3 1.2 Iniciel

    "Young Miss. It's time for your lecture with Teacher Eleanor! "

    After breakfast, around 9 am in the morning is when my teacher's arrive. Usually, noble kids will start their study at the age of seven or eight, but due to me being a "genius" that was discovered by my parents last year, they immediately hired a teacher to give me a proper education

    I'm not really a genius type of person, maybe just above the average. It's just that I have my memory of my previous life, where I studied a lot of things from elementary to second year of college. So it was kinda like a cheat, plus the fact that the alphabets here are almost the same in my previous world, except that I really can't relate with the norms here. Maybe because in this world, there are nobles and royalty exist, which for a person who came from the 21st century, where democracy is the form of government, is kind of a different feeling.

    That everything aside, here in this world I am Luxiain Asteria Dorchen. I'll do everything for my family's happiness and I'll protect this life that was given to me by God or Gods if my memory serves me right.

    "Teacher Eleanor!" I curtseyed as I saw teacher walk in. Teacher Eleanor is the one who have been teaching me since last year. She mostly teaches me about mathematics, science, and history. There are also some  Ethics and  Language here and there being taught.

    "How are you, Luxiain? Have you finished your assignment that I given you the other day? " She asked smiling as she take a sit at the chair in front of me. Currently we're at the study room of the mansion because this where most of the family's books.

    I nodded and gave her my answered papers. Teacher then went through my papers and I continued re-reading the book about this world's history.

    This world is called Iniciel and this world have 4 huge continent and one mid-sized continent surrounded by the four continents.

    Then in every country there are natives who live there. In Nerteros Continent is where Elves live. In Heos continent, there live the beast kins or entities who have the animals traits. Then in Vesper Continent, in there lives the dwarf. And lastly, what shocked me the most is the Continent Sūth, where demons live.

    The first time I learned about this I was in utter shock. Reality hit me hard saying I'm not dreaming and this is what my reality is now. Tho I haven't seen any  elves, beastkin, dwarves and demons ever since I was born here, but Teacher said that there are who lives with humans mostly in the capital, where they sell and trade with each other.

    At first I was thinking that maybe I was reborn here to be the cliche savior that needs to save the world from the demons. I know. I know! I think too much. Then teacher Eleanor told me that all race are in peace and harmony with each other. So I just thought that maybe the Gods really did took pity on me and reborn me in this peaceful world.

    And then back to where I was. Of course, the continent where I am currently living. Where it is surrounded by the four bigger continents. The Kentein Continent where humans live. Where our place can be found. The place where the Dorchen Family governs, The Adamas City. Our place is near the Regere City, the capital of Kentein, where of course, the royal family lives. And as my teacher told me, it is in the Capital where all race can be found since it's the trading city.

    "Well done, Luxiain! Your answers are all correct." Teacher returned the paper to me smiling. It's a really good feeling knowing the work I put so much work in had a good result.

    "You learned so much that it made me taught you all the things that a 15 year old would be capable to learn. I'm almost running out of things to teach you. " I was lost in thought of showing my papers to my parents that I wasn't able to hear what my teacher said. I'll make sure to show this to Dad so they can finally let me go to the capital!

    "How can she be a normal kid?! She does things that aren't normal for any kids! A genius? but she's not a genius, she's just a freak! A freak who just spouts nonsense no one understands!"

    I suddenly recalled a memory from my past life. Am I repeating the same mistake again?

    "Luxiain? Are you okay?" I looked up and saw the worried face of Teacher Eleanor.

    Teacher haven't said anything to me.. Maybe I'm just thinking to much. I'm a normal person. I'll be alright this time.

    After we rested for a bit, Teacher Eleanor then began to start our new lecture. Comparing from my previous life, I'm more determined to study. Even though I know that I still don't have a clear goal in this life, I just really want to not disappoint my parents, brothers, and the people of Adamas. I may not be able to become the Duchess, but I'll do my best to help my brother to govern the Adaams City.
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