15 Eiffel

    After Chester had decided to leave the young thestral behind he thought back to the mother's sacrifice. If he were protecting Hermoine and he died I would hope that somebody would protect her. "Ughh" Chester sighed in annoyance as he turned around and stood on the fox about to eat the child.

    He grabbed the thestral and dragged it along and out of the forest. The little thestral wobbled along the rough floor and fell over again. Chester went to pull it up before a white rectangle lit up on its head and appeared in Chester's hands. The light dimmed down and it showed:

    Thestral (Eiffel)



    Rank 1

    Trust (70/100)

    So it seems that the cards not only can store skills, abilities, and traits but beasts as well. Chester wondered if he could put beasts into cards and bring them out like being a summoner in a game. Chester could just imagine people's faces as an army of dragons came out of cards on the floor. Or maybe a queen insect that could grow their own colony. Wait does a colony count as one card or a pack? If he captured an alpha wolf would he get its pack?

    The trust part seems to be quite important because if it was low then the beast would do nothing although I guess it sees me as its father since I protected it and helped it. It could also trust me because it thinks that I am stronger than the others.


    Thestral View


    "Today my group was taken over by some evil thestrals. They killed dada before they took all of my friends the same age away. They say that they will protect us if we follow them. They say mama is alive so she can make more brothers for me.

    We went to eat some meat from the forest. We smelled the blood from a while away. When we were eating the food a cat jumped at us. He killed mama and the others ran away. Dada used to say that we should follow the strong and the black cat was strong.

    I tried to follow mister black cat but I couldn't walk properly yet so I tripped over my legs. A foxy was about to kill me before mister cat took down foxy.


    It thought 'Return Eifel   ' and he turned into a white light and was put into the card. Now that he was in the card before I left I wanted to try flying. I first needed to check out the card. I thought about the card and it flew out of my chest. It said:

    Thestral Flight


    Grow bat-like wings and fly

    X2 speed

    That meant that he could fly at about 120mph since his running speed is 60mph. This was a huge boost although he couldn't exactly fly around in the hallways since that would be quite suspicious. Chester thought 'fly' and huge grey wings sprouted on his back. They opened up and pointed towards the sky. With a single push, the air was formed underneath Chester's wings and it swept away the dirt underneath him. His small body was pushed upwards as he gained height.

    As he continued to flap his wings he realized how insignificant he was compared to the rest of the world. As he gained enough height Chester stopped flying and began to fall into a dive. His wings folded in and he began to slice through the wind like a heated knife through butter.

    He opened his wings causing him to glide forwards and head to Hogwarts. As he flew passed he could see Professor Snape admiring himself in a mirror. " Well done Mister Snape you sure showed them Gryffindors who is boss," Snape said as he flexed.

    In the next window, Professor McGonagall was putting on her make-up as if she was a school girl. What happened in Dumbledoor's window I can't even speak of.

    Chester flapped again sending him all the way down to the bridge that connected the school and landed before folding in his wings causing them to disappear. Chester began the walk back to the common room before he lied down in front of the crackling and shut his eyes while embracing the warmth. 'Release Eiffel' Chester almost forgot about her. Chester and Eifel fell asleep in front of the fire while Chester waited for Hermoine.
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