Woman, plenty of Beautiful Naked Woman, from Big to Small Tits and Asses, thier not only Praising him and flirting with him, they even Licking, Smelling and even Kissing any part of his Bared Bodies on what thier mouth can reach, then it all stopped by a Sudden Knock, "Come In" he said, Then a Middle aged man took a step inside then half-bow, on his other hand was Bathrobe Cloth and said "My Lord, Dragon King Heat payed his Visit, he said that he'll wait for only 5 minutes Inside the Dining Hall", the '5 minutes' part is only this Butler selfish desire, thier Visitor is a 'Dragon' not just any Dragon but a 'King', he can delete them all and Destroy the Castle if he is pissed just because he is tired of waiting because of this Butler's Master Lustfulness, this Butler, not only cared about his Master but of all the territory they posses, this guy is his Best Butler if you ask him himself. then his Master frowned, stand from his bed and walk to his butler, "Ladies, Wait me here and well finish what we started", he said that while wearing the Bathrobe after his butler hand it over to him, he looked back and Wink to all of them, all of thier heart felt 'Throb' by hearing those. then he Went outside the room and close his 'Door'. "Ready my Fallen-Battle Suit" he said and rushfully walk to Dining Hall "Yes my Liege" he hear his Butler voicd while he is walking away.

    Inside the Dining hall Heat(Dragon King) is Sitting with one leg Cross position to other while his head were leaned on his arm over his head while looking on the cieling, then he heard a footsteps getting nearer and nearer

    "Yo! Baal! Not bad, thats not even 5 minutes, a world record indeed" Heat said

    "Cut the Talk and do the Walk, I know why youre here", Baal said hurrily, yes he is one of the Demon Lord, Baal'Tazar, in charge of relaying message and/or a Mediator of Demons and Dragons.

    "ho, I see, so you want to stop me then?" Heat said Intimidatingly.

    "You see Mal- I mean Heat" Baal said and change it in the middle when he saw Heat stares at him with his bloodshot eye, "as a Friend, I will give you an Advice and Warning at the same time, even on my perspective your Ideology is BSAF! as an Advice Im sure even other 'Kings' are against it right? not that Lazy Bell already Killed him doesnt mean other 'Kings' will not, in the future Im sure theyll make a move to kill your so called Apprentice 'Maruwo', whats more, Beasts are already in the territory of Lazy Bell at that time, then"

    "SHUT UP!" Heat cut in

    "to destroy thier Morale all he can do is Kill thier Pillar, a Commander in charged whose Invading his Territory, our Continent" Baal didnt even stop and still reason with him.

    "SHUT UP!" Heat stand and the Table Destroyed. "why! why all of you are always against me! and you! its only you who knew it! He's my Son Godd*mnit! my one and only Legitimate Son! whats wrong with him being my successor?! whats wrong if I kill those who killed him?! isnt that what Revenge is?! Isnt that actually happened to you recently?"

    "Thats why I killed him, he is a Friend of my Friend, also an Enemy of my Friend, a Human at that" Baal said in a sad tone

    "Fufufu Hahahaha! Crazy!" Heat laugh and put his right hand to his face crazily.

    "thats why, you have to know whom you have to sacrifice! and, of what youre going to do from now on? please dont regret it, dont forget you will destroy this balance if you make a move." he said while he stared at Heat whose almost in berserk mode.

    Heat then looked up and put his 2 hands within his face and groan 'UUUUURRRRGH!'. then he Slowly getting big and changed form to Dragon, "Bullsh*t balance this and balance that!, then I will destroy it for good!" then he Destroy the Ceiling and Flap his wings and went to Southwest to where a 'party' is.

    "then as a Warning, I will stop you! no, WE will stop you!" Baal stand and shout at him. "I wish this all is not 'Scripted' by him" he murmured, Immediately after out of nowhere he Widthdraw a circle like a compass as big as his palm but used like a cellphone

    "Report: Red Alert, go to the 'Party' Immediately before the Magma become a Lava" he said.

    Then his suit Arrived, 5 maids help him wear his Flesh-like armor from neck to toe, just like a costume, though he can change it in a flash he is indeed 'Lustful' even in this kind of event that being progress he is still like this, then even though his Armor is almost the same as normal flesh it is indeed an armor but when he activate it, 'half' left of his body along with his flesh like armor turned to charcoal black even with his pure black hair, right half of it become white, then in his back protrude a big Wing, Black and White Feather Wing and it started to flap, he then slowly float and said to his Male Butler(his most dependable) "Gore, ehem I mean Gregore please" then he fly upward from the ceiling. even thought he didnt specifically said the 'Take care Everything for now', his most Dependable Butler sure knows of what he meant but "all they could do for now was to bow and pray for thier master safe", then the 'Fallen Angel' now Departed. at the same time.

    'Aamon', and 'Paimon' make thier move from thier respected territory after they Receive Baal's Message. the 'Destruction Faction' make thier move.


    to the Current Event

    "wh-what?" Heat cried in alarm because of sudden Interference of little skeleton in front of him, 'what? is this 'thier' trump card? they catch me off-guard?! when?!' he thought then, before he know it, it affected his 5 senses, first the 'smell', he smell an endless Death, then he flinch because what he saw was Soul, he 'saw' an endless soul, some of it encircled him and some even 'touch' and clung to his lower body, then his hearing sense, he only 'hear' was 'Beeeeeeeep' sound, then a violet miasma from endless soul entered his mouth, it 'taste' awful he thought. then before he know it his entire field of view infront was Distorted while still seing, hearing, smelling, sensing, and taste it all, like an endless cycle of Death 'is this the other creature feel when they heard a Dragon Cry'?. 'crack' 'crack' he heard a cracking sound then "Roooooaaaaar" he cried with all his might while using [Dragon Cry] but no sound could be heard. its like he is inside the other dimension, a dimension of death itself 'crack' 'crack' another cracking sound could be heard.

    'BANG'! the Skill that caged him was shattered but what emerged was Heat that looked like a bullied Student, his position was like 'a bully is going to punch his face', he is covering his face using his both hands, also he is trembling in fear, his face was full of sweat, his eyes is like his soul was snatched away. then he slowly snapped back to reality because of sudden shout and noise of conversation.

    "Boss!" Liger Shout hastily run to where Tempest is

    "Isnt he too Overpowered for a Skeleton?"

    "How come Even Dragon King Trembling in Fear with a Might of little Skeleton? Lucy, is that really him?"

    "Retard, even you yourself feel it, I still dont know why youve become one of us till now"

    [Dragon Cry], it is the most Intimidating skill of dragon race but, Heat then understand what true Intimidating is after what happened.

    'Hah...hah...hah...hah' Heat then breath in and out four times, 'what happened?' he thought

    "Baal, Aamon, Paimon! what have you done!" Lucifer cried and asks the 3 why did they Reflect the Intimidation Skill of 'Tempest'

    "I, Baal am a friend of Heat, before I become his enemy, the same for them, and Im the same for you guys too" Baal said, he is already near Heat and asks while tapping his shoulder "Oi Heat, we reflected it before it reach you, because I feel that its not a normal [Intimidation] skill dont tell me it affects you in that split second?" he asks "No way right?" he saw Heat frightend eye, feel his trembling body and a sweat around his face.

    "RRRROOOOAAAAR!!!!!" [Dragon Cry] was used by Heat, all of Lesser to Middle monster within a few kilometer are either Fainted or Die before this very cry, [Dragon Cry] of Dragon race have a Multiple and Special Effect, because it is a 'Racial Trait' so it is special, though the effect based on its owner, still it has an [Intimidation], [Haki], [Sense Destroyer], [Dignity Aura], [Dragon].

    [Haki] and [Intimidation] of course has almost the same effect, so if it overlap it can multiply by tenfold, then [Sense Destroyer] was that all of your senses will be affected, of course the farther you are, the effects also lowered(A/N: if you are playing DOTA or DOTA 2, the best example was Shadow Fiend Ultimate Skill, the farther it went, the lower it damage dealt), but it only multiplied if the reciever is only Low level Intelligent or weaker soul, [Dignity Aura] is that depends on Dragon rank, as Heat rank as a 'King' it then Multiply the [Sense Destroyer] by tenfold, [Dragon] then multiply it all by another tenfold, because [Dragon Cry] is special cry to all Race once it heard [Dragon] automatically roared inside thier soul and destroy thier balanced.

    Demon Lords arent affected, afterall they can create a barrier/shield, but still they do feel intimidated, what a poor soul is that the people near Valefor, half of them are fainted.

    "You all Dirty asses Demon Bastards, I changed my mind, Ill destroy you all! right here, right now!"

    then all other Demon Lords come near Lucifer, Bell and Tempest.
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