18 Worms all look alike

    As much as Chester wanted to destroy the plot and see what happens he couldn't. Like he mentioned many times before the butterfly effect constantly hung over Chester like a guillotine. If he were to mess with something too much for all he knew humans could end up nuking the wizarding world. Yeah, not very fun is it?

    Killing Wormtail however was worth it because Chester gained a very useful card.



    Because of your limited control over this ability, you can only transform when you are not in danger and you could transform randomly in the same conditions.

    What that meant was he could only transform when he was safe but as he upgrades it chances are that it will improve so Chester can use it by command. Now Chester thought about how do Animagus stay clothed when they transform?. Does it like combine with their skin? or is it underneath the fur or something? Maybe they even keep a bag on them. Also what happens to their wands. I doubt that would combine with their skin

    I mean Chester didn't really want to be in a life and death fight, transform into a human and be without clothes. That would be a very bad idea. For one it's probably very embarrassing. Maybe they use transfiguration and turn rock into clothes or something like that. Either way, it is very magical.

    Chester let out a cat yawn and decided to beat a look-alike rat into submission to be Ron's pet. It wasn't a permanent solution but it would be okay for a while. It's only use was to make Ron think that his rat was okay, take it to Eygpt where Sirus would find out about it.

    Chester searched the stands and found a rat that looked almost exactly like Rons although it wasn't that hard since there aren't that many types of rats that don't look like Wormtail.

    Chester decided to be very gentle with this rat since if he were to use even a little bit more power then chances are that the rat would be splattered of the back of somebody's leg. Chester pushed it down and gave it a tiny flick which caused it to squeak.

    Eventually, the rat gave up and was tamed.



    rank 0

    (Trust -50/100)

    The reason this works with such a low trust stat is that of submission. The trust was high but it was a negative type of trust so it worked like normal. Even though Chester was a cat and the rat was a rat they still had a basic level of understanding. Chester didn't need a high level of understanding to tell the rat to go and be Ron's pet. The rat ran up to Ron and hid in his pocket like Wormtail used to do.

    The cat left the Quidditch match with a few fo Wormtail's hairs just in case. Now he thought about it the underneath of Hermoine's bed was currently filling up with bits and bobs that Chester had been bringing in. It was probably about time that he made a place to store the stuff.

    It had to be away from humans, hidden from wizards as well as it not taking up much space. What Chester wanted to do was learn magic from books which would allow him to find a cave in the Forbidden Forest where he can store the stuff he can find. As fun, as it would be Chester, can't turn everything he has into cards. He had tried it with some other things but it seems like they need... vitality to become cards.

    For example, bread and food give health, skills give extra buffs, tamed animals are well helpers. While inanimate objects and ingredients can't be stored. Besides Chester didn't exactly feel like storing an animagus's hair inside him anytime soon.

    Chester wanted to find a cave in the Forbidden Forest, put some sort of barrier and illusion over it kind of like the one over Hogwarts although a lot smaller in size and then create a storage room there. It would be like his own hideout where he could develop himself. He could practice magic, do projects and try out new things without having to worry about being underneath Dumbledores magnifying glass.

    Although obviously, he wouldn't want to sleep there. Chester decided to go back home and he jumped on Hermoine's bed. Just a little bit longer until we get to go back home Chester thought as he fell asleep. However, after Hermoine came back and fell asleep something wired happened.
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