3 First Card

    3 Days Later

    When the girl went through the alley and saw the deathly cat she immediately cradled in in her hands and ran him home. "HERMOINE YOUR CAT IS AWAKE!" Shouted the girl's mother. Hermoine ran straight up the stairs as if her life was on the line and ran towards the cat.

    Chester awoke in a soft cuddly bed. 'Where am I? I should be beaten up and half dead in the alley. Oh, wait that girl found me is this her house?' "HERMOINE" a loud shot right next to me echoed in the house. The next thing I heard was a loud thumping up the stairs and a young Emma Watson charging in through the door. As I looked at my savior I decided that if there was evil in the world I would protect her from until the end.

    During the next few days, I did nothing but rest. I was basically hand fed from Hermoine however it shouldn't be her job so I kept on trying to stand. So far I managed to get to the door safely and no further. The next day a mouse came into the room and dared to eat my food.

    It was the first time that I had tried to hunt as a cat however cats are natural predators. My instincts told me to keep crouched and my head level. My claws unsheathed and I pounced onto the mouse. I bit into its flesh and shook it around. I slashed and clawed at it until it went limp inside my mouth. In a flash of light, the rat turned into a single card was laid out on the floor. The card had a picture of jaws on it while underneath it said:



    X2 damage

    on the back of the card, it said 'With any cards, if you have 5 of the same rarity you can upgrade them' 'Once you kill a mob you can get a space to grind them in'.

    Chester's eyes widened with surprise as he thought of the possibilities of these cards. With these cards, he could protect Hermoine from any future dangers like thugs and criminals.

    Chester thought about how he should activate the power 'Do I just think about it? umm 'Bite' ' Chester's jaws lit up with white light and forced him to close them before he realized what happened. Chester walked up to a bit wood that sticks off the basket that he sleeps in. 'Bite' Chester's jaws lit up again and before he even noticed anything the wood was cut in half. Chester also tried it on metal however it just ended in a sore jaw and teeth.

    If Chester wanted to get stronger he would need better skills. Chester thought 'Grind mice'. Immediately everything turned black and a mouse appeared in front of him. By using the bite skill of it the mouse died almost instantly however no card appeared. 'I must only get cards sometimes' Chester guessed. After two hours of grinding, Chester had finally gathered 5 cards 'Combine common bite cards'

    Cards appeared out of nowhere and circled around each other until they all formed into a single red card. On the card it said



    X4 Damage

    Now that the skill was rare Chester could now roughly bend metal with his jaw and leave clear bite marks on the material however he still didn't have enough power to bite cleanly through it however it was still way more powerful than anything a mouse or a cat could do in a single stroke.

    After doing this strangely his body and been strengthened and he had recovered as if he had taken its power as well as their skills. After such a rough day Chester went to find Hermoine and snuggle up in her arms. Chester slowly drifted off to sleep in anticipation of the next day.
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