7 Sneaky Black Ca

    The next day when Hermoine went to school Chester was nowhere to be seen. He wasn't under the bed, catching mice but instead in the kitchen. As a cat Chester had grown in many aspects one mainly being stealth with his padded paws and black body. Chester held his head low matching his body while his claws were retracted to advoid making any noise.

    You may wonder why he doesn't just eat in the cafetiria, well the reason to that is because one pesky cat thought a box of bread was a litter tray. The poor guy who ate that bread had to be sent to the hospital until he recoverd from his poisoning.

    Anyway, after that no pets were allowed to eat in the cafeteria so the pets were given a room and fed animal food leaving me with no choice but to steal from the kitchen. The reason Chester is stealing bread is because in games there arn't only potions that heal but food also heals so if he uses that system instead of having to steal from a fearsome teacher like Professor Snape Chester just has to steal from the kitchen staff.

    It may seem easy but the kitchen staff wasn't a squib like Argus Flich, these were house elves, dangerous beings however the reason Chester is willing to do something so stupid is on the odd chance that they were ordered not to kill anyone, hopefully especially not pets... hopefully.

    Chester slowly crawled through the door after a house elf had left for a task. As soon as he got into the kitchen Chester pounced for underneath a countertop where food is processed on.

    Slowly Chester crawled his way down through the kitchen narrowly advoiding the elves a few times. Finally he made it to where the food is stored. Chester looked around before snatching a single piece of bread with his claw. He closed his eyes and imagined it turning into a card. When he opened his eyes the bread had turned into a card.

    On the card it said:



    Made by elves

    Restores 10% of hp and mana after every consumption.

    Seeing this he realised why injured people healed rediculously quick here. It was the bread after all how could anything that is made by elves with a mysterious magic be simple. He thought of storing the card and it dissapeared into a flash that led towards Chester.

    Slowly and carefully he stocked up the the bread and in the end he had a uncountable number of bread made by house elves. Now slowly Chester stalked his way out of the kitchen and managed to get out by pushing on the door with all of his might.

    Now that Chester had done a task that was so tense that even soldiers in bomb squads might break a sweat. Now running Chester made a break towards under Hermione's bed.

    The next day after Chester had spent all the time with Hermione he could he decided to go outside. Chester walked towards the forbiden forsest as if he was going for a stroll in the park however that autitude changed when he finally got there.

    The forest was thick and entangled as if somebody had turned spagheti into a forest. Just the aura alone was enough to scare away a young wizard. It felt as if the forest was watching you and if you made a single mistake it would snatch you up and then you would never be found again.

    Even though the presence was obvious Chester still decided to move forward with the plan. Even Chester wasn't mad enough to go into the forbidden forest so he would stay around the edges of the forest where he hoped that any of the weak/young/old creatures would lose their way and head towards the edge of the forest unknowingly where Chester would be ready to strike.

    After waiting for hours Chester was about to give up until he heared a faint rumbling noise in the distance. When he looked at where the sound was coming he saw the branches part and a pair of antlers stick out. Coming out of the branches was a limping deer. It's leg had been tore until it was basically unusable.

    Chester saw this as the chance that he was looking for and hid in the bushes. When the deer walked pass Chester pounced at the beast and used bite on it. The deer had now been given a deep wound on it's neck however it held on. Chester repeatedly used scratch until he was kicked by the full force of a deer's kick. Chester was sent flying into a tree and coughed up blood.

    Chester continued to attack like this for half an hour until both the deer and cat were exhausted. The deer had been wounded all over to the point that it's coat had been painted with blood while Chester was in no better condition. He cracked countless ribs and blood soaked into his fur making a dark red tint make him look like a demon from hell.

    The cute loving Chester was no longer there and neither the deer or Chester showed much intelligence. They had given their hopes up to instinct. A bright light appeared in front of Chester with the picture of bread on it. He pressed it on his chest and Chester absorbed it. Chester's face became less rigid and he had gained more power to fight. With one last pounce both the deer and cat attacked. The cat pounced body fully extended and claws out while the deer jumped up like a horse ready to kick.

    1 hour later

    Hermoine had come back to her dorm to find that Chester was not there. Feeling a headache coming on she went outside to get some air however when she looked towards Hagrid's house she saw a shadow of a silky black cat with a slight red tint to it puffing and panting towards the school.
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