8 3.1 Archmage

    "Wow!" Both Scarlett and I can't help not to be astonished by everything inside the Regere City. We both are in the window, looking all around the place and how lively it is despite that the sun have already set. Different and colourful lights filled the night and everyone is all joyous. There are those who sells their products some are just looking around, there are those who are enjoying the foods. My mouth waters as I breathe in the air, every stall we passedby smells so delicious. I must make sure to eat everything that I can, I'll never know when will Mom and Dad would bring me back here. But the most fascinating of all is the different races here. I've seen elves, dwarfs, and some lizard like people. Not demons tho, maybe I did buy because they are likely close to humans appearance, I failed to notice.

    "Master, look!" Scarlett pointed up front. There I saw a huge and majestic castle. It's high, the architecture of every buildings are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. It has a white and gold colors and decoration to it. Overall it's just so wonderful that I can't imagine I am seeing this. This is just like those places I've seen in games that I played back then, but this time it's more real and so cool!

    "Dad, is it always like this in here?" I asked. I noticed that it's like too much people have gathered to night. Even though this is a trading capital, it's likely that there wouldn't be this much crowd at night.

    "Well, tonight and the following nights would be special because of the celebration of the Life Festival. In honor of God Matr Femella, God of Inciel, the life giver and creator of all. Every three years, more or less, it is celebrated and every celebration have a different place." Dad answered and explained. Hmmm. Matr? I think I have heard it before..

    "But Dad, Why is it only every three years? and why different places everytime?  Does it have like imdication or signs?" I asked curiously. I just can't get used to this traditions just yet.

    "Haha. Well, it is in every three years because there is a  very bright star that appears in different location that even in Daylight it can be seen." This time, Mom answered me and then pointed up to the night sky. We then followed where her hand is pointing.

    "Woah.. That's so bright and pretty..." I said mesmerized as I looked at it.  It looks so familiar, like that light I saw back then... wait back then? What 'back then' ? What am I saying?

    "Let me see what will you bring into my world, dear child.."

    I suddenly remembered something.

    What was that?

    "There's a story about the Heilig Star, but I can tell it later. We're already here." Dad said and the carriage stopped. What was that memory? Where did that came from? No. Nevermind that. Maybe it's just my imaginations.

    "Young Miss?" I looked up to see Sister Adeliza waiting for me and at her side is Scarlett also waiting for me to get off the carriage. I was that preoccupied that I didn't noticed Mom and Dad already left the carriage. I then immediately walked out as Sister Adeliza helps me. Then when I got down, I noticed how taller Scarlett is to me compared few hours ago. Mom said Fey grew really quick, until they fully reached their teenage years then they'll be able to slowdown.

    "Welcome Duke Atlhalos and Duchess Lucian. The Emperor is currently dinning with the Empress and the Crown Prince, the little Prince and Young Princess. The Emperor sent me here to welcome you in his stead. I hope that I am adequate." It just suddenly struck me that there are a lot of maids waiting at the entrance. Oh right, we've arrived at the Palace.

    "It's fine, Walter. We also arrived here in short notice so the Emperor must have then been busy before the dinner as his highness have always been." That said smiling at the person he's talking to. I looked up to him and noticed how cautious he looks at my side. Then I looked at Scarlett, who is petrified.

    "Scarlett? Are you okay?" I asked as she sweats standing looki at Mister Walter. I looked at him and noticed that he's surrounded with a grey hue arround him. Is he using magic?

    "Stop hurting Scarlett." I said to him as I get infront of Scarlett. He then looked at me shocked.

    "Luxiain? What are you saying?" Mom asked me and held me at my shoulder. I looked at Mister Walter, but he's already in Scarlett's side.

    "A fey? Is she yours, young miss?" asked Mister Walter as she stare directly to Scarlett's eyes. The gray mana around him raised significantly.

    "I- I didn't do anything wrong... I don't mean harm to master.." I saw Scarlett suddenly cried looking up to him.

    "What are you doing!" I shouted and run up to him and I pushed him out. Which then sent him falling down the ground.

    "I was just lonely and was happy that someone saw me! I swear I didn't mean harm! I'm not gonna ---" I shook Scarlett's arms.

    "Scarlett! Wake up!" I said shaking her up, but she's still crying and staring at nothing. I turned around to look for Mister Walter.

    "What have you done to her? Release whatever spell you have put to her quick!" I ordered. He looked at me suprised but then he stood up straight.

    "Young Miss Luxiain, as the head butler of the Palace. I am just doing my job and learning what must her objective be to approach the Lords and you. A Fey in our place are rare and this might be a set up to bring harm to the royal family. Sorry for my discourtesy, but I am just doing my job." I looked up just to see he quickly passed by me and went to Scarlett's side.

    "STOP!" I shouted and ball of fires formed at my hand quickly. I throwed it to him immediately. He then looked at me not expecting my attack. The Maids them was startled and started screaming. I heard my Dad's voice and my Mom's worried voice. It suddenly hit me what I have done.  I was about to run off to them when the fire was extinguished by a water ball. A barrier was then casted around Mister Walter nullifying his attempted counter.

    " Enough!"

    I turned around and saw a white clad robe. With golden linings and a slender white hand holding a dark blue rod with four gems at the top. I looked up to the face and immediately knew who it is.

    "Archmage!" Walter and everyone then kneeled.
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