14 Wings?

    While Chester was thinking he thought of another problem... movement. Sure he could run at the speed of a car and jump quite high but what about battles in the air? What if he fights a winged beast and it just flys away when he hurts it. And Chester wasn't about to learn how to ride a horse.

    Can you imagine a black cat on a horse with wings walking around Hogwarts? Now Chester could always go after a bird but that wouldn't give him any ranks so instead, he decided to try to kill a thestral. Now a thestral's wings are better than normal wings because they share similar wings with bats.

    Now bats can fly better than birds because of the amount of manipulation in their wings. Their wings have as many joints in them as a human's finger meaning that they have an extreme amount of control over their wings.

    Now to most people, a problem would be the fact that you can only see them if you have seen death however not only had Chester seen death twice he had actually died before so it probably won't be a major problem.

    Thestrals could be found in the forbidden forest and they will be attracted by the scent of blood. If he leaves out a bloody bait then the smell will attract the thestrals and Chester can jump out of hiding and attack them. The attack has to be quick and decisive or else it will fly away before he has a chance to take its skills.

    Another reason Chester wanted to go after it was that even though they are XXXX ranked they are rarer then trolls. After all, you have to die to see them so hopefully, they will count as being a rare magical beast so he can rank up.

    First Chester needed something with blood on it so he headed to Hagrid's place and fished through his food supply before finding a fresh piece of cut up meat. Chester didn't turn it into a card or else it would probably lose the bloody smell and he had never tried to covert a food card back to food.

    Chester dragged the meat into a part of the Forbidden Forest before dropping it and hiding it in a bush. A few minutes later a head stook out that looked like it was wearing a mask made out of somebody's skull. It's eyes were fully white and it's body was the size of a horse.

    Slowly it walked toward the meat followed by a large group. The thestrals surrounded the meat and Chester pounced. 'Charge' large red antlers formed on Chester's head and he was pulled forward. Chester's teeth glowed red with 'bite' and he charged into a thestral knocking it down. As the other thestrals saw this they took flight leaving their comrade.

    The bite had pierced straight through it's neck however even in this situation it didn't attack but back away. Chester kept on with the rain of attacks 'charge, bite, charge, scratch' The thestral fell onto its knees and let out its last breath before falling. The thestral turned into a white card however before he looked at it he heared a sound.


    It sounded a bit like a dolphin but that was their normal sound. As Chester looked forward he saw a young creature. It had the wings of a bat, a skull like face and armor shaped like bones. It was a child thestral.

    'No wonder it didn't attack, it wanted to protect it's young.' feeling bad for the small creature Chester grabbed the meat and threw it to the thestral. In a few seconds, the thestral had eaten the whole thing and had eyes that asked for more.

    Chester, however, was tired and tried to walk home. The thestral tried to chase him but collapsed on its own legs. To the left of the young child, a fox had appeared. The fox had been stalking the thestrals for hours waiting for a moment that a young or injured animal got split off.

    As it saw it's chance the fox opened its mouth preparing to eat the child however before he could a small fluffy paw pushed his face into the dirt. The fox opened its eyes and standing above it was a black cat. The fox had prayed on a cat before however, this one was stronger. The cat let go and pushed along the thestral. As they left the fox stood as still as possible before shaking and collapsing from the pressure of the mere cat.
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