5 2.1 Dorchen Family

    I was out of my bed three days later. My dad said that when I fell out of the ladder, he catched me and found that I was suddenly unconscious. Dad told me that the doctor said I had a fever due to me moving all around and shocked from falling. It was really really embarrassing if you asked me. Well, I am still in a little girl's body so maybe I really should limit my movements.

    "Be careful in Regere, little sis. Don't stray too far from Mom and Dad." Brother Letholdus said and patted my head before carrying me up to the carriage. I smiled as Dad held my hand when I entered.

    "Don't go with any stranger, don't talk to them or better yet ignore them. Brother Leo is not there to protect you." Mom and I laughed at Brother Leo's remark.

    "Do not worry brothers! Luxiain will always be a good girl! I'll also make sure to bring home snacks and gifts from  Regere." My brothers then smiled at me and nodded. Then they gently closed the door and waved at me.

    "Come and take a sit my dear, we'll be departing soon." I smiled at Mom and sit besides her. I looked around the carriage. It was spacious and comfortable, the sits are soft and doesn't hurt despite it being in the carriage. There is also the elegant design inside and outside the carriage.

    "Let's go!" Dad instructed. The carriage started to move. I was startled at first, but Mom held me close to her and smiled at me reassuringly. I looked at the mansion. This is my first time that I'll leave this place, beyond Adamas City. I can't help being nervous and at the same time, excited. I'm happy that Dad was satisfied at my grades and decided to take me with them to Regere.

    The Regere City is a day trip, thus we departed Early as to get there by the night time. If its in my past life, it should be just a four hour trip with a car, but a day trip is considered fast in this world considering the available technology in this world.

    "Are you okay, Luxiain? Do you feel cold?" Mom asked as she fixes my coat to make it feel more cozy. Autumn season is about to end thus it can be quite chilly. That's why I have this thick coat around me.

    "Yes, Mom!" I answered smilingly and snuggled.

    "So that you'll know, Luxiain. We'll be going to the Royal Palace. We're going to meet an important person there." Dad said while holding my hands.

    "Who is it, Dad? Is his Royal highness the Emperor?" I asked. Isn't the Emperor the most important person in Regere, or we can say that in the whole Kentein?

    "Haha! Indeed. The Emperor is the most important person in Regere and we will also greet him, but he's not the person who we will talk to the most." Dad said clearing things up. Which made me knot my forehead. If it's not the Emperor then? Is it Uncle Fenwick?

    "We'll be meeting the Archmage of the Royal Palace which you know very much." So it is Uncle.. but why??

    "Why Dad? Isn't Uncle Fenwick busy in his studies of magic and managing the Royal Magic Academy?" I asked. Dad looked at Mom, which then I also did. Mom smiled at me and stroked my head.

    "Well, your Dad have some business with your Uncle and also, Your Uncle Fenwick really wants to see you because all that he meet this past year is your brothers everytime we come to Regere." Mom said smiling. Oh so that's why.

    If that's it then that's fine. Uncle is a family, same as the Emperor. I was shocked again, when I found out that Dad's older brothers are the Emperor and also the Royal Archmage. Well, maybe it's a given fact since Dad is a duke. So to say, the Emperor, the Royal Arcmage, and the Duke was the princes of Dorchen Family. Uncle Fenwick was supposedly the Emperor, but he gave up his right to inherit the throne to pursue studying magic. Which is also because his Aptitude and Talent for it. That is why the second son of the previous Emperor, which is now the Emperor, is the one who inherited the Throne. Then there's my father who married my Mom from their clan. Where after their marriage,Grandfather Cassius, bestowed father the title of the Duke of Adamas City. The second largest prosperous city of Kentein.

    That is also why Dad often leave the mansion because he meets up with the Emperor. I suddenly felt sleepy, maybe because I woke up early for our trip to Regere.

    "You should sleep more. It is still a long way to go before we reach the capital." Dad said. Mom then let me rest in her lap. I slowly fell as sleep because of Mom's beautiful and soothing voice that sings me lullaby.
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