1 Reincarnation

    Moonlight seeped into the crack of a trash can as its lid slowly rose up. In the slight crack between the lid and the base a set of piercing green eyes illuminated within the darkness. As the lid rose further you could begin to see the cat's sleek black coat, not fluffy or short but shiny like a black panther's coat.

    A few weeks ago the cat wasn't such a majestic creature but rather a pathetic human who couldn't kick a ball further than behind him. This teenager was called Chester Cleo and even though he was weak and nerdy he still had friends, unlike some books he had read where the main character had been beaten up and isolated. That doesn't happen in real life, well at least not in Britain, after all, we apologize to people apologizing.

    He had died an insignificant death in a road accident because he was too busy daydreaming that he didn't even remember if he saw a car while checking the road before crossing. He was hit by a fairly big four wheeler although before he lost consciousness he managed to keep his eyes open long enough that he managed to see the four-wheeler swerve and smash straight into the school. Now  Chester didn't have any particular feelings of hate towards the school however he didn't like it so seeing a four-wheeler crash into a school because of him was a pretty epic way to die.

    When Chester opened his eyes he saw darkness although that same darkness was accompanied with a pungent smell that could drive away a dog. As he felt around he noticed that even though he couldn't see he could sense that he was smaller, that he had changed although he couldn't put his finger on it. As he tried to stand up he put his hands on the side of whatever he was in and his hand felt... different than usual. He couldn't move his fingers and his hand's impact was soft and felt like it was padded.

    As he clawed his way up, wait clawed? Chester noticed that when he grabbed at the wall a grinding feeling came of it like how it sounded when his cat one time tried to jump into the car and scratched off a bunch of paint. Chester eventually clawed his way up sending the question of the sound to the back of his mind and pulled himself up. When he pushed up the top of the darkness slowly lifted up and moonlight pierced into the gap.  He lifted himself up further and noticed that he was in some kind of alley before slipping.

    As he fell he felt his life flash before his eyes like it did when he died before however before he hit the floor some sort of instincts punched in and he twisted around as if he had no bones and landed softly on his feet.


    Random Stranger View


    After a long day of work, everybody just wants to go home and go to sleep however you know that can't happen. For Tom Rachet it was because he had his insane germaphobic sister around because she couldn't keep a job because of her phobia.

    As he walked around the familiar streets that looked like a maze to the tourist or visitor he looked down an alley because he heard a strange scratching sound. Slowly from the trash can, a figure arose. "How did a cat get in a trash can? Did its owner trash it? Did the cat get in and close it?" Obviously, Tom wasn't very smart.

    As Tom watched the cat fall he thought 'OI does that cat look like it's about to die? Is it worried that its wife is gonna be mad at it? Is this the legendary caticide where cat's commit suicide?' As he watched the cat he noticed a glint of acceptance appear on the cat's eye as it turned and landed like a ninja. From then on Tom had a new outlook on life, that no matter how far he got pushed around and no matter how sad he felt he realized that unlike that cat if he were to do what that cat did and tried to commit suicide he wouldn't be able to stop when he realized that he had people to look after.

    Tom then left with a tear forming on his eye and a new resolution formed in his mind.


    In reality, the Chester fell 1.5 meters by complete accident and unknowingly saved a desperate soul.

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