11 Mighty club of all destruction forever

    One week 4 days later

    During the time between when he had gained the rare scratch card and today Chester had done quite a bit. Since then Chester had grinded mice which was a boring task. To upgrade scratch he needed 5 rare cards which means he would need 25 common cards.

    Just doing that took long enough for a week to pass. With the other 4 days, he did some very difficult chilling out. However, today was the day. Today was when the troll dared too attack Hermoine. A red glint appeared in Chester's eyes as he thought of this.

    Chester walked to the girl's bathroom and hid behind a corner.

    3 hours later

    Hermoine came flying around the corner with her head in her arms. As she walked into the bathroom Chester followed behind her and rubbed his body against her legs. Hermoine turned around with puffy red eyes and picked him up and took him into the bathroom to cry on.

    10 minutes later

    Hermoine had finally calmed down dried her eyes. Hermoine opened the door to a club that bearly missed her. The top of the bathroom collapsed into a mess of splinters and wood. Hermoine looked up and was about to run when she saw something black in her view.

    She saw Chester standing up to the great beast. If it was any other cat it would be afraid and shivering on the floor however Chester stood strong as if he a dam stopping a flow of water.

    "NO RUN CHESTER" Hermoine cried as she thought how she would lose her only friend. As a club came swerving out towards the cat Hermoine thought of her memories of the cat. How she had first picked him up beaten and bruised, How she first bathed him and how they always slept together as well as how afraid she felt when he came home from the Forbidden Forest covered in blood and bruises.

    As the club got closer she hung on to the memories of the small cat that seemed to never die. Her small heart pounded at her memories and as she had to watch his death gradually came closer. She thought to herself that this would have never had happened if she didn't take him to Hogwarts.

    As the club was about to hit Hermoine's eyes fluttered closed and all went black.


    Hermoine opened her teary eyes wearily to see something that amazed her. The cat's claws glowed red and behind him was a club that had broken in half. In front of the cat, a troll stood amazed at the tiny creature that destroyed his 'Mighty club of all destruction forever'. The troll's head pounded with confusion at the cat before shouting "**ALL CREATURE LUCKY". As the troll tried to punch Chester a grey pair of antlers sprouted on the cats head before he charged at the troll causing its fist to fly back as if it had hit a barrier.

    Chester's antlers were about to go back in before he thought 'charge' again and he was pulled towards the troll. Before he hit Chester jumped and used scratch causing a large red trail of blood to appear from the troll's hip to his shoulder.

    The troll was enraged and picked up the end of his club before using a mediocre type of magic that basically stuck the parts together. The troll raised the club, however, the door slammed open and Harry and Ron ran in. Ron shouted "Wingardium Leviosa" after a prompt from Hermoine causing the troll's club to stay in midair while the troll swung. The troll's club fell heavily on his head managing to knock it out.

    After the troll was knocked out he knew that he wouldn't be able to kill it however he saw small white dots floating from the troll. He tried to imagine that floating into him as as he thought it did. Chester felt alot stronger then he did before and he felt as if he could kill the deer with pure strength now. It seemed he needed to kill for a card but just defeat something to gain it's strength.

    A few seconds after everyone had calmed down three teachers had run in to see a troll led on the floor. Surrounding it were three students and a cat. "Explain yourselves, both of you," Professor McGonagall asked faintly. Hermoine still took the blame which, Chester, after all, they hadn't done much.

    After the group of 4 walked down the hall while Ron walked as far away from the cat as he could. He clearly still hadn't gotten over the fact that Chester took a bite out of him. Harry and Ron were too arrogant and proud to notice that the troll was covered with wounds and injured before they killed it while Hermoine was suppressing her emotions until herself and Chester got to her room.
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