9 Nine-Fingered Ron

    After Chester's day nap Hermoine had finished lessons and came to pick him up. Hermoine took Chester home surprised by the fact that he seemed better than ever, in fact, Chester's fur looked even more luxurious than before. You could even see that he was more muscular. His body represented a horse more than a car. You could see that there was very little fat and you could clearly see the muscles sticking out.

    If anything he looked like a black sabretooth that had been through the wars. By just looking at Chester you could see that he had been through a lot, he had scars everywhere you look making him look fiercer than any other animal. If he were to fight a dog it looked like he would win easily.

    Little did Hermoine know that the small cat in front of her not only could easily defeat a dog but even defeat a deer at least six times his height. Chester was taken up the winding staircases and put onto the common room's sofa to lay down while she studied in her room.

    A few minutes later the rest most of Griffendor had come into the common room and was staring at the cat that had taken over the common room's sofa. Chester was currently lying on the sofa fully spread out and taking up the whole sofa.

    "Hey, Ron move the cat. You know the owner so you should do it." An older student said. Remembering the times the cat had abused him he squealed "b-but why not Harry" "Well obviously because Harry has survived an attack from you-know-who. What have you done? and besides, how are we supposed to find him in the school?" stated another student. "Fine". Ron walked over to the cat assuring himself that it wouldn't bite after all it's not like the cat will care that he's being moved.

    As Ron was about to attack the cat it's tail twitched and Chester jumped up and snapped its mouth on Ron's finger. "OWWWWWWW" Ron moaned and cried as he stared at his barely hanging on finger. "Bloody hell, GET HIM TO THE DOCTOR".

    Some boys dragged him out of the common room and just stared at the cat before saying "I think we should give him the sofa" ... Everybody nodded their heads and stayed as far away as possible from the cat as possible. In their heads that cat was now a demon who everyone decided never to go near again.

    Later Hermoine came downstairs to see that in the middle of the room her cat was spread out while everyone in the room was spread out in the corners keeping their hands on their wands waiting to protect themselves. Hermoine looked at Chester with suspicion and she went to touch the cat everyone was about to scream at her.

    However what they saw was that the cat rolled around onto it's back and meowed. There was a deathly silence in the room as everyone looked at each other before swearing at themselves in their head.

    Chester, however, was oblivious to the hate he had garnered as he was happy to see Hermoine. Hermoine brought Chester upstairs and everyone gave a sigh of relief as they saw him disappear.

    While over at the hospital wing Ron had his finger re-attached and was trying to explain to the teachers how a cat had bitten of a young wizards finger. The nurse pretended to agree but on the form, she wrote - Lost finger due to failing at casting magic.

    Every teacher would agree to this evaluation because they could see and sense indicators that only magic could cause. It was impossible that it was a normal attack from a cat could cause damage with magic. And even if the cat was magic they would have noticed its talents straight away.

    The next morning the atmosphere in the room had come back normal and everyone was talking to each other. Injuries were very common to the higher years and so they had basically forgotten about the incident while the younger years were led on by the older years to start talking again and so the scene was forgotten about.

    As the cat walked down into the common room everyone looked at it and continued talking. They had realized that as long as they allowed the cat some space and leave it alone it wouldn't attack them.
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