12 Upgrade

    The same night Hermoine and Chester reached her dorm room and Chester jumped on the bed. Before he could lay down Hermoine jumped at Chester and held him in a tight embrace. Her face was full of tears and falling as if her tears were leaves falling like leaves in autumn.

    She hugged the small well-built cat like a teddy bear with her face on Chester's forehead. Slowly her tears slowed down and she separated from the cat. Hermoine sat on one side of the bed while Chester sat on the other side.

    Hermoine stared at the cat and the cat stared back. As she stared at the cat she noticed the cat's face turn into an almost human-like smile and his eyes displayed intelligence. She hesitated a bit before asking "Can you understand me?". There was a silence in the air and Hermoine felt a little stupid. Hermoine was about to give up however the cat gave a slight nod.

    "Why did you protect me?" The cat looked sideways and she realized how stupid her question was after all even if Chester did know what she was saying how was he supposed to reply. It seemed that he could only say yes or no questions.

    Hermoine tried another question "Would you protect me from anything?" The cat instantly nodded and Hermoine replied "Well you shouldn't after all your life is important too" After hearing this question the cat let out a smirk before jumping at Hermoine and pushing her down onto the bed. The cat laid down on top of her and fell asleep followed by Hermoine.

    Sunlight pushed through the curtains and caused the cat and human to wake up. Hermoine got dressed into her uniform and headed to class while Chester headed outside. After he defeated the troll his power had clearly risen so it was time to test it out. First Chester headed to a tree and jumped at it. Surprisingly from a single leap he could jump all the way onto the first branch.

    Chester pushed out his claws and hit it normally against the wood. The wood split and showed a mark that went halfway through the tree. If he were to use a skill on it the tree would break in half. Next, the cat tried running, Chester bent his knees and prepared to sprint. His figure zoomed past the tree and it stopped at a distance that you could barely see the tree from before. Currently, Chester could run more or less around 60mph which is the speed of a slow car.

    Chester was surprised at his new body as it seemed that he gained some of the troll's power and couldn't be compared to before. To test out his strength Chester thought 'Grind deer'. The world went black and in front of Chester stood a single deer. Chester hit charge and antlers grew from his head and he charged.

    Before the deer even knew what was happening a deep red cut had been slashed on its side. Chester slashed and slashed before the deer was covered in red lines through its body. The deer collapsed and turned into a single card formed by white light.

    Chester looked at the card that had previously fatally injured him however now he could kill it in minutes. Chester spent the rest of the day grinding deer before he gained 3 more cards. 'Upgrade Charge' Chester commanded and the 5 cards combined and turned into a single red card that said



    Grow antlers and charge at enemies.

    X10 damage

    This sounded like a pretty good card that would continue to be useful later on. Noticing that the sunset Chester went back to Hermoine and jumped next to her on the bed. Chester purred as Hermoine embraced him and fell asleep.

    Over the rest of the month, Chester just fought with deer and prepared for the next plot event that he was needed in. Other than that Chester continued to bond with Hermoine until they were inseparable and couldn't stand with being away from each other too long. They relied on each other for comfort and protection.
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