8 Found

    This afternoon Hagrid was tending to his beasts when he noticed them to be unusually jumpy today. Hagrid went to the front of his garden and saw an almost collapsed cat there. "That's Hermoine's cat there" Hagrid said to himself in a gruff voice.

    He picked up the cat in a loving manner and carried him into his living room.

    Far away Hermoine saw this and came charging over. Hagrid carefully attended to his wounds. Hagrid had to pull the small cat's ribs in place and cover the wounds. Cats had very good regenerative abilities and could naturally heal ribs as long as they are in the right place.

    After Hagrid had done this the door was slammed open and Hermoine came in. "Hagrid have you seen my cat? It's silky black and .. and"Hagrid interupted Hermoine's panicked speech by pointing to the corner where Chester led.

    Chester led on the sofa covered in bandages and still had a red tint from where blood had poured down him. Chester himself rather was thinking about what card he could have possibly gotten. When the beast fell Chester didn't know when he would pass out so he stored the card without even looking at it and dizzily walked towards Hagrid's house.

    Hermoine asked Hagrid "What fight could he have had possibly been into that he got that beat up. He doesn't even look like he tried to run." Hagrid replied lightly "Well Hermoine judging by the trail of blood that he left it leads off to the forbidden forest although if he met a beast inside there he wouldn't be returning.

    After seeing that her cat was safe Hermoine followed the clear blood tracks. A while later she reached the start of the tracts. What she saw was pools of blood absolutely everywhere. If her cat had thought a beast it means that they both escaped although just in case she took an empty vial and scooped up some blood to see if she could find some sort of potion that could tell what creature it was.

    Hermoine decided to leave her cat with Hagrid to heal for the night after all Hagrid was adept with beasts and knew what was best for them.

    After Hermoine left Hagrid went to get some cat food for Chester but he just stared at Hagrid like he was a fool. 'Why would I want cat food I NEED MEAT' "meow"... It was hard being a cat.

    Hagrid stared at the cat noticing that he wasn't like other normal cats. It had intelligence like magical beasts, after all he had been around them long enough to tell when he sees one. Hagrid went to go and get some meat that he feeds his magical beasts and gave it to Chester.

    'Well it isn't comparable to human food but meh it tastes alright' Chester thought. As Hagrid stared at the beast eating he thought about how lucky Hermoine was to pick it up while it was a stray. Hagrid had never seen a magic beast like this one before but he was determined to study it.

    The next morning Chester woke up early fully recovered and thanked the deer in his head. Chester got down and looked at his new card.



    Grow antlers and charge at enemies.

    X5 damage

    This card seemed quite useful depending on how strong it was. X4 damage was over twice as strong as a common bite showing just how strong a deer was compared to a mouse.

    Chester snuck outside and thought 'charge' immediately beautiful entwined grey antlers began to sprout on the cats head and Chester was pushed forward into a wooden pole. The pole started to crack and snap before falling to the ground.

    Looking through the window Hagrid stared at the cat with shock before making a mental note of the cat. Can you imagine what would happen if he was searched and was found with notes of hundreds of hidden beasts? A lot of them would be mistaken as dangerous and so Hagrid preferred to keep mental notes and if he did write things down they were coded so nobody could understand them.

    Although there were magic and potions such as veritaserum that could make him say everything they wouldn't waste it on a mere gamekeeper and so he should be safe unless there was some sort of massive threat.

    Chester strolled back through the door headed inside and jumped onto the sofa happy that he had avoided Hagrid and figured out a new power. Chester slowly fell asleep thinking about how he could grow stronger for the first plot fight. A troll, wait how would that taster... ew Chester thought to himself that it wouldn't be a good idea to use bite. With that thought in mind, it was a bit harder to have a day nap
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