20 Lets Build an Iron Fortress ?

"What? is this?" I ask Lucifer after she gave me a 2 pieces of transparent bluish Orb which inside was a Circle like compass



"Thats the way to contact us once you shattered that orb that compass will pop up and ask for our help, thats one time use so though, and I gave you two, so use it well" she said, a Cellphone like communication Device inside an Orb? hm~ amazing.



"By the way, your body.."



"That.. dont worry,



after that, Lucy Introduced all of the remaining Demon Lords that we didnt know, We 'Skeleton Squad' 'Officially' had a Territory near Swamp of Despair, though we can rename our Territory as 'Skeleton Fortress' near the so called 'Swamp of Despair' or any ** name as we can provide we cant change the Swamp of Despair itself as there are history in it as Lucy mentioned about this Forest.



"Thanks, for Giving us a Home" I half-bowed deeply to them on by one, Liger also copy my words.



"Well then Until we met Again, give my regards to your other Friends" Lucy said goodbye and a second later become transparent and faded till shes gone.



"hm! Goodluck" (Azazel)



"cheh, Goodluck 'Dangerous' Skeleton-san!" (Valefor)



Azazel said when he shakes Liger hand and Teleported with Valefor.



"Goodluck~ I had a Girls waiting for my return~" Baal said while hovering through the sky with his black and white wing and armor like Bared-body.



"hm hm Maybe we can toast when the time is ripe" Aamon nod then ride his Flamed Horse



Paimon only half-bow and flew away, a tornado covered her.



And just like that all of them flew away or teleported far away from us like their running from a Deceased patient. weird, though Lucy said their friendly, friendly? where? toast when the time is ripe? Bull**! its like we had an eyeball in a group of community of strangers then after that saying farewells like you are their friends.



"You may go out now, I had an Important things to do" Bell said lazily and lean his head to his table, again wheres the Important youll saying?! this is Bull**, really.






Going back in time After Demon Lords Defeated(?) Heat and the emergeance of Chimera called Kanda...












Urrrrrgh.. my head is spinning like a Drunkard Father, what happened when Im asleep? Baal'Tazaar said he summoned us out of his Dimension Space while were Inside along with 13 other Demons, a Dragon Attacked Lazy Bell's Castle, Yes! I remember that thing and I used some multiple Intimidation skills on him, but what happen to him after that? I dont know but that guy aura is overwhelming so I instinctively activate my skills, wait! he attacked right? wheres the remnant of your battle? isnt it given even in fantasy books and movies when Dragon run havoc a place it attacks became ruined and destroyed to ashes? hm? I take a glimps of other Lords body and clothes and was tattered, they really came from a battlefield but this place is..



Alright they explain on what happens from when he attacked, how they Defeated him to retrieval of Heat, a Chimera by the named Kanda. or so I thought, I think their hiding something, like how and who returned the Castle in one piece from being ruined? and what happen after my skill activation? Lucy tilted her head and mumbled 'He didnt remember?' still thats a given I dont want to pry anymore Info from them if they dont want to, its not like Im their comrade, Again, or so I thought, their Hiding something right?! arent we their Comrades now? wait Im no friendly frim the beginning though but whats this feeling inside my heart??












Lucy and them gave us a Territory officially with the witness of other Demon Lords just like that but the friendly atmosphere is none, none at all! I only saw the most sencere was Azazel with Liger, the two are talking like a Friend from a long time ago, Im sure because of his outer appearance and physique as Generalissimo and Im sure he now knew what really happened.






"Leader!" Exile and Fenrir welcome us with shout after they saw us especially me that Liger is carrying and my half-skull that destroyed and half below of my body that is gone. Exile Immediately summoned Black Boned skeleton, hm~? Black?



"where did you get that?" I ask and used [Bone Pasting], my half-Skull that destroyed healed and became black like my current body, really mysterious.



"kukukum thats a Girls secret, just kidding, I extracted that from Blood Troll, he seemed steong so I only cut his head Smoothly with my Axe" she said boastfully while patting her axe, am I imagining or her nose is stretching? uh well



"Fenrir, how many?" I changed the subject



"um, around 25" he nod, "5 are specialized for cutting woods, 5 for digging, 10 for working that can carry upto 10 tonnes and 5 more familiars like our original plan also 3 of them can manipulate the Earth" Fenrir said, nice! better than our original plan



"Then make haste, and make it according to our original plan, and here" I took out a map



"Thats our territory map Along with Swamp of Despair, according to Demon Lord Lucifer ours was second to biggest territory of all Demon Lords" I said, but they astonished along with Liger, for real? you didnt know? sigh.



Im not sure myself but those Demon Lords are easy go lucky ones, they can re-divide their territory anytime they want but when I think about it, theres something fishy, like they are waiting for someone to manage this territory of ours. did they know we'll be summoned here? no way. sigh, such a drag.



"Fenrir, you are crucial to our territory building, Im sorry that I give you this kind of job" I said to Fenrir honestly after a sigh, because we dont even had a choice.



"Dont worry leader, this is the Job that only I can do that needs to be done right? by the way." he asks, but Exile is the first to speak



"by the way Leader, This is only my conjunction but.... arent you become a Demon Lord yourself? or this pussy Cat?" Exile shout



"yes, they gave me a title of Demon Lord for only Demon Lord can own a Territory, but its like you said, the system didnt recognize me as one"






"Yes, there is a way! Demon Lord Lucifer said herself"



"Yahoo! our Leaded can become a Demon Emperror for real, HA HA HA" Exile shout and laugh excitedly like she herself can become one, lmao.



"As I thought, this Little Chicky is a game freak" (Liger)



um um, like shes doing a chain quest like she always said herself (Fenrir)"



"Scary!" the two face each other and simultaneously said.



this two, its a taboo to say that word infront of a Lady! I said without a word, but she still on her own world, so leave her like that in a while.






5 days Later, also 7 of Demons that Valefor protected against the attack of Dragon will come here to help us build our Fortress, and also the same day of our departure, Fenrir as a responsible person knew what to do to them though.



"alright, lets Depart!" I said with prepaired Items. Im with Exile and were ready to dive through Swamp of Despair, I pick her as a partner because Fenrir of course is our Engineer and Architect for building our Fortress, Liger along with Death Knight and Titus on the other hand are our Punitive Force and Defense Division, If there is by chance an unintelligent Monster or other unruly creature that want to destroy our progress for building our territory, also Fenrir' familiar are either out of signal or destroyed when they went inside this swamp, this Swamp really is mysterious, like that, Exile is my chosen partner this time.



"Lets go! fufufufu Im with leader! you Cat and Dog stay here and roll over! I will pat your hairy head later!" Exile said exitedly that her world is out of place



"yeah sure, 'pat' our 'hairy head' when you return! hehe" (Liger)



"kukukuku our 'hairy head'!" (Fenrir)



the two smirk and laugh silently, this two knows no bound, I look at Exile



see? told you, this two Idiots are open minded tsk tsk tsk, Exile face turned red and dash towards Swamp of Despair.



"Hey!" I chased after her and "you two, dont let me down!" said that to them.

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