4 1.3 Abnormality

    "That's all for our lesson today, Luxiain. Read and answer you assigned task for this meeting, I'll look forward to your progress in our next meeting. I'll go ahead, goodbye!" I bowed and waved goodbye to Teacher Eleanor as she leaves the room. I then arranged the scattered books and papers used. Then I brought them back up to the shelves. As I was in the ladder arranging the books, Dad entered the room.

    "Dad!" I then hurriedly kept the books away and went down the ladder, but it seems I am not really used in having a small body that I forgot that my legs are still short I can't yet reach the steps quickly as I did before and found my self slipping. I closed my eyes waiting ti fall but to my suprise. When I opened my eyes, I saw my Dad's face. He was very anxious and nervous. He has sweat all over his forehead, still the dignified look of a royal can still be seen to his face. The signature blonde hair of Dorchen Family and Dad's blue eyes. Same as my brothers who have the same blonde hair, except from the eyes that was from my Mom's, which is green. My Mom also have a blonde hair although it's a bit tone down. But then again, my hair... it's silver colored ...

    "Are you alright, Luxiain?" Dad then put me down properly as he look if I am fine. I laughed looking at my Dad's face because he's different when he's facing other nobles. Dad then looked at me and sighed.

    "Luxiain, my dear child. Next time, let the servants do the cleaning of the books. You're only five years old, you're still so little. I am happy that you want to do things on your own, but remember you are still a child. Don't always act so grown up, you're still young, okay?" Dad's expression then softened. I looked down and then nodded.I just want to quickly be of any help. Why is that I'm still little? It feels like I'm useless..

    "Look.. I'm not reprimanding you. I am just concerned. I and your mom are concerned, as well as your brothers. For us it's okay for you to ask us some help.  That you can still be a child and don't act like some grown up." I suddenly felt sad. Am I not normal? Am I a freak... again?

    "Is Luxiain not normal?" Do they not love me? Because I'm a freak? Will Mom and Dad abandon me? Wilk my brothers distance theirself to me?


    "Is Luxiain not normal?"

    As soon as those words escaped Luxiain's mouth. The windows suddenly burst opened and winds started to flow viciously. Wind is circling the room. Tearing everything down that it comes contact to. The Duke was startled, but thought about her daughter that might be endangered.

    "Do you hate me now, Dad?"

    The Duke was shocked to see her daughter's empty eyes as she cries. His heart ached seeing her little girl like this. The Duke saw an incoming sharp windflaws. He then immediately reached out to her daughter and hugged her tight. Also shielding her from the incoming windflaws that are about to struck Luxiain. A protective barrier came out from his necklace and shielded his back from the sharp windflaw.

    "That can't happen, Luxiain! Dad loves you very much..."

    The protective barrier from the necklace was slowly collapsing and the necklace is slowly disintegrating that any moment soon, it might hit them both.

    But before it completely collapse, the door opened. The Duchess, Letholdus, and Leorick entered with some guards. Letholdus was the first one to react and raised his hand and quickly cast a spell to protect his father and sister. Leorick then quickly took out a box and thrown it at the middle of the windflaw. It then lit up and sucked all the wind inside the box.

    "W-what happened here?! Is Luxiain, alright?!"  As soon as the wind was gone. The Duchess immediately run to the Duke's side and looked at her daughter.

    Luxiain looked at her parents and brothers worried faces. She was moved and slowly felt at peace. She then looked at her surroundings and felt grief. Even though she didn't know exact ly what happened, she felt that she done something wrong again judging by what the guards expression shows.

    "Dad... Mom.. I'm sorry. Luxiain wasn't a good daughter.." She said before passing out. The Duchess was shocked and then cried.

    "Quickly! Call the Doctor!" The Duke commanded and carried her daughter.


    Inside a room, an old guy was checking the pulse of a young girl, which is of course, Luxiain. After a couple of second, the old guy gently let go of Luxiain's pulse. He wrote something down to his notes and walked away from the bed. The Duke and Duchess then immediately got up their seats and met with the doctor.

    "How was my child, Doctor?" asked the duke. The Duchess them went to her daughter's side. The mother's face was full of worry and sadness. So as Luxiain's father and brothers.

    "I made some prescription for the young miss fever. As what you have told me about the happenings earlier. I can say that the Young Miss passed out from the sudden exertion of Mana, but not just some Mana, a huge amount of Mana. Usually, a person's magical ability comes out when they turned 7 or 8, sometimes not at all. But here is the young mistress, with a huge amount of mana in her body at her young age. This is truly an abnormality--" the doctor stop when he saw the sharp glint in the Duke's eyes. He then cleared his throat.

    'Pardon my speech, my lord. What I just want to say is that the young miss have too much of mana inside her and she's young and can't fully contain it yet that is why it went out of control and gone on a rampage. She might endanger everyone including herself." The doctor explained. The Duke looked over to her daughter and to her wife and sons.

    "What can you suggest that we should do?" Ask the Duke firmly.The doctor can't helo not to be intimidated, but did answer the Duke's question.

    "This humble one suggest that you seek out the Arch Mage of Regere to seal the young miss mana for the mean time until she can fully control it." The Doctor suggested and bowed. The Duke walk near to her daughter and sat beside her bed.

    "I would rather not let her use magic at all if it would be too dangerous for her and let her have a happy and simple, uncomplicated life." Said the Duke and wiped away the few strands of silver hair in her face.
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