18 Intermission: 6 Months Later

    its been 6 months after the hundred thousand nefarious massacre, but to any gamer thats only a history, because a week after the Execution of murderer Zyconic Company Release the game named "The New Continent Online", one of the virtual world full dive has released were you can control yourself using your brain, a free world where you can do anything like reality itself. there are so many disappointed gamer, studios ang guilds at first because there are no leveling system, theres not even an assist mode for noob gamers especially in controlling ones body inside the game, even simple quest mode is hard to find, only after Zyconic Company release the sentence: "Persistent and Perseverance, Experience will get you knowledge, there are no weak person/gamer, but weak experience." at first majority of them dont even know even a glimpse of its clue, but "System Notification: a new Demon General has Emerged, be wary! we need Hero! we need someone to Destroy whose Evil!", majority of gamers then realized one thing, one can become a Demon in game? then one can become a God! thus studios and guilds hired high level combatant such as, Military, Martial Artist, Kung Fu practitioners, Masters on thier Field, ExMercenaries, and champions of other RPG e-sport games! even Scholars, Doctorate Degree, Theory teachers and even Business Persons! for them to study and invest inside the game, a Gamble and an Opportunity at the same time because they believe that 'Opportunity smiles upon to those who are Prepared' sayings, then because of thier massive hunt of combat classes, 20% of players are cream of the crop, lets just say 2 to 3 billion playing it, there is now 400,000 to 600,000 strong players playing The New Continent Online!, and with the Help of Theories and Studies this is massive news that shakes the world! Brain and Brawn, Knowledge and Strength are Needed!


    In a place called Swamp of Despair were here for almost a month this Zyconic company is full of mystery, there are many difference between the Usual RPG's and this Game, no leveling system, no Teleportong system, even Personal Messages is limited to 1 miles, etc and etc. like its another world! I, Dianne (in Game name is Azul) along with Reku my male companion is here feeling despair in a land of despair?, its good that the monsters here are edible, and our skills improved a lot or only my skills is, because this dude is a Mechanic with no Combat Class at all. what is a Mechanic you say? they are psudo-blacksmiths, but of course basic smithing is much better than that of a mechanic, though anyone can become a mechanic but not everyone can, why? they can change class but if they dont have any passion, whats the sense then?

    as I said he is a useless mechanic for now, but maybe he can someday with his hardwork and passion can become one of those legendary craftsman.

    oh well as i said im glad that i am a Summoner and can summon up to 5 Low to Mid rank Monsters simultaneously and Summon them at all the same time.

    "Im sorry Dianne I drag you here because of my Incompetent" Reku cried unhappily and feeling down.

    "call me Azul here alright? hmp! nevermind, were here in a month anyway, what happen, happens ok?!"

    "that 'were here in a month anyway' feels like a Needle that stab my heart you see? I couldn't figure out if you are angry that you accompany here or ill be sad because of your 'im ok reaction'" Reku said that seemed happy but lonely expression.

    "haaaaaa~" i exhaled and said "were childhood friend and you also can't even make a friend in this game so be glad that im here ok? you see, but just make sure that the one you are looking for is at the end of this Swamp ok?" i atleast make his mind calm

    Yes im his childhood friend, he even confess to me before but sorry for him the flag already burned down by me. were still Bestfriends anyway, anyway back to the topic, were here because he have to do something, in this past 6 months in real world there is a circle of Adventurer, Tomb Raider, Archeologist that pioneered Dragon, Giant, Beast and Demon Continent, they were called "Adventurers Guild" were there are Milllions of Member, theres only one Motto and a Rule though: "We Never Fight, We are not Guild or clan, we are only an Information Gatherer and Giver! Those who give us a problem and claimed that they are a Member of Adventurers Guild Will be banned Permanently!" Thats them, only information they can give and take, they dont make war, because even though we all have one race which is Human, like other games theres still what they called PKer(Player Killer), PvP(Player vs Player) and Guild Wars(Many vs Many) in this game. but that has nothing to do to where were going and what we have to do in Demon Continent is, where here in Swamp of Despair is because of only what that Guild found last month, something this dude I accompany have going acquire no matter what, and a coincidence is that the village were in, in this last month is at the very front line of Human continent and Demon Continent that was why that village is at verge of being abandon, what made it even stood till now or not Raided by any Demon Army is because of Swamp of Despair, why? because this Swamp will Cut your sense of Direction that even [Direction Mapping] and [Geomancy] of Reku was rendered useless, not that useless but seemingly jammed, like theres an Interference of Skill from something, then. I snapped as I heared his loud voice infront

    "Dianne! Ive found the exit!!~"

    "Azul!!" I Corrected him "call me Azul Understand?" of course afterall were still in game!.

    "k~" he seemed happy now I see
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