21 Camping

    Even though Hermoine was quite smart she didn't really know when to stop asking questions. By the time she had finished asking all the questions, she could think of the sun had cracked the night sky and it was morning. Hermoine got up and was about to leave before she turned around and asked Chester with a bitter smile "Will you be here when I get back?"

    Chester noticed her bitter expression and replied "Yeah, I will" softly. So keeping to his promise Chester waited and waited and waited until the door creaked open. "Sorry I was late Chester Harry and Ron needed my help," said Hermoine " You know for such a smart person you sure are manipulated easy" Hermione's face turned serious. "What!?" "Well, it's obvious that they are using you as a homework slave. Do you get anything back from them?" "W-well the-they say they o-owe me" " And that's it"

    Chester was about to fall asleep before he got pushed out of the room by a crying Hermoine "BAD CAT". The door was slammed shut behind Chester. "Ugh" Chester knew that it was his fault and when somebody was basically told that they were just a tool no matter how strong-willed they are it's a pretty normal reaction to it.

    Chester decided to go into the Forbidden Forest until Hermoine cooled her head a bit. Chester had wanted a storage place in the Forbidden Forest for a while now so today was a good time to find a place. Chester looked around before transforming into a cat and headed to the Forbidden Forest.

    The Forbidden Forest was as always dark and withered. The plants that were grown were pitch black matching the feeling of the forest.

    Chester walked around before finding a cave near a fresh water source. Strangely there were no animals around the water unless there was something more dangerous in that cave. Normally Chester would jump straight at a dangerous beast but he had a lack of skills to fight within such a small cave. There was no place to fly so that makes his attack half the speed and so half the damage.

    Using charge in a narrow cave wasn't the best idea. For all, he knew the cave could collapse and leave him stuck inside it so Chester wasn't planning on using that cave any time soon. So Chester set off to find another cave that he could use instead of the one that was probably occupied by a very deadly and strong beast.

    After many hours of searching Chester finally found a cave. In front of it was some fresh water which animals come to drink and leave while a cave was to the right of it.  Chester decided to explore the cave. The outside of the cave looked menacing, the inside had dripping water making it look as if it was underwater. As Chester got further in he found an open round room. It was neatly layered stone bricks that formed into the shape of a dome.

    There were many ancient doors however Chester could only open four. The bathroom, Bedroom, training room and library. The library was filled with ancient magic books that looked suspiciously dangerous. They were neatly stacked on the bookshelves however the rooms seemed as clean as a normal house although in this library I wouldn't be surprised if there was a dust cleaning spell.

    Chester opened a heavy book however he couldn't tell what the ancient words meant. With a newly gained headache, Chester decided to go to the bedroom. It was amazingly fancy and contained a king size bed with curtains although obviously, it didn't have a window to use. Chester woke up to a grumbling stomach so he went outside to hunt some animals.

    Outside near the freshwater animals ofter gathered so he decided to sneak a kill in. Chester watched a fox go to get a drink. Before he could leaver Chester leaned forwards and threw it into a bush giving it instant death. Chester brought it back with a flint stone, kindling and dry twigs. Chester piled the sticks and scratched lightly onto the flint causing it to spark the kindling which was put onto the fire.

    Chester roasted the fox over the fire and ate it whole before lying down on the bed and falling asleep. Chester woke up and waited a bit before deciding to return Hogwarts and see if Hermoine had calmed down. Chester walked into the dorm before...
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