12 4.1 Treated Differently

    "Greetings to the Emperor, Greetings to the Empress!" We all said in unison when they entered the Dining Room.  This is my first time meeting them so I'm kinda nervous, plus this moment, in my both lives, is the first time I'm going to meet a real life royalty.

    "Good Morning, everyone!" The Emperor greet back and with all smiles walk towards his seat.


    "Lucian, sister-in-law, why are you still so formal? We all know that formality just exist outside, not when we are all here together. Come on, let us take a sit." After the Emperor and Empress took a sit, we all did after them. I noticed Uncle Fenwick as his face is down to the table.

    "Are you okay, Uncle Fenwick?" I asked. He then looked up and smiled then sat back up properly.

    "Haha! Asking Althalos and I in drinking while your alcohol tolerance is low is truly fascinating, Older Brother!" I sat back down and drank the milk that was given by mother earlier and just listened to the Emperor as he mock Uncle. It must be hangover. Why did Dad and Uncle drank anyways?

    "Don't piss me off, Frederick. If not, I'll make you go bald." Uncle threatened and glared at the Emperor as he drink water. The Emperor raised his hand saying he'll tease no more and sat back to his sit. The Emperor then looked at my way.

    "You must be my wonderful niece, Luxiain. You grew up so well! It is nice seeing you, while you are here, don't hesitate to ask for my help!" The Emperor said and smiled.

    "Thank you very much, Your Majesty..." I curtseyed then smiled at the Emperor. I was taken aback as I saw the sad face of the Emperor.

    "Ahhh! Luxiain, my one and only niece, the one I once carried high when she was young, the one who likes my beautiful,gorgeous,lucious hair, calls me in a very distant manner?" The Emperor said while having his hand at his chest showing how sad he is. I was once again shocked.

    " L-Luxiain was just trying to have a first good impression, Uncle. Don't be sad.." I said and immediately bow down. I just really think that being courteous in front of an Emperor is needed. Plus I'm really embarrassed since when I was just a year old, I really like Uncle's hair that I always tug it. It might be weird for a child to remember her own memories in infancy but I was already aware eversince so I can't help it.

    "Why must you children act as an adult. Trying to make a good first impression? You already made a good impression back then, Luxiain. You do not have to do that anymore. Also, you see this hair of mine, everytime I carry you back then, you always likes to touch it and smiled at me every time you do." Uncle said and patted me at my head. Then the door opened. Hilda, carrying the little prince and following him is the Crown Prince, which I have also seen back then when I was a year old.

    "Oh! Come here my children."  The three then walked towards us. I looked at Hilda smiling at me and I smiled back then I looked at Mom whom is talking to the Empress while Dad is talking to Uncle.

    "Niece, let me introduce to you my children and your cousins. This is your Older Brother Henry, Henry this is your cousin Luxiain."  I curtseyed at him and looked up. I noticed that he is looking at my hair. Which I unconsciously held.

    "Pardon me for staring, Luxiain." He said when he noticed me looked down.

    "It's okay..." I said in a low voice. He reached out his hand.

    "Nice to meet you, Luxiain and I was just looking at it because it's so beautiful it matches you really well." I looked up to him and saw Brother Henry smiling. I smiled back and reached out to his hand which I shaked. He was slightly shock which made me think that I was just supposed to hanf my hand and let him kissed it, but that's embarrassing even if I'm just in a child form.

    "Nice to meet you too, Crown Prince." He looked at me and patted my head.

    "Feel free to call me Brother Henry instead." He said and walked to his sit.

    "then this is your Cousin Hildegarde, and this is Winifred, which is the same age as you but you are two months older."  Winifred is also looking at my hair but this time I felt a little less uncomfortable because of Brother Henry's words earlier. I looked at Cousin Hilda.

    "Greeting, Sis Hilda--" I saw how Cousin rolled her eyes away from me which made me stop. "Princess Hildegarde.." I corrected and bowed.

    "Are you really brother Leorick's sister? You have different color and doesn't look like mine, you have a weird colored hair!"  I was stunned and feel like I was nailed down to the floor.

    "Winifred! "

    The Princess looked at his brother and turned him away from me before walking pass me, she said something to me.

    "Pardon my brother, he's just saying what he think is right. That you're different from us." She said and smiled at me before walking away.
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