10 Aggro

    While walking along a school corridor Chester thought about what to do now. Obviously grinding deer was off the table since even if he has an extra move the last time he fought the deer it was injured so he had no chance of fighting a fully recovered deer.

    He could go back to the edge of the Forbidden Forest but that was a really risky choice that relied on the beast being hurt to properly work. If he were to do it again for all he knew a dragon could come out, or even a unicorn. He almost died fighting a deer. He had no chance against the dangers closer inside the Forbidden Forest.

    Chester decided to use the system he recently forgot. The grinding system. He decided that if he couldn't get stronger common cards he would be better off trying to kill previous beasts. Now he had to decide what to grind. He could just keep on killing the mouses for bite or he could grind the mouse minibosses and gain a stronger scratch.

    Chester decided to strengthen scratch since he wouldn't be able to get close enough to bite every beast that got near him. There was even a chance of encountering a beast like unicorns where if their blood gets so much as on your lips you might get cursed.

    Besides Chester didn't exactly have a fetish for troll blood and didn't even want to imagine what it would taste like. After deciding on grinding scratch he thought to himself ' grind mouse miniboss' and the whole world went black.

    A single rat appeared in front of him although it was a lot bigger then other rats you would find in your house. As soon the mouse saw him it ran off however for some reason it suddenly stopped and turned around as it was possessed its eyes went red with rage and charged at Chester. 'Is this some sort of forced aggro to stop it from fleeing' he thought.

    The mouse obviously over-estimated itself as if it knew what it was doing just a look at Chester would cause it to run and move its whole nest. Chester knew that he could easily kill the mouse however instead he decided to test out his new skill. 'Charge' he thought and entwined grey antlers sprouted from Chester's head and he was pulled forward towards the enemy before slamming into it.

    The rat practically exploded into a mess of blood and organs before landing and changing into a grey card that said-



    X2 damage

    The card went white and went into Chester's chest. Chester looked around and a new mouse miniboss appeared in front of him.

    After about an hour of grinding, he finally got 3 more cards. It may sound like a long time for three kills but so far it seems that only first kills give out cards which Chester guessed that it was some sort of failsafe in case you kill something that there is only one of.

    Chester wasn't about to wonder about the system or where it came from or who reincarnated him. To Chester, nothing mattered more than protecting his many loved ones. Himself, Hermoine and... and... Well, just Chester and Hermoine.

    Anyway, Chester pulled out my scratch cards and thought 'Upgrade Scratch'. The cards turned into a white light and circled each other almost like a Ferris wheel. The cards slowly got closer until they were one. When a single card was left the white light cracked and fell off leaving a shining red light that slowly dulled and left a single card.



    X4 damage

    (Depends on the force of the attack)

    Chester guessed that the last part meant that the damage increases depending on how much force that the attack has. For example, if he lazily swiped his hand then the damage would be low since he is little force (X4) is little. If he were to do a heavy attack that would have a lot of force (X4) the damage would be very high.

    Chester wondered if he could combine attacks. For example, he could use charge then midway jump and using the extra force scratch. Since he would have a stupid amount of force that would mean that the damage would be 4 times. If he could do that he could combine things with future attacks meaning that being balanced with rarity would be a good idea.

    Of course, this is all in theory so it could work or it might completely fail and end in him getting killed.
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