6 Limits

    Hogwarts was basically exactly what it is. A magic school. It was a great stone castle that looked like something a great emperor or king would live in rather than a few teachers and students. As we got on the rowboat I took my rightful place on Hermione's lap.

    It was pitch black meaning that lanterns had to be lit to see and luckily the boats required nobody to row them or else it would be like bumper cars with boats. Sounds pretty fun actually.

    We walked in the winding corridors that seemed like a maze to the newcomers. As the path came to an end a great door stood tall that required at least 3 adults to stand tall to reach... or two of Gandalf.

    The doors opened like magic,oh...wait the doors opened with magic. The hall was filled with students obviously separated into tables depending on the colour of their uniform. Candles were floating in the sky although Chester had to wonder 'Where does the melted wax go?".

    Above the candles was a beautiful night sky while Hermoine said "It's not really the ceiling, it's just a witch to look like the sky. I read about it in Hogwarts: A History" Chester thought 'That's right Hermoine is the smartest 1st year here'.

    In front of us on some kind of pedestal was an old hat which Chester instantly recognized as the sorting hat. After Dumbledoor's small speech where he talked about how the third floor and the dark forest are forbidden from entering the students walked up and around the sorting hat waiting to be picked.

    "Hermoine Granger" was the first name to be said and she calmed herself as she walked to the front. "She's mental that one I'm telling yo- OWW" "What's wrong Ron?" "Something bloody bit me". Slightly to the left Chester smiled as he retracted his claws.

    For some reason Dumbledore smiled too... 'I'm gonna pretend that I don't know why he's smiling' Chester said to himself. The ceremony continued as normal with Dumbledoor clapping like he was about to do a ritual. Hermoine, Ron, and Harry were all put in Gryffindor and the plot continued like always. The feast started but as always Chester ran up to Hermoine, jumped up on her and curled up.

    While curled up Chester thought.'Currently at most I could fight a medium sized dog so how exactly in a school of magic am I supposed to get stronger? One idea was to kill the troll that Ron and Harry knock out however how could anybody explain it's body suddenly disappearing? The teachers might think that it's roaming the school and close it down until they find it so that won't work.

    I could try to learn wandless magic or attempt to learn my own but that could take years and years. The only other option is potions. Hey now that I think about it I can turn skills and traits into cards but why not potions? If it works can I also turn Items and gear into cards? If I could heal as I fight I might be able to fight some beasts but do plants count as beasts.

    So many questions but luckily I'm in Hogwarts, the school of magic and witchcraft. If you add the fact that you can't take large and active pets to class like cats and owls then that means I have a lot of time to do things.

    I also wanted to work out how killing strong enemies makes me stronger, do I absorb its magical energy? or something like that.

    What are the limits of this ability and how powerful can I grow?'

    Chester woke up and saw that the hall was still celebrating the new house members as if it had just happened a minute ago. After the party, we were led to their dorms by the head boy through winding staircases. Chester's bed was a cat bed under the Hermoine's bed although he just jumped onto Hermoine's bed anyway.
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