6 2.2 Scarle

    I felt light tapping at my arms and slowly heard Mom's voice, who is waking me up.

    "Wake up, dear. We'll be having lunch." I rubbed my eyes before looking outside. After my eyes adjusted to the light. I immediately saw shades of red amd brown all over the trees. Dad lifted me up and carried me down. The carriage was parked at the side or the road. I looked around and saw that we're on the middle of forest, which is where the shades of red and brown came from. It's a sight to look at, with the sunlight included. Autumn is a really nice season to look at.

    Dad them put me down, then assisted Mom as she went down the carriage. Mom and Dad really look like the couple in story books that children read back then. They are so lovely and pleasing to see. As Mom and Dad talk to the butler. I looked around to see that some servants are arranging the tables and chair to be used for the lunch, some are prepping the lunch. The knights are adjusting their position to safe guard our place, while the coachmens feed the horses.

    "Here's a towel, Young Miss." I looked up to see Sister Adeliza handing me a warm towel to wipe my face with. I accepted it and cleaned my face and hands.

    I looked at the second and third carriage that follows us. It was rather simple yet sturdy looking carriage. The passangers of the second carriage are the servants of Mom and Dad, also Sister Adeliza. While Dad's butler is with us in the first carriage, but he's outside with the coachman. Then in the third carriage, more like of a cart that is attached to the second carriage is where the easily assembled tables and chairs are putted in, same goes with the other things that was brought for this journey.

    With all this things here, I just can't really get accustomed to this yet. The world I used to lived in differs from this kind of life. I mean not really, but I'm talking about weird customs like this, where they bring their servants with them. It's not like you can't cook by yourself or things that you yourself needed to learn in order to survive alone.

    "Luxiain? " I looked at Mom who came over to my side.

    "Mom, can I walk around for a bit?" I asked. Please! Agree Mom! Pleasee! Mom looked at me then chuckled.

    "Sure you can. But don't go too far and not in the forest, okay?" Mom warned. I nodded and run around. Every time I step, I'll here the crumping of the dried leaves. I looked around. Hmmm. Where should I go?

    I looked at what everyone's doing. Every is interesting to look at. But I was immediately interested when I saw one of the servants starting a fire using magic. I've seen magic being used before and I stilk can't help and be fascinated by it. I walked towards them. They already made a bit fire from the earlier when they casted it.

    The process of using magic here is you cast a spell, use your mana, and there's the magic you use. Well this is like an underestimation of what's really happening, because it's more than that as said by my Uncle, that's just how it looks from a point of view of someone who haven't used her magic powers. I just can't wait ti turn 7 and learn all this!

    "Eh??" I was suddenly startled when I saw something. It was like a light around the hands of the servant. It was a faint redish hue light, but the most startling of all is the little fairy besides it. It seems to be eating something.

    "Young Miss." The other servant greeted me. I just smiled at him.

    "What's that?" I asked pointing at the fairy. Because it seems to be eating their mana that is emitted from the spell, maybe it's their pet?

    "What do you mean, young miss?" They both asked. I frowned. Are they not seeing the fairy or they misunderstood me? When the other servant who was casting the spell cancelled it. The fairy looked sad and started to turn away.

    "Oh no! Start to cast a spell again!" I asked in a hurry. They looked at each other, but they just shrugged and did what I told. The fairy then was delighted and came back, eating the leaking mana from the spell.

    "There see! Can you see her now?" I asked and took a steo closer to the fairy as I pointed it. It took noticed of me and looked my way.

    "Young Miss!" The servant then immediately stopped the fire while the other held me back.

    "Can't you see the fairy?" I asked. They looked at me confused at what I'm saying.

    "Luxiain, what are you doing there?" Dad asked and look at the hands of the servant helding me back. The servant then immediately took back his hand and bowed down, same as the other one and they greeted in union.

    "Our Lord, Duke." I looked at the fairy looking back at me. Then she look at the remaining specks of the mana from the earlier spell. She then ate it, after that she looked at me before leaving

    "Dad! Quick! Cast a fire spell! The fairy is about to leave!" I said pointing at the fairy whom is flying away.

    "What's this fairy you're talking about, dear child? I can't see anything?" Dad asked frowning as he looked at where I am seeing the fleeting fairy. Argh! They can't see her. What should I do!

    I looked at my father who's smiling at me patiently while the servants are just there standing and weirded out.

    She eats mana. So.. But how was it casted again. Spell.. what was the spell again? Ahh! never mind I just needed to cast a spell! I looked at my hands.

    "Come here!" I said to her and presented my hands. She looked back at me and then looked at my hands. She looked at it and me again. Fire, come out!

    "There! I made fire for you!" I said and smiled at her. She happily went near me.

    "Y-young Miss.. " Both the servants looked at me with shocked faces.

    The fairy happily eats the leaked oranged hues from the spell. Then she looked at me and smile. So cute! I was about to touch her when she noticed it. I thought she will leave but then she reached out her hand and touched my finger which I was to used to pet her, then she sat at my palm.

    "Dad looked! She sat at my hand!" I said showing her to Dad.

    "It's a Fay..." Dad uttered

    "and it's on Young Miss palm.. "

    Ahh! So they call the fairy's a Fay! That's why they didn't get me at first!

    I looked at the Fay in my hands. It's has fair white skin with a shine of like she's surrounded with light fire and her red fiery hair and eyes. She's so cute!

    "What's your name?" She looked at me and tilted her head as she crossed her arms side to side. Does she not have a name?

    "Do you want a name perhaps?" I immediately felt excited because I thought of a name that will perfectly suit her!

    "Lu-luxiain... you should probably left the Fay alone.. " I heard Dad said, but choses to ignore him this time. Sorry, dad! But I want to giver her a name first!

    She looked at me suprised then quickly nodded. Hihihi! Cute!

    "Your name from now own would be, Scarlett!" I said. She looked at me and bowed.

    "It suits you because of your fiery red hair!" I was talking when I felt her kissed my forehead. I looked at her shocke, but then smiled. Slowly I felt something is being drown out from me and Scarlett slowlt enveloped by a white light.
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