9 3.2 Real Nice

    "Greetings to the Archmage!" Everyone gave their greetings as Uncle Fenwick walks his way. My Dad closed in to him and then I felt my Mom checking up to me.

    "Are you okay?" I just nodded and remembered Scarlett. I went to her side saw her unconscious. I was about to panic when I felt a figure beside me, I raised my head up and saw Uncle. He looked at me and his eyes softened up. Uncle sat down beside me to level up with me.

    "She's alright now, I have revoked Walter's mind spell. She was just unconscious because of shock." Uncle said to me. I was then at ease to hear that.

    "Forgive Walter, alright? He was doing his job. I ordered him to probe your Fay. He didn't mean harm to her." I looked up to Uncle and saw how sorry he was. Then I looked at Mister Walter, and he bowed his head asking to pardon his way. I sighed. Of course, I'll forgive them. They're just doing what is needed, maybe I just really over reacted. Plus, I almost cause harm. Remembering that scares me.

    "Luxiain was just scared that Scarlett would be harmed. She's the first friend Luxian have... and I'm sorry Mister Walter if I.. I didn't mean it.."

    "Of course everyone knows you don't mean harm, Luxiain. You're kind, so you would not want to harm anyone intentionally." Uncle said to me and then carried me up. Sister Adeliza then carried Scarlett up. Walter then invited us in, the maids unloaded our luggage and Uncle Fenwick guided us inside, still carrying me as he always do back then.

    "Uncle... Luxian can walk alone." I said embarrassed. Uncle then looked at me with sad eyes and pouts his mouth.

    "Do you dislike Uncle Fenwick now? Do you not miss me?" Uncle asked as if he was a kid, which made me laugh.

    "No, Uncle! Luxiain does not dislike you at all and I did missed you, because you are one of my favourite Uncles! It is just that Luxian may be heavy and it will tire  you... that's all." I explained.

    "Oh, dear. Just let your Uncle. He just really missed you a lot because he didn't see you for a year after going back here in the palace." Mom said as she chuckled. Dad then shakes his head as if he remembered something hopeless.

    "I told you guys before, over and over, that you should brought her with you everytime you come over. But no, you kept saying that she still can't handle travelling and you didn't listen. Yet she's fine, and she even made a friend. If you have brought her along since, she could have made a lot of friends now. Well that's kind of scary, because that will mean she will visit me less..."

    Uncle then started rambling to Dad. Mom and I just chuckled to the sight.

    Uncle Fenwick is well known as someone who is strict, serious, and silent. But truthfully, he's a very talkative person and he speaks quite fast too.

    Uncle Fenwick and I are close because as far as I can remember, Uncle have been there from the start. Aside from my family who have been lovingly raised me, Uncle was also there. I remember him saying that he was in our place because he needed to do some work in out territory. I don't know why, but somehow Uncle is really happy to me and that's why we're close. Well, the reason can be is that Uncle does not have a child of her own. He study and practice so much magic that he doesn't have time to pursue love. Still, I admire or yet idolized Uncle because of how he's a genius and dedicated to Magic.

    "Greetings Master, and to Duke Althalos and Duchess Lucian." I looked at the person who greeted as she bowed. The person was a girl, seven years old. She has a long straight blonde hair. Fair, white and slender body. She raised her head and looked up. Rounded and beautiful frosty blue eyes. She's really pretty wherever part you look at her and emits a royal like vibe as expected to someone who is really royal and also I can see a bluish white aura surrounding her, it feels a bit cold too.

    "Oh! Hilda, you can just call us Uncle and Aunt. You don't have to be so formal to us, we are family. Only in formal occasions that we are formal." Dad said and smiled.

    "That's... okay Uncle Althalos. It's alright for you, but as for the Archmage. I can't. The Archmage is my master in learning magic so I must observe the right etiquette." Cousin Hilda said. She looked at me for a second then to Uncle

    "If I may, I'll be going to my room to rest." She then curtseyed and walk past us. She seems really nice.

    "Hildegard is really turning up to be an uptight person. I'm worried she'll have a hard time finding a man for herself." Mom said worried. Really? I think she'll do fine. She looks nice.

    "It's not that bad, besides she is still growing and experience will mold her to be a better person. Also, it must be that she is being pressured by being a princess since many eyes are watching her ever since young. I should probably still talk about Frederick about this, Hilda is my student afterall." Uncle said as he shakes his head then continued walking.

    Maybe Cousin Hilda just doesn't want to disappoint the Emperor and is also worried for Regere City and whole Kentein continent. She's really nice.
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