19 Another Cliff!!?

    Hermoine had gotten back from another exhausting day at school. Harry and Ron were always a pain with their lack of knowledge so she always ended up doing their projects for them. They even copied off her when they forgot to do their homework. If they spent even half the time they did getting into trouble and instead studied they would be able to do all this stuff on their own.

    The only person that she felt as if she could talk to without stress was her cat, Chester. Chester was different from any other cat. She found him after being beaten up in an alley somewhere at took him in. Chester had caused her to worry about him quite a few times and almost always came home with an extra scar to show. Almost like how some cats catch birds and rats to give to their master to show their affection however with her cat it was scarring.

    If somebody were to look at her cat they would instantly think that he was often abused by human or other animals. Obviously what they didn't know was that this 'abused cat' went around killing deer and that if he wanted to he could kill them with ease.

    Now after a troll attack a while back Hermoine had seen Chester in a new light. Hermoine always thought that she was protecting the small bullied cat however she soon realized that the cat was protecting her. After that, they could never sleep without each other. If they weren't with each other they would always think of one another as if they were bound together.

    Hermoine went towards the bed and ran her hand down the smooth black cat's fur. Most of the scars were on the legs and belly rather than the back which she thought was like how men thought a scar on the back showed that you were a coward. Hermoine jumped into bed and pulled the cat into a cuddle like a teddy bear.

    The cat didn't resist at all as it was pulled into her embrace which just showed how much trust they both put into each other. Chester purred with delight as he fell into a gentle sleep.


    Over in the boys' dorm, Ron was talking to Harry "Don't you think Hermoine's cat is a pain. I mean it's very dangerous, It bit my finger off once" Harry let out an enthusiastic nod "Your right Ron that cat should be put in its place"

    "I know what you mean Harry but Hermoine would hate us if we killed her cat," Ron said without stuttering. "Ron..." said Harry awkwardly "Yes Harry?" "Who said anything about killing her cat..." Ron sat silently thinking back to the conversation. "W-well we were both thinking it wasn't we" Ron whispered "Sure, Ron sure" Harrys face turned into a frown before he fell back into his covers.

    Ron had always had a grudge against the cat as he first met him. The cat stared daggers at him before he even knew his name as well as him biting his finger off. If you looked closely enough you could even see a fine scar that had been made when they tried to reattach it.

    Ron gritted his teeth in anger as he thought about what the cat had done to him. Ron swore in his heart that one day he would get revenge towards the cat. Little did Ron know that Chester was far stronger than he ever could imagine. If Ron were to fight Chester at his level he would die before he could even lift his wand out of his holster.

    It would have probably better for Ron if he had lost that finger and quit the Wizarding World since now he had decided on an enemy that was far stronger then himself.

    Over Hagrid's hut, Hagrid was analyzing what he had found out about Hermione's cat. Well for one it can fly. Hagrid had seen it fly around the school, which was for the best since he managed to persuade the professors that it was a cat that he taught how to stand on a flying broomstick.

    It seems that the cat can also grow antlers which were quite odd and he wasn't about to try and figure out how that works. It seems that this little cat was wrapped in mysteries much like how a normal cat can get wrapped in a ball of yarn. If he were to unwrap the mysteries who knows what he could discover.
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