2 1.1 : Happy and Peaceful

    Three consecutive knocks can be heard inside of the big room

    "Young Miss? " A maid said as she entered the room. She looked around the room trying to find someone. From the bed which is neatly arranged, she looked at the opened window where wind flows in and pass by a little girl who's around the age of five. Her almost silver long hair flows as the wind blows and her white and smooth skin seems to sparkle under the suns light.

    "Young Miss, it's time for your breakfast. " The maid said and promptly fixed her posture. The girl looked at her way. She smiled at the maid with her  round green eyes that is like the green meadow near a lake. Her eyes reflects innocence and happiness in this World.

    "Sister Adeliza!" The girl got up and jumped to the maid and hugged her thighs. The maid got down and hugged her back, then she carried the little girl.

    "You have yet again fixed up before I can be of any help. Anyways, the duke and duchess awaits for you and the masters " The maid then proceed to go leave the room as she carries the young miss.

    "Sister Adeliza hear me! I have again dreamed another dream. " The child told the maid as she was being brought down when they reached the first floor of the mansion.

    "In my dreams, I held a little and thin black box where I can see pictures and listen to music at the same time! Isn't that so mysterious!" The young miss looked at the maid.  The maid just smiled and nodded with her young miss weird dream.

    Then they reached a tall double door. Where the maid opened and let the young miss enter.

    "Mom! Dad! " As soon as the little girl entered the room, she went to her mother's side. A long table with twelve chairs can be found in side of the room. Where gold and silver designs can be found everywhere the room. This shows how wealthy the family are in this very room.

    The maid then bowed to the Duke and Duchess before going to side and stand.

    "Does our beloved child had a good rest and woke up great? " Asked by the duchess. The young miss went to her sit inbetween the duke and duchess side. The duke went and carried the young miss to her sit.

    "Yes mom! I woke up early and fixed my bed and myself!" The young miss joyously answered. As the Duchess fix an handkerchief in her neck.

    "Oh! daughter of ours. I've told you before, it is the maids duty to serve. You don't have to do it. "  The duchess told her and lightly pinched her nose.

    "I agree to what mother have said, Luxiain. We have the servants to serve us. Just focus on your study and leisure. " A young man entered, somewhere the age of 14. He sat down at his mother side and the servants arranged his tableware.

    "But Brother Leorick, if I can do it, shouldn't I just  do it by my--- Older Brother! "

    A guy, around the age of 18 gently smiled as he sit at the side of his father.

    "Forgive me for my late arrival, beloved Mom and Dad. " He said full of grace and gentle. The Duke just smiled and gestured that it is no big deal.

    "Going back to what you're talking with Luxiain, I think that my little sister has a point. If someone is able to do something, the person should do so. " The young man said as he fix his handkerchief.

    "But Brother Letholdus, as a noble, we have our servants. So why not let them do it. " Leorick rebutted. The Duke just shrugged and began to eat. The Duchess just chuckled and start feeding Luxiain. But Luxian, after swallowing her food pouted.

    "Older brother Letholdus and Brother Leorick. Don't argue.." said Luxiain as she pout. The Duchess yet again chuckled and her father looked at his brothers. The pair looked at each other eye to eye telling that this debate is yet to be over.

    "Your Brother Leo and I was not arguing, we're just... discussing some different ideas. Right, Leo? " Letholdus said and smiled to his sister as he kick his brothers foot. Leorick glared at him, but when Leorick saw that her little sister is still pouting, he laughed.

    "Yes, that's just discussion on our part and apparently my point is more proper." He grinned at his older brother as to mock him, but Letholdus just ignored him.  The young miss smiled when she sees that her brothers are no longer fighting. The servants seeing this scene just smiled in happiness of their masters and mistress gleefulness.

    Happy and peaceful. That's what Dorchen family's life is like. This is what Luxiain new life is. A new life that she was reborn into.
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