13 Thinking

    The problem Chester found was that he couldn't measure his own strength. He knew that the white light made him stronger but by how much? how much could he take?. In games often strength was measured in levels however somebody could also have 500 strength and still be level one if all they did was focus on strength.

    The problem was how would he measure it? Could he compare it to beasts like ' A power level of 2 trolls ' however this wasn't a game? Strength varied from troll to troll. If he was to invade a troll's den the trolls wouldn't have the same level and they would have different strengths.

    Now Chester thought about it he had died once does that mean he has a card? Chester closed his eyes and thought 'Chester' When he opened his eyes a blood red card appeared infront of him. It wasn't like the rare cards but more dangerous. The card said



    Rank 2

    (5 common magic beasts or 1 rare magic beast to level up)

    Chester tried to think what this could possibly mean. It seemed that rank wasn't a level system but a ranking system?

    Now that he thought about it he pulled out his cards. Scratch, Charge, bite and rat's tail were all simply red while Chester's card glowed. It was faint but you could see small blood red sparkles coming out of it.

    If he were to guess magic beast skills have effects while normal animal skill cards have are plain. This would mean that he would need 5 common magic beasts to level up. Seeing as he had never killed a magic beast before Chester guessed that the orc was a common beast. They may be classified highly but that was simply because they were very hard to capture.

    Can you imagine trying to capture a creature that was too stupid to know that it was losing? It would never stop struggling as well as it's overwhelming strength. It has overwhelming strength but the mind of a baby.

    Chester may be able to stand off against a troll however if he were to be hit by its club one or two times he would be no more then meat paste on the side of the wall. Luckily the club wasn't some sort of magical club and so could easily be broken in half. Chester could guess this because Ron used the levitation charm on the club.

    If it was a magical item there would be at least some resistance to spells. It seems to be made out of basic wood. Trolls although dumb have a very basic level of magic making sticking two pieces of wood together quite easy to him.

    Now Chester decided to think about the marks he made on the troll. Obviously, the teachers would be suspicious of how 3 new students managed to make the marks, however, they know that magic isn't stiff like rock and can only be used in one way.

    It could be molded like clay into how you want to use it. For example like when Ron stopped the troll's club. He didn't use the levitation spell to move the club but to hold it in place. So to use magic that ends up with scratch marks isn't so far of a jump. Even if they did ask the troll the most he could say would be "LITTLE CREATURE BROKE MY MIGHT CLUB OF ALL DESTRUCTION FOREVER" now remember that this is a troll talking who is like thrice the size of a human. To him, everyone is a tiny creature and he probably won't elaborate seeing as his intelligence is like a baby's.

    To go into even more depth as to why Chester won't get caught is simple. He's a cat. Sure he is strong but he doesn't have magical power. His cards have magical power. He converts magical power into strength however he doesn't own magical power. The only way for him to get noticed is if he uses a card in front of a teacher.

    Even if Dumbledore could see everything that happens in the school during the battle he was busy evacuating students and so wouldn't see the battle. The problem is when you are that strong weak fights don't alert you as much as ground shaking fights.

    Dumbledore's first priority is the students and so he wouldn't be bothered to search the school for anything interesting going on.
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