20 Neko-Chan

    Darkness encompassed the room from corner to corner. Stars twinkled in anticipation of future events. The moon glowed and shined inside the window. On a bed hidden behind curtains, a young girl around 11 or 12 was led on a bed hugging up to a small scarred, well-built cat.

    The cat was slowly being disfigured and grew in size and shape before ending up as a young 11-12-year-old boy. You could easily tell that It was the cat as he still had his piercing green eyes as well as his silky black tail and soft black ears.

    However, the most distinguishing feature was that he was covered in scars as if he was a general or samurai. Although his back was spotless as if he had never run away from a battle in his life.

    His body was well built like a brick wall or wild beast but he wasn't muscle bound like a bodybuilder he looked flexible like a swordsman or agile like a cat.

    The boy pulled himself up and put his hands in front of his face "Uh oh" Chester thought.

    Hermoine's eyes stirred open as she felt movement on her bed. "Chester," She asked half-heartedly. As she opened her eyes she saw a figure sitting up on her bed. He was covered in scars with glowing green eyes.

    Hermoine jumped up in her bed too see the odd child In her room. "Chester?" Hermoine was too tired to notice that Chester was currently without clothes. "Hey, Hermoine umm don't be surprised let me explain," Chester said in a low voice. "Chester.. is that you" "Well unless you keep any other boys in your room then yeah"

    Hermoine let out a light chuckle before throwing her arms around Chester and hugging him. Unlike his cat form, Chester wasn't soft and silky but rather rough and rigid like a stone was taken from the ground.

    His muscles were powerful and compact as if they were ready to well, spring. Recently Chester had discovered a new power while searching through his cards. It was called an anchor card. The idea was simple, It was a card that he could teleport to. On the card showed his card meaning that he could only give it to those he trusts.

    If somebody he gave his card to give it to somebody else then Chester would teleport to the new owner. So if somebody gave his card to a strong enemy and he teleported there then he would get killed. Obviously, there were limitations such as only currently having 3  to give out at most and only being able to teleport after at least 60 seconds after being damaged.

    Now another cool thing about this card was that it could work as a network. Everyone who has a card can teleport to each other meaning that only one person has to move and everyone can go to him. Although it isn't a communication system so even if they can teleport they don't know when they are in danger.

    Chester separated from Hermoine and took out the card. 'Anchor' A white light appeared and a card appeared in his card that said:


    Rank 1

    Teleport to another holder of the card. You cannot teleport until 60 seconds after the last damage you inflicted or have been inflicted on.

    Chester gave this to Hermoine since he trusted her with his life. "Take it" "What is it?" Hermoine took the card however to her all she could see was a picture of an anchor on it. "If you ever are in danger you can't handle call out my name," Hermoine thought it was something like a good luck charm and so she tried to put it in her pocket. However, when she was about to it formed into an anchor tattoo on her shoulder.

    Hermoine was shocked however she trusted Chester enough to know that it wouldn't be dangerous. She ran over her knowledge but couldn't identify the magic that Chester used. Hermoine decided to give up on imagining on what the magic was and decided to talk to Chester "Anyway, how are you a human? are you an animagus? can you use magic" Hermoine was full of questions however Chester was patient and decided to answer them all? "Well to answer the first question I'm using an ability which is the opposite of animagus, humagus although I don't feel like going too in-depth or else we could be here for days. Like the other, the answer is, a kind of magic" Chester took a deep breath and finished the barrage of questions.
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