19 Legendary Battle That Looks Like Never Occured

    P.O.V of Lucifer

    Damnit I dont like whats going to Occur here, Hes in 'Roaring Anger of Dragon' State, a Lesser Dragon Ultimate skill when its in dying state or no escaping state but what is this idiot dragon is thinking? for a King class to activate such skill? is this bastard really an idiot? gah! I forgot how his Brain works because of his anger to our Lazy Bell, so dumb.

    "Baal, Compress them all to your Dimension at once or theyll perish here for sure"

    I said as I pointed Tempest, Demon General and 13 other Demons that Valefor protected, some of them are nessessary for the future I percieved.

    "hai hai madam"

    he reply and smirk while looking to Dragon King and mumbled

    "fufufu Interesting"

    wha? I lost of word, Isnt this idiot said 'he is a friend before an enemy' a while ago? he is fired up now because theyre enemy? did his brain cell drained when he emptied his Libido? I guess they are in the same feather then, the same idiot. tsk still we need to confront this hotted-headed disaster level Idiot dragon first.






    Crack Crack Crack





    only 15 minutes after the confrontation Between one Dragon King and 7 Demon Lords is like an Eternity, The castle is beyond recognition, the sky turned blue, red and other dark color mixed in it, the land within 5 miles become barren, a protruding mountain like cliff emerged, a blue fire of breathe were anywhere and its raining that the river of flames could see, theres also some distorted and cracked space around, that when someone saw this scene they surely die in a mere second. even the so called Demon Continent miasma cannot in enter this domain

    In the sky, is a 20 meter Black Dragon, Red flaming eye, 2 pointed and twisted horn with red like Vulcan scale soaring, and roaring through the sky, ripping the wind beneath it, when it descend it Breathe a Blue flame particles everywhere and anywhere like a mindless beast.

    Its attacking a Band of Demon Lords whose busy defending and attacking him

    Baal'Tazaar, Valefor, Bell'Phegor cast [Dimensional Distortion] they create a mirror world in this 5 miles Radius that no other living thing can go in and out unless they gave a Permission but still the terrain, the Castle of Bell'Phegor and his Fortress, the Land, and Forest are Changing here and there and Destroying the Demon Continent Real Time as their battles still ongoing.

    while Baal, Valefor and Bell is using thier Mana maintaining the [Dimensional Distortion], Lucifer, Aamon, Paimon and Azazel is Confronting Heat(Dragon King), though Baal insist in fighting the Dragon King, Lucifer Objected to him and sweet-talk

    "Cast a [Dimensional Distortion] along with Bell, and Valefor because that is your specialty and those two who only have those skill"

    she said, thats a half-baked reasoning for Lucifer but at the same time she doesnt want Baal to loose his head because him and that Dragon King is Idiot of the same coin, if he himself is also on the Offensive, they band of Demon Lords dont have a choice but to kill this Dragon King for they can Destroyed one-fourth of Demon Continent, still they dont want to receive the Wrath of other Dragons as they dont even have a choice but to Fight not to Kill so, they atleast want to minimized the Destruction of Bell's Territory

    another 5 minutes of battling thanks to his idiocity they can Fight him steadily till now by draining his stamina and Mana/Energy that he is almost losing his Breathe anytime, still a Dragon is a Dragon, the Dimension they created is still intact but the terrain become uncharted beyond recognition like terrirory, Bell's fortress are no more, also the band of Demon Lords Mana is almost at the bottom, Azazel's right arm till his right face and ear was burned black like charcoal as he is acting as Vanguard from the start to finish, Paimon is unconcious 10 minutes after the confrontation, she is Wind Type Demon Lord so itll make a toll for her to battled against Fire Type Dragon at the top of that. Aamon is a fire type like Heat, that they can render useless their abilities to one another but Amon does not have a strong physque as Dragons so he receive many broken bones, among them Lucifer, Baal, Bell and Valefor only can still fight him head on.





    'I....What happen to me?, I mean, what did I do? where am I, my vision is Hazy, my Breathinh is becoming heavy and heavy, I almost cant breathe, what time is it? how many hours did I battled? how many day? who did I battled with again? I dont know anymore'

    Heat thought, as he lost his conciousness and changed back to Human form and dropping through the ground, he himself doesnt remember activating Lesser Dragon exclusive skill [Roaring Anger of Dragon], he doesnt know his battle ends at most only 20 minutes.

    [Roaring Anger of Dragon] can Multiply other Dragon exclusive skill like [Dragon Cry], [Dragon Haki] and etcetera. But [Roaring Anger of Dragon] is like a [Berserk Mode] of unintelligent monster, it had side effect, like a pill, once it enter your mouth itll make an effect sooner or later.

    For Lesser Dragon itll Destroy his body and perished along with its soul, for Greater Dragon, it wont Destroy his body complety but the soul will become fragment that it will scatter across the world and perish in a year or two.

    For Dragons, soul is an Important existence, one can revived if one soul is compatible to another soul-less body. Also the greater the soul, the greater the skill.

    The side effect of [Roaring Anger of Dragon] for Dragon King level is unknown even that the past Dragon Kings didnt even considered using it as no other idiot in history even if one searched through -Akashik Book of Knowledgd- other than that of a current Dragon King of Flames, Heat.

    "He didnt Perish? Good but, cheh, my Father will surely Break this Idiot bone" an Unknown deep and calm voice echoed from the sky, as he catched Heat before it descend to the ground and carry him like a princes and slowly land on his two feet. Black Spiky short Hair, black and brown eye, two horns like a minotaur, with Red and Black Butler Suit and shoes, a small Dragon Tail on his back and white gloves, a man, no a teen age boy with the height of 168cm, he is so tall compare to his face.

    Those Demon Lords who heared the voiced shocked and looked at him in surprise and disbelief, arent we in Destorted World? how and when did he enter? but Lucifer Cry in her Heart, 'CHIMERA?'

    Chimera in this world is a Breed, not a Class or a Race, it can only classified as High-Breed or Low-Breed nothing more, because they are only an 'Experimented Soul', majority of them are unintellectual beings and classified as Low-Breed, or Stronger than Lord class or above classified as High-Breed. when a Chimera's Master seeking is Destruction, it will Kill until it being killed, thats why majority of a High-Class Chimera only become a Subordinate for Errand or Retreival.

    The man then look at Lucifer

    "my, my, what a beauty? I didnt expect that this Idiot Dragon I carry will harm a beauty like you?" he said in flirting tone, like a playboy

    "ufff" he sidestep to dodge to gust of Wind created by Paimon, she awake because of sudden voiced

    "my my, isnt it miss Beautiful Paimon? fufufufu Fate sure is funny" He sneer, a smile of a murderer but no killing intent.

    "if youre here to Retreive your young master you may go now, you fake" Paimon then again wave her hand and another but 5 gust of wind she fired this time.

    "Fufufufu very funny indeed, yes Im here to Retrieve my master corpse but Im sad he still intact, you guys sure knows what to do eh?, oops but this Idiot isnt my master, my master is my Father alone, by the way" he is talking while dodging fluidly Paimon's [Wind Cutter]

    "Demon King Lucifer, my name is Kanda~"

    he now showed his spiky teeth and smiled

    "see you later~" he Teleported away with Heat without a trace




    After the battle all of them Returned to Lazy Bell Castle of course a Minute later Valefor activated [Time Restoration] Skill which can Restore any non-livings or Soul-Less things from their own Time, the sky from how it was returned, the river of flame extinguished, the miasma of Demonic energy, the terrain, The Sloth Castle, Sloth Fortress and even the Forest all returned to how is it before the battle.

    Still that time Vefor Energy is already Consumed. of course theres also a set of time on how Valefor can Restore ones Time, and all of it started when {Baal'Tazaar called} all of them are ready that time and for the worst.

    And Bell Maids and Butlers are already on his [Dimension Package] when he can pack all of his Subbordinate or Under him before Heat attacked, so all in all theres no casualty within Demon Lords Faction.

    Paimon then sat and her legs are trembling

    "Madam, its my fault I drained almost all of my Mana there" Paimon is looking down then Lucifer walk towards and sit near her and pat her head

    "Nah nothing to worry, its good that Guy didnt attack us, as we dont have a fuel to battled against him, by the way you knew him?" Lucifer asks and a question mark appear above her head but other Demon Lords also walk towards

    "but well talk about thag Later" Lucifer said

    "Baal, Return them back here first, this time we will make a 'Skeleton Troupe' become our ally." she said and other Lords swallowed their saliva, now they are in serious mode.
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