1 0: Different World?

    I am just a normal person... or so to say that I just existed in this world. I have no purpose, just occupying space.


    But as I looked back. I could have done so much better.  I shouldn't have let my life to waste.  I should have not succumb to my weak mind.  I should have just continued forward.

    Then again, it's all too late.  It's funny. Now that I'm about to die, I've just suddenly thought about all of this. Why not back then?  Last week? or yesterday? But this is what my life is, I guess.  Ahhh..  I just wished I could have done something more for my parents.  Goodbye Mom and Dad.  At the age of 19, I would be the first one to leave.  I hope you'll be happier. Your freak and useless kid would leave now.


    I slowly closed my eyes as I feel the force from the screeching truck in front of me. I felt how my body was thrown away and landed back to the ground. I coughed blood. I weakly opened my eyes again. I saw the sky. It was blue and peaceful. I looked over at the sun. It was not blinding as it was before. Just bright and shiny like a star in the night. Death isn't that scary after all. Maybe it's just the regrets we have before we died that scares us the most.

    I saw people rushing over me, but it's too late. I can feel myself slowly dying. Now, there's no more space that would be wasted when I'm gone.

    "Forgive me, child. It is maybe my negligence for all the suffering you been through in this world. Don't you fret, I'll send you to a better world with good life."

    Huh? Where's that voice coming from?

    "Why not let her be reborn in my world?  I've seen her past and I can tell that she'll like it there!"

    Another one? What are they talking about? What world?

    "But Matr...   In your world?  It can be. But this child, even though she went through a lot of suffering remained pure and innocent and one more thing this world and your world is different she might --"

    "Come on, Erda!  Just let her be reborn in my world and I'll do the rest. If you're really need assurance, you can just bestow her ble--"

    My conciousness slowly drifted. Who are those people? What do they mean by different world? Is there really a different world?
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