13 4.2 Reason for Distaste

    "Luxiain my dear child.  Don't think about what the Little Prince said. You're our child and your brothers beloved little sister." After eating breakfast, I went to my room and rested. Rather I hid away.I have long been wondering why my hair is like this. I just knew that after I gained consciousness from this world, I was already a year old and my hair is silver unlike the rest. I have asked Mom and Dad, but they just vaguely answer me by saying that my hair is the reason why they have me now and they couldn't be more happier with that. My brother also said to me that regardless of my hair, they love me as their little sister. I know that what they're saying is true, but I just can't help not to feel insecure... I'm scared that they will think of me as a freak or something different.. I'm scared that they'll push me away.

    "Luxiain!" I was brought back to my senses when I heard Mom's voice and felt their warm hugs.

    "Are you okay?" I looked up to them and saw their worried faces . Have I done something again? I looked around just to find everything fine. I just felt tears rolling down my cheeks. Tears? I'm crying?

    "Luxiain.. We know that you're sad and you feel insecure because you have a different hair than the family. But that's just your hair. What's important for us is you're alive, that you are our child. Irregardless of what your hair color is we love you." Mom said crying. I stared at Mom and nodded.

    What's important for us is you're alive, that you are our child.

    I didn't fully understand it but I'll keep it in my heart and mind. I'm their child. I'm a Dorchen. I am Luxiain Asteria Dorchen, daughter of Duke Althalos Dorchen and Duchess Lucian Sol - Dorchen.

    "Luxiain will remember that, Mom and Dad." I said as I wipe away my tears. Mom smiled and Dad kissed me in ky forehead. Then I hugged them both.


    "Winifred. What you done earlier at breakfast is improper. You shouldn't have said that to Luxiain. Regardless of her hair, she is our relative and your favorite cousin's, Cousin Leorick, little sister."  Prince Henry scolded his little brother. Where the Little Prince quickly hid behind his sister's back, Princess Hildegarde.

    " I was just saying what I think and that she is different.. also Sister Hilda told me to say it to her." Winifred confessed and hid behind his Sister's Chair. Prince Henry looked at her Sister as she silently drink tea and looking over the roses in this garden they resting in. She felt her brother's gaze to her.

    "What? Isn't it true? In our whole lineage, everyone have a Golden Blonde Hair. While her? Silver white hair. If she's not different, then what else? I wouldn't be surprised if she's just someone the Duke and Duchess picked up from the street." The Crown Prince looked at his sister, assessing for the reason of this hostility coming from his sister. Then he sigh and poured a tea for himself and rested in the chair across his sister.

    "It seems you dislike our cousin Luxiain. I'm thinking what is the reason. Can you enlighten me perhaps, Hilda?" Henry asked calmly. When Winifred noticed that His Older Brother's attention is no longer in him, he immediately walked away and got inside the garden.

    "I don't know what you are talking about, my dear brother. I'm just stating what I see and what I think." She said seemingly the she could careless what the matter is about.

    "Hmm.. Okay." Prince Henry remembered something as he saw something and smiled.

    Princess Hildegarde noticed his brother's  indifference and smile which made her frowned.

    "Why are you smiling?'" Princess Hildegarde ask displeased at his brother's indifference.

    "Look. There's Uncle Fenwick."

    Princess Hildegarde's mood shifted to a happy one and followed his brother's line of sight. He saw the Archmage which made her happy, but her mood suddenly turned around when she saw that the Archmage is with Scarlett and Luxiain. But her gaze is just focused on Fenwick and Luxiain happily talking. Suddenly, the cup of tea that she is holding turned cold and became an Ice.

    The Crown Prince noticed his sister's reaction and smiled.

    "Isn't it amazing how Uncle is capable of being happy like that around Luxiain. Really different when Uncle is teaching you magic, right?" Henry smiled at his sister which made his sister mood worse. The land which Hildegarde is stepping on turned into ice as her mood worsened.

    "It's too easy to tell why you dislike her, Hilda. If you're really just stating what you observe, then better have your horizon widen. Stop your jealousy. It's a bad conduct." The Prince tone turned serious and looked at his sister. Which where Princess Hildegarde just glared back and throw the frozen cup she's holding away and walked away

    "Uwahh! Brother! My head hurts! I was hit by an ice!" Winifred pop out from the bushes where the cup was thrown. There's a small swelling on his head. Prince just smiled awkwardly before tending to his crying little brother.
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