17 Flying too close to the sun

    Chester thought about his last fight. If the thestral were to actually fight back how wounded would Chester be? Would he be currently lying on the floor in a pool of his own blood or just come out with a few wounds that could be healed in a minute.

    Chester looked at Eiffel who was sleeping on his tail. Thestrals were said to be very loyal and even trainable. Hogwarts later even had a trained pack of thestrals. Chester, however, didn't really understand what Eiffel would be useful for. Sure she can fly but so can he.

    Now that he thought about it on the card it talked about a rank. If Chester directed the white light at her would she rank up? With that idea in mind, Chester de-summoned and he thought 'Grind deer' and everything went black. 'Thestral Flight' Chester's wings sprouted and he lifted off. Because his wings had x2 speed it meant that his attack would be x4 damage. Since he could walk he could fly around 120mph and with that damage it would probably rip through a deer.

    Chester flew at the deer and held out his red claw. A red slash could be seen along the deer before it was split in two and fell on the floor. Before the white light could do anything, Chester summoned Eiffel and pushed the white light into her. Eiffel absorbed the white light and slowly grew. A few minutes later Eiffel was thrice as big as Chester and showed.

    Thestral (Eiffel)



    Rank 3

    Trust (75/100)

    That was odd because for Chester to rank up again he needed a rare beast... wait he had just killed a rare magical beast. The thestral. Chester pulled out his card and looked at it.



    Rank 3

    (5 Rare magic beasts or 1 Elite magic beast to level up)

    Huh, Chester ranked up but how strong are Elite beasts. XXXX beasts are thestrals, winged horses esc while XXXXX ranked beasts include werewolves and acromantula. Now, this was a good way to test out his power. If he could tame the leader of acromantula then would he get a card of its colony or just him?

    While attempting to kill some of the most dangerous magic beasts sounded fun but first, he had to go have some fun first by biting off some of Ron's fingers. Have you ever heard the phrase 'flying too close too the sun' Well that was exactly what Chester was about to do while hoping the butterfly effect doesn't mess up the future?

    The Quidditch match came quickly and everybody was ready for it.'The face of between the child that lived and the dark house'. That's what I wanted the news to say anyway. Chester walked up onto the stands with Hermoine and waited. However, it seems that he messed up the times. The fight happens in another book. Oops.

    However, that didn't mean that he to give up. Chester jumped at Ron causing him to fly back. Hermoine had just left while Hagrid pretended to ignore since he knew that the cat was more than a normal cat. As he jumped at it the rat jumped out of his pocket and Chester took chase.

    Chester weaved in and out of the benches before managing to get ahead of the rat. Chester swerved around in front of the rat and pounced. Chester opened wide as the rat was trying to turn back into a human and crouched down as Wormtail was in the middle of transforming. The rat's head fell off and turned into a small white card.

    Chester's eyes widened at what it said. On the very top, he saw the words:

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