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    "Is it really alright for Uncle to accompany us today? Are you not busy with your research in magic and managing the Academy?" I looked at Uncle as we stroll around the market. Uncle smiled at me and carried me up. Scarlett got a bit close to Uncle looking around full of curiosity and enthusiasm. The sun is setting and the stalls started to take out their lights that filled the street with pretty and dazzling lights.

    "For my dearest niece, I will make time!" I just laughed at what Uncle said. I can't help not to think he dots on me to much.

    "Master! Look over there!' I looked at where Scarlett pointing as her eyes shines full of amazement. Cotton Candy!

    "It's like clouds in the sky!" Scarlett said full of amazement. I nodded in agreement.  Especially how it float, but was tied up like a balloon. How is that possible? It's so cool!

    "Do you girls want some Sugar Cloud?" Uncle asked which we nodded without hesitating.

    "Buy now! Buy now! Sweet and lovely Sugar Cloud! 3 copper coins only!" The merchant said. I noticed his pointy white ears. An Elf!

    "Two for them." Uncle said and took out his handbag. The Merchant Elf then nodded and then pulled some strings.

    "May I see you hands, young ladies?" The Elf said. We looked at Uncle and he just nodded so we do as what we're told. The Elf tied a string to each one of us and we saw how the Sugar Cloud is really floating.

    " It's really floating, Uncle!" I said to Uncle still full of amazement. I pulled the string downward and pinched a piece of Sugar Cloud and ate it. It's so soft and yummy sweet!

    "Wow!" Scarlett said full of amazement as she plays around with it. I would tell her to eat it, but she didn't need to because she won't get much from it. Hmmm. Does that mean that they can't taste it too? I'll ask that later when I had the chance.

    We walked around more and there are alot of stores we went to buy products. I also bought some souvenirs and gifts for my brother since Dad said that we might go home tomorrow since his business here is done. It's a pity Mom and Dad have a lot to do right now, because Uncle Frederick needed the help because of visitors that are to come before a ceremony. Not really sure, I just heard it from the maids.

    This world sure is really a fantasy like game world. There are people who's walking with a sword at their side, wearing an armor, some have cloaks and wand, some are different species. This place is so wonderful. I am happy that I got to be reborn here.

    I looked up to the Heilig Star shining up above. I smiled at it. I heard about the legend of it from Mom, that the Heilig Star is where God Matr Femella resides when she watches over Iniciel. So I smiled at it. Because I want to thank her and the other God from my previous World for granting me another life.

    Before we head back to the palace, I saw a bookstore and I immediately pulled Uncle. I like reading books! Also they maybe have some basic information about magics.

    "Uncle! Let's go there!" I said as I run to it. Uncle and Scarlett just followed me and nodded. Oh well, then I'll be up ahead.

    I was the first one to get inside. When I got in, the first thing I saw are rows of books. Then a voice came from the side.

    "What is it, kid?" The old man asked. I suddenly felt a bad feeling. He's like one of those person that Brother Letholdus warned me about. Like those who scam weak people..

    "Uhmm.. Do you have a book about anything related to magic?" I asked. He smiled and clapped.

    "Ah! Of course we do! Our Shop have a vast collection of books! Here, come here, I have the book just for you!" He said smiling and guided me inside. We stopped at front of the cashier. He went quickly to a room and came out with a book in hand.

    "Here! The one and only perfect book about magic and spells!" He putted the book in front and smiled showing his teeth which is rather almost blank and decaying.. I don't want to be here anymore, this old guy is creepy..

    "H-how much is it..?" I asked. I'll just buy it and be on my way.

    "This one right here is unique, Young Miss. Plus, this was created by a really powerful magician! Thus this is special! But since I seen a potential in you and I feel this is destined for you. I'll give it for 700 coppers! This was really a book cost 1 silver and 500 copper but I am giving it to you half the price!" I nodded. Oh. So this book was really expensive, but 700 coppers for this book is still...

    "Uhmm who is the author of this book?" I'm really skeptical about this, but he said he's giving me half the price. This is surely a scam. He paused and think for a bit before smiling creepily again.

    "The one who made this is the one and only famous magician of the whole Kentein! The Archmage of Royal Palace, Sir Fenwick Dorchen!"

    Uncle? Well, it's not surprising for Uncle to write and publish some books but he made some to sell? I touched the book to examine it.

    "Are you sure, sir? It seems you're lying and another thing, the materials used in making this book are not good. I think the cost of production of this book is only 70 copper---" as I'm examining it, he suddenly pulled it away from me and a page was torn.

    "You! You destroyed one of my merchandise, kid! Do you have 2 silver to pay for this?!" I looked at him eyes wide as he grinned. What?!

    " I didn't torn it! It was you who suddenly pulled it away! Why are you making me pay!"

    "Huh?! Why would I do that to my one merchandise? Books are expensive. Why would I waste it?" He said grinning. This guy! What a total fraud! He's a disgrace as a person who works in a bookstore!

    "Because it's fake!" I said to him. He shook his head and raised the book showing me the torn part.

    "This is a clear evidence. You should pay up kid. If not, I'll get you arrested and you'll be sold off as a sla---" while he was talking, someone took the book away.

    "Evidence? Arrested? Who are you referring to?" I suddenly felt relieved when I saw Uncle Fenwick. How come I didn't think of it! Uncle is here!

    "Huh?? Who are you? Are you one of this kid servant? If so, pay up! This kid destroyed a 5 silver worth of book." I was about to complain to him when Uncle stopped me.

    "5 silver? For THIS book? Why is that?" Uncle adked. I looked outside and saw guards ready to enter.

    "This book is made by the Archmage of Royal Palace, Sir Fenwick. Thus the price of 5 silver!" He arrogantly said. I heard Uncle laighed. It was not a happy one but a rather cold and mocking one. Uncle then removed the hood covering he's face.

    "Oh really? This is one of my work?"

    The guy, looking at Uncle's face fell down to his butt on the ground.

    "S-Sir Archmage Fenwick..." The Old Guy is fully shocked as he look up to Uncle who have a serious look at his face. Uncle made a sign and the guards came in.

    "Thoroughly search everything in this store. Check if there's any illegal books and fake books being sell here. Then have him arrested for scamming and framing one of the royal family. After the festival is when his judgement will took place." Uncle declared. The guards immediately do as what they are told. Uncle then turned around to me and kneeled and he patted my head.

    "Luxiain, you go out first and wait with Scarlett. We'll settle this out first." Uncle said to me smiling warmly.

    Uncle so coool!
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