7 2.3 The Danger of Contrac

    As the light shines, I felt something coming out from me, it's my mana I think. I feel a bit tired all of the sudden. I looked around and saw something in front of me. It's like a transparent being.. a soul? I saw it slowly approached me and went inside my heart.

    After the light was gone, my eyes slowly adjusted to the surrounding view. Then as I catch my breathe, I saw a shadow standing infront of me. I looked up and saw a little girl. She's in a red dress that's shines with red hues like fire, fair white skin, and long fiery red hair, and her clear fiery red eyes.

    "Scarlett? " I asked. Is she Scarlett? Did she evolve? She then kneeled on one knee and bowed her head.

    "From now on until I die, I will forever be loyal to you and obey your orders, Master." She then said and smiled at me.

    I looked at her dumbstruck. Because of weakening earlier, I fell on the ground.

    "Master! "

    "L-Luxiain! "

    Dad and Scarlett quickly went at my side. Dad then carried me besides him and check up on me.

    "Luxiain, are you alright? Do you feel anything?" Dad asked looking worried at me. I smiled and just chuckled.

    "Luxiain is alright, Dad. I just feel a bit weak..  " I said and smiled to ease Dad's worry.

    "Uhmm. I think it's my fault, Master.. When you bestowed me a name and agreed to it.. For the contract to be completed, I needed your mana as I give you half my soul. I'm sorry." Scarlett said. I gestured her to come close. She did and bowed. I touched her red hair and patted her in the head.

    "There's no need to be sorry.. it's me who just gave you a name without thinking what will happen."  Although this was really unexpected.

    "Althalos! What happened to Luxiain? " Mom came running to us. When she reached us, she was stunned to see Scarlett.

    "As you can see. A fey have appeared and she... made a contract with it... thankfully she managed.." Dad said. I looked up to him noting how he's carefully saying things as if he's avoiding to say something.

    "Oh! Luxian my daughter. Why must you... make mother worry.." Mom said as tears form in her eyes and hugged me. Wait. Why is Mom crying? Did they worry that much?

    "I-Im sorry, Mom and Dad. I didn't know.." I said. Dad touched my face and smiled at me.

    "For now, let's eat so you'll feel better soon."

    Mom helped me up. Dad looked at everyone before returning to his authoritative self.

    "Let no one talk about this from now own and if any of you do,you know what will happen. Understand?" Dad said dead serious that even me was a bit scared.

    "Mom... Did Luxiain done something wrong?" I can't help not to ask. Mom looked at me then Scarlett.

    "No, darling.. Mom and Dad are just worried... enough to scare us that we'll lose you.. " Mom said smiling, but worries lingers in her eyes. I looked up to Dad's back, I can feel how he's.. really relief and worried at the same time. I really did something wrong..

    The servants then went back to what they're doing. The table is done being set up and so is the chairs and our lunch. Mom helped me sat besides her as Dad sat on the chair in front of us. I looked at Scarlett who's just looking at us at the side.

    "Come on, Scarlett.. Let's eat!" I said to her. She then shook her head and remained standing at the side. Does she think it's inappropriate to eat with me?

    "Luxian, my dear. Fay are not able to enjoy our food, because they don't get the same nutrients from it as we do. They are to eat mana more and nourished from the light and air that surrounds us." Mom explained. Mom then lifted her hand up and seconds later, a ball of light spiralling above her palm showed up.

    "Here, Scarlett. You can have this." Mom said as she tries to give it to Scarlett. She then just looked at the mana and Mom, then me.

    "You can have it, Scarlett! Mom is giving it to you. It's safe! You can accept gifts from Mom!" I assured her. She then happily did receive it. She then raised her hand like she's drinking the mana. Afterwards, she bowed to Mom then me.

    We then continued to eat. I should really learn how that was done so I can feed Scarlett on my own.. I should also ask if she can differentiate the mana if she is able to taste it. Well, I should probably learn the spell or any magic... wait...

    "Mom! Dad! Luxiain figured it out! You are worried because of what I did earlier! I was able to cast a fire spell when infact I shouldn't because I am still five and only in seven or eight can a child awaken her power!" I suddenly said as the realization struck me.Even though magic is common, a child awakening her power at the age of five is still unheard of to everyone!

    I looked at Mom whom patted me in my head.

    "Yes.. that was it..But it's okay. You're a Dorchen and it is expected for you to have powers..."  Mom said... as tears form in her eyes. Holding it back.  Dad looked serious.

    "We really can't keep it away from you. To tell you honestly, my child. We already knew. Three days ago, you awakened it. Remember..." Dad then continued his talk about what really happened three days ago. Suddenly memories flooded my head. My Dad protecting me.. Mom's crying face... My brothers worried..

    "I'm-- I'm sorry Mom.. Dad.. Luxian didn't mean it. I just want to help.. Luxian just wanted to help.." I said crying. Mom then hugged me tight as she also cries.


    In a moving carriage that is taking the road towards the Capital, came out a Hawk where there's a letter in its claw.

    The Duke looked at the departing Hawk with its letter to be send to the Royal Academy. The Duke then looked at her sleeping child besides her wife who looked at their child full of care and worry. He then turned his attention to the young girl at the corner of the carriage sitting quietly. With it's red hair covering her face. It is of course, Scarlett.

    "For Luxiain's Mana to have you evolve this much proves she truly have a huge amount of mana inside her body. I know you didn't mean harm... but what you did back there was reckless... You could have killed my daughter. If her mana wasn't huge, it would have killed her just by giving you the mana necessary for the contract completion." The Duke's voice was cold and it scared Scarlett so much.

    "I'm sorry.. I didn't mean to hurt, Master. I wasn't aware that--- that master may got hurt from the contract. I am sorry!" Scarlett said crying. The Duchess then looked at her husband with sharp looks.

    "Scarlett.. For you to be unaware of the dangers in contract forming. Just how old are you?" The Duchess asked. Then the Duke suddenly hit the realization.

    "Are you perhaps new born?" Follow up question from the Duke.  Scarlett looked up to the couple and nodded.

    "I was only born two months ago together with my siblings, but in our place, a month ago, huge storm occured. Everything was blown away by a huge air and as the weakest of all, I was blown away from my home..."

    The Duke was a bit dumbstruck by the part where this little girl was blown away, but it is still feasible because Fay are small plus the fact she was still a new born.

    "It must have been hard surving all alone in that forest." Said the Duchess and smiled warmly at Scarlett. Then Scarlett began crying again.

    "That's why I didn't really know that I can possibly kill my master by forming a contract. I was just thought the basics, where if I were named by a human, I must form a contract with the said human.." Scarlett explained. The Duchess hushed her to stop crying and comforted her that it's been done and Luxiain is alright.

    In the Duke side, he just looked at his child full of worry for her future and what choices should he made to make it safer for her.

    "I'll just ask brother about this..."
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