2 Angel To One

    After almost 'dying' Chester roamed the streets without much of a reason other then why not. After escaping the evil trash bin Chester had noticed that he was a cat. Although as shocking as it was at first it slowly changed from shock to admiration at his new body. Looking at a puddle that had formed from the common rain in England Chester observed himself.

    Within the puddle was a black cat like one would associate with misfortune. It had shiny black fur like a panther as well as cold, calculating green eyes that showed intelligence that one would not expect from an animal.

    As Chester walked around in the damp, cold city of Great Britain he realized that he had not eaten in hours and so his stomach rumbled with anger. Chester walked along the pave and came across a bench. On the bench was a rough looking man with dark circles underneath his eyes as well as injection marks that could sometimes be seen when the wind blew up the arms on his short-sleeved top.

    'Definitely, a druggie' thought Chester. However what garnered Chester's attention the most was the food that the man was holding. A large chicken wrap. To the normal observer, it looked plain and smelled a bit dodgy however to a cat that hadn't eaten for ages it was as appealing as any other food. Taken over by hunger Chester lunged for the food and leaped onto the man's lap, snatching the rap with all his force he jumped off and ran into an alley.

    Chester was fully focused on the food. Nothing could distract him from taking a large bite from the wrap until something did. A large boot came out of nowhere and kicked the cat with full force sending Chester flying into the wall. As soon as he hit the wall rocks started flying and hitting Chester with as much force as an arrow. Chester didn't even get a chance to move before he was hit and hit and hit and hit over and over again. Before the teenagers had finished he had already given up on resisting and instead curled up and took everything he was given.

    You know how they say if you ignore a bully and they will leave you alone because they don't get a reaction or any attention. Well, it doesn't work with animals. Every hit ensured an injured cry or reaction. In the end, Chester retreated into his mind and blocked out all the noises and sounds and pain.

    Chester asked whoever sent him there "Why did you send me here? It is worse than where I came from or has it always been there and I just missed it?" Of course, there was no reply however Chester contemplated his own question. Why did this evil decide to show itself now? It has always been in the world past and present so why now? why when Chester finally got a second chance, an escape?

    Before he could answer the question he fell into a sleep and stopped asking questions for a while.

    10 minutes later 3 old teenagers left the alley laughing and giggling while their hands were covered with dust and dirt from throwing rocks. Inside the alley was a beaten Chester bleeding out onto to his shiny black fur making it look ragged and giving it a red tint.

    Chester led there for hours among hours beaten, abused and broken just waiting for somebody to come along and help him however nobody came until she did.

    A girl no older than 10 or 11 came walking through the alley with a worried look on her face. She had fairly long, brown, unkempt hair as well as a know-it-all face. But to Chester, she looked like an angel.
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