5 Rats Tail

    Weeks later:

    After Hermoine went to Diagon Alley she threw herself into her books which is to be expected of course. Obviously, Chester prepared to not be the number one priority since Hermoine doesn't have the time to play with pets while she could be studying magic.

    'At this point, I can't tell the difference between dark arts and normal magic. I mean they both draw you into their side like how a muggle would get drawn to magic mages get drawn to dark magic. They both draw people to it while the dark arts are a more refined version of normal magic right? I mean it's just a deviation of magic meant for killing and sacrifice.

    I did read Harry Potter in my old life but I didn't take the time to memorize every event, after all, why would I? It would be strange if I did. Besides for all, I know this world could deviate from the original although I highly doubt it it's a possibility.

    My current strength is way too weak, for a cat I'm super but to a wizard, I'm just a cat with sharp teeth. I need more.' Chester walked around the house a walked up to the hallway. Hermoine was putting her suitcases in her car before she walked up to Chester with a cat bag in hand. I knew what to do before needing to asked and so walked in as soon as it was unzipped.

    As Hermoine walked out the door with Chester in hand the morning sun rose over the bushes neatly trimmed outside the house.

    When Hermoine arrived at the train station she gave her parents a goodbye hug before looking for the station 9 3/4. Because it was mentioned in a book she had read somewhere Hermoine knew exactly how to find it and how to get through the barrier. Hermoine boarded the train and found a carriage that seemed empty and then she unzipped the cage allowing Chester out into the carriage.

    A few minutes later an overweight child ran in who Chester could only assume is Neville ran in asking for help to find his missing toad called Trevor. Of course, Hermoine being the angel that she is couldn't avoid help a fellow student in need and so left in a hurry.

    After Chester was left on his own he decided to explore the carriages. Before he left however he marked my territory and no Chester didn't pee on the floor. Chester just moved around the room spreading pheromones before leaving.

    While exploring he came across a rat. The rat was happily living its life without questioning its existence or asking if there was a world outside the train.


    The rat was dead before he even knew it what hit it however to the rat it was its chance to see the world beyond the train.

    In front of Chester a card floated down which said:

    Rat's Tail


    Awareness X2, Heat resistance X2

    As soon as Chester heard this he turned to look at his tail, luckily it was still like a normal cat's tail. It seemed that traits didn't override currents traits other than giving the skills. But what if it was a new limb like wings? Would they have the effects but not the trait or would the trait appear since there is nothing that is already there instead of the trait?

    After having this realization Chester decided to return to his carriage. As he was walking back he realized... She was probably with the evil Ron Weasley. As fast as he could Chester ran towards the carriage that smelled like Hermoine.

    As soon as he got here he ran in and jumped on Hermoine while staring daggers at Ron "Oh, I almost forgot Harry, Ron this is my cat Chester I found him passed out after getting beaten on by some despicable thugs." Hermoine stated with a tint of anger showing in her voice.

    "Well he doesn't seem to like me very much" Ron said as if he had his heart broken by his one love although it was clearly fake since under his voice he muttered "Like his master" as if he was talking to somebody he had hated his entire life however that just caused Chester to get even madder then before and he would have attacked if Hermoine wasn't holding him down.

    Meanwhile, Harry tried to calm down the standoff between child and cat by moving the conversation away from them. "So Hermoine what's your story" However Chester saw this differently. 'HEY ARE U TRYING TO FLIRT WITH MY ANGEL' and so Chester jumped up and used 'scratch' which slightly caught Harry's finger.  I then stormed out followed by Hermoine who decided to come back to the carriage.
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