11 3.4 Death

    The Duke was silent, thinking about all of it. That time was indeed the saddest moment in their family.

    "But she's fine now, she is alive and what happened back then makes me want to protect her. So in order to do that, even if she hates me, I want to seal her power. For her to have a normal life, to be wed and live her life at peace.." Duke Althalos said resolutely.

    "Yes. She is fine, but because of what? Because of the Heilig star, the star from God Matr Femella herself. Don't you know what this means? This is beyond us. "

    The Duke was taken aback with what his older brother said. He remembered how her daughter survived that day.

    As the room was filled with the Duke's family cries. The Archmage suddenly felt something strong. It was a strong surge of magical power, he scanned his surrounding with his mana perception only to find that it came from the Heilig Star. It wad supposed to be auspicous having the Heilig Star shine upon the Adamas this week, but with the death of her niece, he can't help but not to care abouy it. The Archmage looked up to it and noticed how it's rapidly shining bright that it's enveloping the night sky. The whole place wad envelope of light. It was warm and soothing. But that's not all what happened. After the light shined all over, it concentrated and light upon the dead body of the newborn. Right before everyone's eyes, the baby was envelope with white light and her hair slowly turned white.

    The light disapparated and the kid with a silver hair appeared. Slowly, it's eyes opened and the crying voice of the baby was heard inside the room.

    " A miracle happened back then from God herself. Which means the God above have plans for Luxiain that even you and I can't fathom." The Archmage sigh and sat back up to the couch and spread his arm to relax.

    "I know you're worried for Luxiain, but this is what the God have given her. Yes, we can seal it, but it's just prolonging the inevitable. We just have to make sure she'll be prepared and grow up well. Besides, Luxiain really wants to learn about spells and magic, so let her be. Just like how Father let us chose what we wanted to be." Archmage Fenwick got up and pat his brother at his shoulder reassuring Duke Althalos.

    "Maybe you're right, Older Brother. I'll just see to it that she'll grow up to be prepared." Duke Althalos sighed and smiled.

    "What 'maybe', of course I AM right! When did I ever made a mistake about lecturing my two brothers? Come on let's go! I know a good place to drink. Let's bring along Frederick, since I am in a good mood seeing my favourite niece, I'll treat you both the first drink!" Fenwick grabbed his brother and left the room laughing.

    "Brother, go get yourself a wife already.  How about the woman you're inlove back then? Why not pursue her. Not like this where you are taking my little girl from me. " Athalos said grinning. Fenwick shrugged and just dragged his brother along as they walk their way to the Emperor.
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