16 The World

    As the sun fell below the sky darkness embraced the world. The nocturnal beasts awoke while others fell asleep. Children were being tucked into their beds while the adults prepared for another day of work that would cycle over and over again. Unbeknownst to these muggles, another world existed.

    The otherworld existed inside the human world. They shared the same space but were unaware of each other's existence. They were like animals in a zoo, each thought they were the best without knowing the others power.

    Among the wizarding realm existed a beast that lived in neither. It didn't belong to the wizarding world or the human world. It belonged to its own. The creature had a silky black coat that hid its body scarred with battles of war.

    The beast, however, was no more than a cat that lived to protect. A guardian of it's loved one and a decider of his own fate.


    After Chester had awoken from his slumber he decided to take a stroll around the school. Chester walked around the medieval castle and observed every detail from the vines growing in the corner of the damp corridors to the spectacularly clean doors that looked inviting.

    Chester walked outside and the sun shined. Although it was sunny there was a slight chill from the winter that was creeping upon the country.

    The grass was luxuriously opposed to the falling leaves and dead shrubbery.  If you were close to the ground like Chester you could even see the insects beginning to stock up for hibernation. Chester walked along a bridge that looked like there was an infinite abyss below it.

    The floor was soft on Chester's padded feet and it felt sturdy as if it was impossible to break. While walking into lessons students excitement was easy to observe as they waited for the Quidditch season to begin followed by Christmas.

    Students walked out of classrooms with their heads dropped down, disappointed with their lack of knowledge.

    Chester entered the great hall where food appeared further then the eye could see while at the ends masterfull teachers watched over the future and potential wizards.


    Chester began to think about the future. The next big event was in November or it's known to the Quidditch fans,  Quidditch season. This is where Quirinus Quirrell tried to curse Harry's broomstick and where 'the golden trio' suspects Snape of doing it. Although there wasn't much he needed or wanted to do with that since Harry getting a little shaken up wasn't his problem.

    They then go and tell Hagrid, they find out about fluffy... oh wait fluffy might make a good pet. Anyway, after that Chester and Hermoine would finally go back home where Chester could relax for a little bit. OH wait... hehe. A fight happens at the Quidditch match, I'm sure nobody will notice me taking a bite out of Ron or too.

    I could also take a bite out of Draco. I don't have any feelings of hate towards him however he's annoying and I bet he makes fun of Hermoine to his two side-kick. If Chester did do this maybe he could take a chance to kill that rat Ron has. It will probably make Ron cry his eyes out as well giving me skills.

    Chester's mouth watered as he thought of the potential skills that a wizard would bring. Also, nobody would even know that it happened. I doubt the plot would change that much since even if Wormtail does die Voldemort will just pick somebody else to help him.

    Even so, Chester didn't want to play with the plot too severely since if he did he would lose his advantage of knowing what is going to happen after all the world always has a way to balance things out.

    If he were to mess with the plot a butterfly effect could happen and cause everything to flip onto its side. For example, Voldemort could gain infinite power or Harry could marry Hermoine or Ron could marry Ginny... hopefully not due to obvious reasons but still. A small change could change the plot. So far he had been careful with keeping the plot equal (Other than eating Ron) and didn't try to show himself however doing this could cause massive damage.

    After all this thinking Chester had given himself a massive headache and so decided to snuggle up with Hermoine before Eiffel jumped on the bed as well. Chester slowly lost himself to sleep and all went black.
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